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TheFABLife’s 50 Hottest Fashion Moments Of 2010

Is it just us, or do there seem to be more and more televised award shows each year? That means one thing (and it has nothing to do with awards)—there’s more red carpet fashion than ever. When we compiled our list of favorite fashion moments from 2010, we had quite a crop to choose from. Gone are the days where the only shows worth mentioning were the Emmys, Grammys and Oscars. This year’s style compilation comes to you courtesy of the Creative Arts Emmys, the SAG Awards, and even the ESPYs. Oh, and a couple dozen film premieres, too. Check out who made our cut for best dressed celebs of 2010 in the gallery below—including just about everyone from Mad Men, a very GOOP-y celeb we love to hate, and the most famous half-vampire couple ever.

50. You Can Ring My Bell

49. Hop In My Mini Cooper

48. Glambert

47. Be-Jewel-ed

46. A Toast To This Douchebag

45. Carey On

44. Kim’s Kar-Dazzling

43. Yes, We Cannes

42. Zoe’s Glowy

41. Katie Shows Her Stripes

40. Taylor Lautner: GQ Werewolf

39. She Whips Her Hair

38. The Hills Are Alive

37. Sexy Sookie

36. My So-Called Sparkles

35. Hot Mama

34. Lookin’ Liveley

33. The Last Action Heroes

32. With Honors

31. Black And White And Greene All Over

30. Emma Roberts, Goth n’ Glam

29. The Unborn Identity

28. Glee-n With Envy

27. Berry Sparkly

26. Christina’s World

25. Ready, Set, Chloe

24. Kelly, Re-Born

23. Pretty Peggy

22. Gwyneth’s White-Out

21. Pretty On Pink

20. Mila Dollar Baby

19. Red Hot Rihanna

18. Venus On The Court

17. Morning Glorious

16. She’s Got A Hatha-Way About Her

15. Katie Got Back

14. Leighton Up

13. Nevermind The Bullocks

12. Bewitching Emma

11. Dashing Don

10. Swift N’ Sparkly

9. The Black Swan Herself

8. Ryan And Child

7. A Rose By Any Other Name

6. Mr. And Mrs. Brand

5. Keri Is So Very

4. Angelina: Eyes On The Thighs

3. Stone-Cold Style

2. Selita’s Fashion Is A Runaway Hit

1. Robsten Eclipses All Others

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George Clooney Is Officially The Most Exemplary Human Ever


Maybe George Clooney looked like he was in a poopy mood at the Oscars this year because he had to sit through almost four hours of drivel knowing he wasn’t going to win Best Actor. How was he so sure his fellow nominee Jeff Bridges was going to take the prize home? For starters, Clooney voted for him.

Yep, a rumor surfaced this week that Clooney voted for Bridges for his role in Crazy Heart, instead of doing the typical vote-for-yourself thing. He then sent Bridges a photo of the ballot and told him “If you don’t win, you can’t blame me.” Page Six spoke with Clooney’s rep who confirmed the story, saying “Story is true. According to George, ‘It was an amazing performance.'” Which just goes to show that while we think we’re so helpful sending a $10 text to Haiti and occasionally giving our spare pennies to the Starbucks baristas, George brings being a good person to a new level. Running Haiti telethons, selflessly losing the Oscars. It makes sense that he got his start on The Facts of Life, because the man certainly teaches us a new one each day. [Photo: Getty Images]


Jeremy Renner, Carey Mulligan Get Flirty After Oscars

renner-200xAs Renner advertises, “I’m single — and looking.”

Oscar nominee for An Education Carey Mulligan may be in a relationship with Shia LaBeouf, but Oscar-bash photos in a British publication make it clear that her options are open. Mulligan turned super-touchy when Jeremy Renner stopped to say hi at Vanity Fair‘s Oscar afterparty, and witnesses say it’s clear there were sparks.

Read the full story at LimeLife.


Miley Cyrus Took Broken Foot To Oscars Without A Cast

Now we feel bad for yelling “stand up straight!” at Miley Cyrus while watching the Oscars Sunday. The Last Song star explained to VH1 News correspondent Janell Snowden she was in pain due to a broken foot that went castless for the big night. “The bottom of my foot is broken, I broke it while on tour and I don’t have my cast on and it really hurts.” On top of that, she was wearing heels! Forget slumping—we’d have tears streaming down our eyes.

See Miley’s game face in the gallery below.

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Zac Efron Dishes On His Dirty Hair Secrets

VH1 News correspondent Janell Snowden had the enviable job of talking to Zac Efron at the Oscars Red Carpet on Sunday and she brought up our favorite Efron-related topic: his thick tresses. (Sorry if you were expecting us to say High School Musical or Vanessa Hudgens.) In our mind, Zac, who presented the award for Best Sound Editing, is single-handedly responsible for an entire generation of tween boy hairstyles and he dished on his (literally) dirty secret about caring for it — he’s not a big fan of shampooing.


