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The 100 Hottest Celeb Bikini Pics Of 2010


You’ve just about made it through another holiday season full of tons of food, holiday traffic and crazy cousins. Congrats! Now it’s time to ring in the new year with the 100 hottest celebrity bikini pictures of the year. You’re welcome! Our gallery is ordered from one to 100, with #1 being the hottest. Miranda Kerr is the reigning champ from 2009 — not even Vanessa Minnillo in a skimpy pink bikini could topple her in 2010. Enjoy!

1. Miranda Kerr
2. Vanessa Minnillo (More Vanessa Minnillo bikini pictures)
3. Kim Kardashian
4. Kim Kardashian (More Kim Kardashian bikini pictures)
5. Brooklyn Decker (More Brooklyn Decker bikini pictures)
6. Bar Refaeli (More Bar Refaeli bikini pictures)
7. Alessandra Ambrosio
8. Gisele Bundchen (More Gisele Bundchen bikini pictures)
9. Rihanna (More Rihanna bikini pictures)
10. Katy Perry (More Katy Perry bikini pictures)
11. Megan Fox (More Megan Fox bikini pictures)
12. Cassie
13. Demi Lovato
14. Coco (More Coco bikini pictures)
15. Justin Bieber (More Justin Bieber beach pictures)
16. Vanessa Minnillo
17. Maria Belen Rodriguez (More Maria Belen Rodriguez bikini pictures)
18. Selena Gomez
19. Rihanna (More Rihanna bikini pictures)
20. Shakira
21. Molly Sims
22. AnnaLynne McCord
23. Amber Rose
24. Holly Madison (More Holly Madison bikini pictures)
25. Jennifer Aniston

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Pamela Anderson: “I Am A Drugstore Whore”


Those “Stars: They’re Just Like Us!” magazine features are popular for a reason, and we love hearing about how certain celebrities keep it real. Pamela Anderson, who tends not to keep it real in certain places, does have one thing in common with us though. She loves a good make-up splurge at the local drugstore.

While we’re partial to CVS, Pam has a fragrance line ┬ácalled “Malibu” for sale at Rite-Aid, a partnership that appears to be a natural fit, as she claims she’s a “drugstore whore.” She explained her Wet N’ Wild lust thusly,”I worship drugstores. You have to pull me out of them.” Us too, Pam, especially when we’re using a special savings card and get cash back. Who needs expensive stuff like La Mer when you have Rimmel and Sally Hansen? [Photo: GettyImages]