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Whitney Houston’s Brother Reveals Heartbreaking Secret About Her Drug Use On Oprah’s Next Chapter

In the saga of Whitney Houston’s life, her one-time husband Bobby Brown is consistently portrayed as the doomed lover, the bad influence who corrupted the superstar with the drugs that precipitated her decline and eventually took her life. For more than a decade the pair became the self destructive Sid and Nancy of R&B, and their chemical-fueled exploits became fodder for tabloids and reality television. Fans and family alike have placed the blame on Brown’s shoulders, but now Whitney’s brother Michael Houston is coming forward with a stunning revelation that completely changes her story.

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Usher Admits To Being “Not Faithful All The Way,” But Sounds Like An Awesome Dad

Tameka Foster and Usher

Oprah may have thought the question everyone wanted to ask Usher was whether he makes love to his own music (answer: yes), but really what we all wanted to know was whether he really did cheat on Tameka Foster, with one of her own bridesmaids. On Oprah’s Next Chapter, his answer was a firm … not really.

“No. I was faithful at heart, but not faithful all the way,” Usher said. “Even having a conversation with another woman, period, about matters of your relationship or emotions is, in my opinion, not being faithful.”

And when Oprah tried to clarify the matter of whether he’d actually slept with another woman, he finally answered, “When we were separated, yes, I was. We were not divorced.”

Usher admitted to having doubts about the marriage right before their 2007 wedding, making many of us on the outside shake our heads along with O. At the same time, the singer did sort of make Tameka out to be the bad guy. “I did get a great sense of the insecurities that were there and the fact that she wasn’t coping well with being in this position, being married to Usher, and all that came with that,” he said, later adding, “She made us enemies in a way that I could never understood.”

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Oprah Is Really Into Her “No Holds Barred” Interview With Usher

Usher’s protracted divorce and custody battle with Tameka Foster finally came to an end last month, and we’re sure all involved parties are looking forward to a bit of privacy. But first! Usher agreed to one last probing interrogation, on this week’s Oprah’s Next Chapter.

“He said that he would talk to me and then he’s never gonna talk again,” Oprah says in a new promo for the episode. She asks him about “about his marriage … the fact that his mother didn’t come to the marriage … the fact that he’s gone through three years of a custody battle, now has primary custody of his own children … about breaking down on the stage in Berlin … what really made him cry on the witness stand. … He talks about everything, no holds barred. ”

If you think this video will give you a hint at his answers, you will be disappointed. This is a major tease that features only part of his response to that Berlin question: “I felt like I would never perform again.”

But O makes up for the lack of actual Usher quotes with her own enthusiasm for this interview, especially when she shifts into lustful lady interviewer mode to tell us, “And then I asked him the question I always wanted to know, maybe you do to: Does he make love to his own music?”

He grins his sexiest of grins and says, “I love that.” What we love even more is the face Oprah makes at the end of the clip, revealing a side of O we rarely see, and it is awesomely awkward. More, please.

Oprah talks about Usher

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Rihanna On Oprah’s Next Chapter: 8 New Things We Learned

When someone like Oprah does an amazing interview of someone like Rihanna for TV, it’s got to be really hard for the network not to want to tease all the good parts in advance. So, when we saw the clips of the Rih driving Oprah around her hometown in Barbados, spinning around like a little girl, crying openly about what happened between her and Chris Brown, we worried that maybe we’d seen all the juicy bits already. Not so. This episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter featured a good hour of heartfelt conversation/therapy, and a whole lot of it lived up to the promise of showing us a different side of the pop star. Here are the highlights of what we learned:

  • Rihanna’s grandmother, who passed away in July, taught her about “forgiveness.” She also advised her to “Marry someone who loves me more than I love them.”
  • It was actually Oprah’s question about Rihanna’s grandmother that prompted Rihanna to tear up and say, “I hate this part.” In the promos, that was totally edited to look like her reaction to a Chris Brown question. But it wasn’t totally dishonest because she teared up during that too.
  • As passionate and quick to react as she can seem on Twitter, Rihanna can be really thoughtful and deep too, saying things you might never have thought of yourself but immediately know to be true. This is her describing why she hides her vulnerability: “I don’t want people to think I’m weak or think of me as a victim so I don’t like to tell people when I’m going through something because it’s human nature to always keep that in mind when you see the person. You can see them now and you always remember that problem that they went through.” And this is her talking about her feelings for Brown: “I thought I hated Chris and I realized it was love that was tarnished.”

