Paradise Lost

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Josh Hutcherson To Join Benicio Del Toro In Paradise Lost On Way To Starring In Every Genre Ever

Josh Hutcherson To Costar With Benicio Del Toro In Pablo Escobar Movie

Looks like we’ve got a regular John C. Reilly on our hands! (Note: John C. Reilly is our benchmark for a versatile acting career. The man was in The Hours and Talladega Nights, so…) Deadline reported today that Josh Hutcherson is currently “negotiating” for the lead in Paradise Lost, across from, you know, Benicio Del Toro playing the infamous drug king pin Pablo Escobar. Does that seem weird to you? Does the film’s description: “Nick, a young Irish surfer who visits his brother in Colombia. There he meets the love of his life — until he meets her uncle Pablo”? Well, it shouldn’t. Josh has basically been cycling through every film genre imaginable since he started in TV movies a decade ago. It was only a matter of time he hit “Drug Action Thriller” after starring in genres like..

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Is Bradley Cooper Ditching The Crow To Play The Devil In Paradise Lost?

Sounds like somebody wants an image change. Last month, we heard that Bradley Cooper was aching to play The Crow in a rebooting of the undead superhero franchise, and now Variety reports that Cooper is looking to sign on with a 3D adaptation of John Milton‘s epic poem Paradise Lost (you know, that one Donald Sutherland was nattering about in Animal House). Cooper, naturally, would be playing the devil—having already rocked horns as Bill Zebub in a NSFW Stella sketch pictured above, back when Brad was just glad to get a recurring role on Alias (that’s Julie Bowen licking him, FYI).

Paradise Lost will be directed by Alex Proyas, who previously directed Know1ng (which figures) and the original Crow movie that Bradley would be remaking. Considering Proyas called the plans for a new Crow film “ridiculous” in 2009, it’d be impressive if Cooper manages to score such juicy roles with both projects. Then again, far stranger things have happen in Hollywood—like multiple Snow White movies, for one thing.

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