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Kristen Stewart’s New On The Road Trailer Drops, Picks A Bummer Time To Play Up Her Raunchiness

The good news for Team Kristen Stewart is that she’s given people something new to talk about other than her cheating scandal with Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. The bad news is that…it doesn’t exactly downplay her raunchy side. The international trailer for On The Road is now being seen on this side of the Atlantic, and it features K-Stew cutting loose as a teenage temptress.She plays Marylou, the 16-year-old wife of Garrett Hedlund’s character Dean Moriarty in the big screen adaptation of the legandary Jack Kerouac novel. Even though she’s a teen bride she’s no shirking violet: Kristen apparently gets naked several times in the flick, has a threesome, and gets up to other things that we’ll probably lose our PG-13 rating over.

Although it’s not due out until December 21st, the film has been making waves ever since debuting at Cannes this spring after spending years in development. In addition to Kristen and Garrett, it also stars Sam RileyAmy Adams, Kirsten Dunst, Terrence Howard and a whole host of  Hollywood hot stuffs. But no matter how many stars light up the cast, it seems fairly certain that this film is all about the K-Stew. Which begs the question: is this a good time to drop such a sexually charged trailer in the midst of her personal crisis and possible image problem? Does the clip highlight her awesome acting skills and range, or just leave and even worse taste in the mouth of fans who grew to love her as Bella? Sound off in the comments section!

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Kristen Stewart’s And Robert Pattinson’s Next Projects: An In-Depth Look Ahead

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
The past week has been a tumultuous one for Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and their fans, after the actress confirmed (and quickly apologized) that she had cheated on her boyfriend and Twilight co-star with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Currently every celebrity publication has a jillion stories up about the affair and the couple’s possible split, filled with anonymous sources and loads of speculation. So let’s walk away from the gossip for a bit and take a look at what lies ahead for each of the actors and their careers. While their personal lives might be stuck in a rough patch at the moment, their creative pursuits have never been better, with new roles (on- and off-screen) and possible awards-season appearances on the horizon. Consider this a pleasant palate cleanser from that toxic rumor mill that’s currently churning away extra hard right now.

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Garrett Hedlund’s On The Road Sex Scene With Steve Buscemi Was About As Awkward As It Sounds

Garrrett Hedlund Takes On the Road Steve Buscemi Sex Scene

If you weren’t going to see going to see On the Road because for Kristen Stewart (you were), maybe the sensual nude frolics of one Mr. Garrett Hedlund and one Mr. Steve Buscemi will tempt you into the theater. Wow, that was the most off-putting way we could have said that. Even more off-putting? The awkwardness on-set after the two actors filmed their explicit nude sex scene. “I don’t know how honest I can be about this,” Hedlund confessed, laughing with Vulture at the film’s premiere. “I did feel ridiculous because after [shooting it], I asked him if he wanted to have a cigarette. And he said no! He had always asked me for cigarettes before — ‘Hey, man, can I bum one of those?’ — and after the scene, I was like, ‘Hey, you wanna have a cigarette?’ And he said, ‘Uh, I’m good.'” Or maybe he just didn’t feel like having a cigarette, Garrett. Just kidding! The whole situation does sound extremely uncomfortable.

Luckily there is so much other sexiness in the movie between between Hedlund and KStew, as well as KStew and costar Sam Riley as hinted at in the most recent On the Road clip below, we’re sure any weirdness quickly dissipated. Did we mention Buscemi is…uh…purchasing Garrett’s services in the scene? Yeah…so maybe not the best segue into a good buddies smoke break.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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Kristen Stewart Kills It In New On The Road Clip, On The Cannes Red Carpet

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Walk On the Road Red Carpet

This girl! On The Road premiered at the Cannes Film Festival today, and Kristen Stewart managed to bring the hotness in real life and in the film, as you can plainly see by her trip down the red carpet with costars like Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Dunst and, of course, her man friend eternal Robert Pattinson. Okay, so yes, they are all incredibly beautiful movie stars. We know that’s sort of a prerequisite, but still! Kristen was looking particularly lovely, in our opinion.