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While Rihanna Felt Protective Of Chris Brown, He Was Trying To Fix Things By … Dancing?

We’ve used this space, from time to time, to remind you that, though some people may argue that what Chris Brown did to Rihanna in 2009 was between them, the effects of it are felt by millions of young men and women. Rihanna may feel like she can personally forgive her ex for beating her, but the fact that he’s consistently shown very little remorse over what he did sends a terrible message to victims and perpetrators of abuse. That’s why we want to hug the ladies at Crushable for their response to Rihanna’s statements about it on this week’s Oprah’s Next Chapter.

“I felt protective,” Rihanna said of her feelings for Chris Brown in the aftermath of the assault. “I felt like, the only person they hate right now is him. It was a weird, confusing space to be in, because as angry as I was, as angry and hurt and betrayed, I just felt like he made that mistake because he needed help. And who’s going to help him? Nobody’s going to say he needs help, everybody’s going to say he’s a monster, without looking at the source. And I was more concerned about him.”

Well, as Crushable’s Jenni Maier pointed out, he had plenty of opportunities to get help, but instead, he seemed to lash out. “Making an album called Forgiving All My Enemies doesn’t show any sorrow over what happened,” Maier wrote. “It shows a man who’s angry at the world for punishing him for committing a crime. Throwing a chair through a window because someone asked you about what happened doesn’t show someone who’s learned anything from his ‘mistake.’ It shows a performer who thinks he’s above the law and above common human decency.”
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Oprah Thought Rihanna Would Be More Of “A Badass” In Upcoming Interview

When Oprah Winfrey comes to interview you (and hey, it may happen) you’ll want to be on your best behavior. So that’s probably why the Big O found Rihanna a bit more demure than expected in her in-depth profile, which airs as part of Oprah’s Next Chapter on Sunday the 19th. Riri probably put her stripper humping to a minimum over during the days she was followed by Oprah around her native Barbados, and that’s probably for the best.

“I thought she would have been kind of a bad-ass kind of a rocker hard-edge woman. Nothing could have been farther from the truth,” said the talk-show legend. “She was thoughtful, she was very emotional, she was vulnerable.” Yet Oprah still fell the need to call the singer out on one tiny thing. “You seem to have a liking for the F-word,” she says with a smile. Busted, the singer just laughs.

But it wasn’t all cuss words and bikinis. Rihanna really opened up to O , showing her around the old neighborhood and talking about the pressures of celebrity and her own personal demons. She admitted to being “super-duper afraid of the pedestal that comes from fame,” and that she feels incredibly lonely. We’re excited to see a more revealing look at the seemingly tough-as-nails pop star, even if she wasn’t “badass” enough for Oprah!

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So, Kim Kardashian And Beyonce Are Actually Friends Now

Kim Kardashian and Beyonce at the Watch the Throne concert in Birmingham
We like this latest rumor, courtesy of the New York Daily News, way better than the ones flying around last month about Beyonce snubbing Kim Kardashian in London. After KK and Bey were spotted dancing together at Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne concert in Birmingham, England, on Thursday — and an eagle-eyed fan snapped the above pics posted on @BeyonceLite’s Twitter, we can tell things are much warmer between the two lovely ladies. The Daily News proposes this explanation of why we didn’t realize until now that the two are on quite friendly terms: Kim knows how much Beyonce and Jay value their privacy. Unlike Kardashian, whose very career relies on her penchant for oversharing.