Eli Roth And Peaches Geldof: Still Smooching After The Oscars

Eli Roth & Peaches Geldof

Looks like the Bear Jew is hungry for Peaches. Inglorious Basterds star/Hostel director Eli Roth was spotted kissing British socialite/underwear model Peaches Geldof in his car yesterday, following their quality time at the Vanity Fair Oscar After Party Sunday night. While mum on their depth of their relationship, the 20-year-old divorcee confirmed her date with 37-year-old Roth on Twitter. “At the Vanity Fair Oscar night party with @eliroth who’s got a silent movie star look going down tonight. Very sharp.” (Roth himself has stayed mum on the matter, except for a Twitpic of himself tanning before the big show).

Was it just a wild weekend for Geldof and Roth—who really is 37, we can’t believe it either—or is it something serious? Take a look for yourself in the gallery below.

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Nick Cannon And Janell Snowden Are In Love

We jest! Sort of. Sifting through our 2010 Oscars coverage, we came across this video clip of Janell Snowden, our friend from VH1 News, walking up to Mariah Carey and telling her straight up that she’s always had a thing for her hubby Nick Cannon. Mariah looks peeved at first, but then rolls with the joke. But what neither Mimi nor Janell know is that we’ve been waiting for just the right moment to unearth a clip of an on-camera flirtation between Nick and Janell that’s been buried deep within our archives.

Below is a mashup of Janell interviewing Nick at two different Sundance Film Festivals — before and after he was married. The clip involves hugs, pecks on the cheek, declarations of love, and talk about condoms and what could have been. Don’t worry Mariah, it’s clearly all in good fun! Maybe.


Kathy Ireland Defends Her Red Carpet Wreckage On Twitter

Don’t think you can call Kathy Ireland a druggy robot and get away with it. The former model and current entrepreneur has been responding to criticisms of her pre-Oscar red carpet interviews on Twitter, whether or not they were directed to her account. Here are some of our favorite polite retorts from the Necessary Roughness star (typos hers).

Laughed @ being hot topic on twitter 2night. So many mis understood that the J.O.Y. was being invited 2 co host. Grateful to all. Thank You!…Some say I looked pregnant.LOL! Not true…others say I was drinking…would LOL if it were not so sad. Just excited 2 be involved. Grateful…not nervous..just having fun. Next time, pls hit your remote control. LOL!…No Red Bull or chemicals…just J.O.Y.! Better luck for you next time…Angel if you think my host was bumby–don’t watch my modeling from the last century—My best work? design…lOVE YOU aNGEL AND AM GOING TO ENJOY THE bALL LIKE cINDERELLLA…OMGoodness Angel, Hate is s harsh—could we settle on really, really disliked? Do we want 2 teach other 2 hate?

It should be noted that none of these responses were directed towards a person named Angel; she just uses it the way others use “dude.” Explaining why she felt the need to personally acknowledge the hatorade, she tweeted “When you build a company like ours, you reply to all—good, bad and everything. Its just respectful. Thanks.” Do you think Kathy did OK or should she go back to wherever she’s been for the last decade? Let us know in our TheFABlife poll.

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Jeff Bridges Still Holding His Oscar

Jeff Bridges

Considering it took thirty-eight years after his first nomination for Jeff Bridges to pick up an Oscar, we shouldn’t give the guy too much grief for not letting it go. The Crazy Heart star—who also won Coolest Best Actor Nominee by a landslide in our Oscar Poll Sunday—was spotted clutching his golden boy as he left Oprah’s post-Oscar show at the Kodak theatre yesterday. Maybe he should take a tip from Kate Winslet and wrap the guy up—you don’t want constant pawing to take the finish off.

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Gerard Butler Flirts With Gabourey Sidibe: “I’m Available”

Gabourey Sidibe may not have won an Academy Award Sunday, but it sounds like she had the time of her life anyway. Not only did she enjoy the glamor and gifting superstars take for granted, she also enjoyed a more recent Hollywood ritual: getting hit on by Gerard Butler. Butler was walking past Sidibe and Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush when her suggestion of “I’d hit that” reached the 300 actor’s ear.  Though she was initially apologetic, Butler made clear she had nothing to be ashamed of. “I’m here, I’m available…let’s go!”

Sidibe countered “Let’s grab a bottle of champagne and see where the night goes,” reaffirming why she’s the awesomest person ever and needs to have an ongoing career in Hollywood. Was it just playful banter, though? Something about Gerard makes us think he’s done stranger things. At the very least, let’s get these two on a movie poster together pronto.

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