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But how are we so sure that KStew was similarly smoking in the film? Check out the latest clip from the movie below, which starts immediately after KStew’s character makes an unsuccessful move for costar Sam Riley‘s junk. Plus, there’s all the nudity! Stewart told press at the festival that when it came to acting while topless for the film, the actress “wanted to do it.” Said KStew, “I love pushing. I love scaring myself. I’ve always wanted to get as close to an experience as I could.” “I just want a house, a baby, you know, something normal. I really do want that,” her On The Road character claims. Sorry, but we are way past normal, girl.

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Kristen Stewart Gives Cannes Photogs The Finger, But Cheers Up For On The Road Photocall

Kristen Stewart at Cannes Airport, On The Road Photocall

The many moods of Kristen Stewart. Will we ever get bored with them? We think not. The photographs above range from her arriving at the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival yesterday in the afternoon, dressed in a sheer — or was that only because of the flashbulbs? — tank top, jeans and trademark sneakers. But then, as the pictures in the middle and on the right show, she glammed up and looked more sunny today, for the photocall for On The Road at the festival. We’re loving those crazy Balenciaga pants on her, especially because she went simple on top, wearing a white tank and black blazer. Balenciaga really has turned into the go-to designer for her, and probably not just because she’s on their payroll now. She posed with co-star Kirsten Dunst, who looked lovely in a white lace Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012 dress with Charlotte Olympia pumps.

The two look so chill together that we almost forgot that Kristen was in a pretty bad mood as she got into her car at the airport yesterday. How do we know this? Well, the picture of her below, flipping the bird at the paparazzi, makes her feelings crystal clear.

Kristen Stewart shows the finger to paparazzi, Cannes

[Photos: Splash News Online]


Kirsten Dunst’s 30th Birthday Has Been Broughten … With Her 30 Hottest Looks

Kirsten Dunst, who was once America’s favorite pre-teen vampire, turns 30 today. As we prepare watch Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Foy eclipse her breakthrough bloodsucking performance in 1994’s Interview With a Vampire, and Emma Stone takes over the role of Spider-Man’s main squeeze, Dunst has moved on to more grown-up roles. She wowed critics with her performance in Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia last year. This year, we’ll see her as a reluctant bridesmaid in the indie comedy Bachelorette and mix it up with the Beat poets as Camille in On the Road (opposite Stewart and Garrett Hedlund). And now she’s re-teamed with her Virgin Suicides and Marie Antoinette director Sofia Coppola for The Bling Ring (currently known as “that movie in which Emma Watson has a tramp stamp“).

With her adorable dimples, Kirsten probably could have picked a career as a rom-com staple — but she’s always balanced her cuteness with a bit of a dark edge, and a number of smoldering looks. That’s why we’re taking this moment to wish her a happy birthday with a collection of her 30 hottest looks.

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On The Road Couple Kristen Stewart And Garrett Hedlund Steam Up The Jalouse May Cover

Are we jalouse about this Jalouse magazine cover? Yes we are. Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund — the lead pair in On The Road — headline the French magazine’s May issue, and have a spread inside it as well. And all we can say is that the photographs are so louchely sexy, that we’re forgiving the makeup issues. Forget the fact that K.Stew has raccoon eyes. We still think she’s working it. This is also in part because we have been dying to watch On The Road ever since we saw the trailer. We were sold even before the 90 seconds of the video were done. The film looks hauntingly beautiful and has an amazing sprinkling of stars, other than Kristen and Garrett, like Sam Riley, Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen, Amy Adams, Tom Sturridge, Terrence Howard and Steve Buscemi. And interestingly enough, the film is pitted against Kristen’s boyfriend Robert Pattinson‘s movie Cosmopolis at Cannes this year. We don’t know, man. Kristen and Garrett seem to have serious on-screen chemistry, so they have a real shot!