“She’s hung with them a few times already, but she isn’t saying peep about them,” the source told the paper. “She’s not tweeting or taking pictures with [Beyonce] because she doesn’t want to seem desperate.”
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Oprah Teams Up With The Kardashians, Which Means OWN Is Way More Screwed Than We Thought

Oprah Winfrey interviews the Kardashians

Media baroness Oprah Winfrey founded her television network OWN as an inspirational antidote to mindless reality TV. But now that her ratings are in the toilet, Oprah must have decided that mindless reality TV dynasties aren’t so bad after all! The Big O has decided to go straight for the big guns, calling upon the Kardashian Klan to breathe some much needed life into her flagging cable channel. The first part of the family’s two-part interview is set to air this Sunday on Oprah’s Next Chapter, where they’ll discuss important issues like Kim’s divorce, Kourtney’s baby, and Kris’s facelift count.

Despite her legendary status, Oprah ventured out to the Kardashian Kompound in Hidden Hills California for what she claimed was one of the lengthiest interviews of her career. “I genuinely wanted to know why they have become a cultural phenomenon,” she explained on her Facebook. “Why do so many people love to watch their every move and why do so many others love to hate them? Are they completely ego centered? Are they really ‘famous for being famous’ or is there something more?” It seems kind of late in the game to be asking these kind of questions, no? We guess Oprah was just too busy being Oprah to worry about keeping up with the Kardashians. It just seems sad: sooner or later everyone gets beaten into the reality game. Even Oprah.

The Kardashian’s seemed thrilled by the visit, but then again the K-Krew would probably be “thrilled” to meet a dog wearing a bow-tie if it meant they could have stage another television event. “This is SO exciting for us all and such a huge honor,” Kris posted to her blog. “We can’t wait!! We love you!!! Thanks for spending the day with us!” Kim also took to her blog to gush about the experience. “Ummmm no big deal Oprah just left my mom’s house! #DreamComeTrue.” We don’t know about you, but we’re starting to wish that Oprah never had a next chapter.

Head under the jump for a behind the scenes look at the interview!

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Paris Jackson Thinks People Don’t Like Her And Other Really Teenage Girl Things She Told Oprah

After seeing Paris Jackson and her brothers on a Jet Blue flight last Christmas, I’ve felt like I was in on a secret: Michael Jackson’s children have an enormous capacity to act like regular kids. I mean, she’s a “regular kid” with extraordinarily mesmerizing blue eyes, a tragic past and a lead role in an upcoming movie, but you get my drift. If you watched her interview on last night’s Oprah’s Next Chapter you might agree with me. Or disagree, because the 14-year-old also showed us that she’s incredibly strong and self-aware for her age. Anyway, here are some great, super-normal things we learned about Paris:

  • “People have tried [to bully me] but it doesn’t always work,” Paris said about the “drama” she faces in school. “A lot of people don’t like me. … Kids talk so bad behind my back.” We want to give these jealous girls quite a talkin’ to right now.She’s not allowed to date yet, but she can “date in groups,” like at the mall. (I freaking love that Oprah asked her this.)
  • She loves acting because “you can take on a new character.” What teenage girl doesn’t want to try on a new persona for size once in a while?

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Lady Gaga Vows To Quit Giving Interviews

After years opening up about everything from her body issues, drug use, love life and the many benefits of orgasms, Lady Gaga is calling it quits. Mama Monster is now keeping her lips sealed, refusing to give any more interviews to the press. The big announcement comes in her taped interview for Oprah’s Next Chapter, which was filmed at her childhood home in New York City. Giving an interview to announce that you’re not giving any more interviews? How very Michael Lohan.

“Other than this interview, Oprah, I do not intend to speak to anyone for a very long time,” she says in the preview for the episode, which airs in full this Sunday at 9 PM. “No press, no television, if my mom calls and says, ‘Did you hear about …’ I shut it all off … I don’t read a damn thing.” And so continues her descent into Prince-like eccentricity/insanity.

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