[Photo via The Fashion Spot]

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Cosmopolis, On The Road Compete At For Cannes, Our Hearts

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Cosmopolis, On The Road Compete For Cannes, Our Hearts

Anyone got frequent flier miles they want to share? Extra space in their suitcase? A steamer we can stowaway in? The official lineup for the 65th annual Cannes Film Festival was announced today — and yes, we already knew about most of the major films that would be premiering there, but it’s just making us really want to head to the south of France May 16-27 … even more than usual. The fest will feature your typical roster of amazing films from Europe and the rest of the world, but this year there will also be a lot of Hollywood’s favorite stars, albeit in artsy form, showcasing their flicks: Robert Pattinson in the David Cronenberg-directed Cosmopolis; Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund in On the Road; Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, Ed Norton, Jason Schwartzman and Frances McDormand in the Wes Anderson flick Moonrise Kingdom; Brad Pitt in the mob movie Killing Them Softly; Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, John Cusack and Matthew McConaughey in Lee Daniels’ The Paperboy; Reese Witherspoon and McConaughey in Mud. Yes, you read that right. Matthew McConaughey is in two Cannes films. And Kstew and RPattz are in direct competition for the Palm D’Or.

Man, we can’t wait to see the red carpet pics from the festival this year. Unless a fairy godmother appears in the next few days with some Air France tix for us.

And here is a tough choice for you to make:

[Photos: MK2 Productions, Focus Features, Alfama Films]

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Kristen Stewart Fans Tell Us Why #KStewRules On Her Birthday

Every time we post anything on Kristen Stewart, we are completely blown away by the response from fans. There are few stars out there who elicit so much unconditional love. So, on her 22nd birthday, we decided that a simple photo gallery wasn’t enough to celebrate our Bella/Joan/Snow. We asked you to tell us on Twitter why #KStewRules. And the answers made us really, really hope this list makes it to Kristen somehow, and really, really wish there’d be a camera handy at the time. Because she is pretty fun to watch when she’s showered with compliments.

Many of you shared similar thoughts about her independent streak: “#Kstewrules bc love or hate her, she is an original who dares to be herself in a world of manufactured celebs in artificial,” @ALotMoreofMagic said. And @JessieDior wrote, “#kstewrules because she’s independent, knows what she wants, doesn’t pretend to be anything else and is so genuine! We love her.”

A lot of you were most proud of the example she sets. “#KStewRules because she taught me that It’s okay not to be okay,” read one of 11 tweets from @thisbigreeneyes. @pikixina called her “Gaga for Twilight’s fans, she motivates you to be yourself no matter what the people will say.”

Of course, her badassery earned comments like, “#KStewRules because she wants to play the superhero, not the superhero’s girlfriend. AND SHE IS. #SWATH,” from @MyCleverAlias. And her unique fashion sense was another fave: “#KStewRules because she kicks off her high heels on the RC and puts on converse <3,” wrote @steje92.

Because we know Kristen wouldn’t want to leave anyone out, we’re going to share all of the tweets we got with the hashtag since Friday (in reverse chronological order): Read more…

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First Look: Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund And Sam Riley In On The Road

The trailer for Walter Salle’s On The Road finally premiered today, and it’s a hauntingly beautiful glimpse into a film we’re dying to see. It’s been a while since we’ve read Kerouac’s iconic tale, but from what we can tell in ninety seconds, the film feels very close to the book. (Smart Kerouac fans, do you agree?) The movie stars and is narrarated by Sam Riley (Sal), who has a shockingly sexy voice. Garrett Hedlund co-stars as Dean, Sal’s co-hort in his cross country journey of discovery and debauchery, as does our girl Kristen Stewart, who plays Dean’s wife, MaryLou. We love her dancing scene in the trailer, don’t you? So electric!

We’re also excited to see Kirsten Dunst in the mix, who is coming off an amazing year filled with serious accolades for her work in Melancholia, as well as a new, handsome boyfriend who just so also happens to be her On The Road co-star (Hi Garrett!).

What do you think of the trailer, OTR fans?