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Since ‘Parenthood’ Is Promising a Big Death in the Final Season, Here’s Who We Want To See Bite the Dust

With the final four episodes of Parenthood beginning tonight, the question on every fan’s mind is: Who is going to die? Up until now, the Bravermans have survived hell and back, with every member of the ever-growing Bay Area family remaining intact. However, creator Jason Katims has previously stated that this last season will explore mortality. And with mortality comes death.
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Kingdom Star Matt Lauria Wants To Make Music with Nick Jonas

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Matt Lauria knows how to play rough. Despite being one of the nicer people in Hollywood, the actor has a history of portraying dark characters haunted by their pasts. On DIRECTV’s new drama Kingdom, Lauria plays MMA fighter Ryan Wheeler, whose personal mantra “Destroyer” (tattooed in large letters across his chest) represents his approach to his life both in and out of the cage.

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Jessica Simpson Pauses Parenthood, Accepts Wedding Proposal, Resumes Parenthood

Jessica Simpson Engaged While Watching ParenthoodrnrnJust like US Weekly reminds us each and every week, stars really are just like us! Except, of course, way richer. And sometimes, mind you, also slothier and less romantic.rnrnWe speak, of course, of the newly engaged Jessica Simpson, the eternally classy dame that recently debuted her ruby engagement ring during an autograph signing session at the mall anchor store Dillard’s. Simpson’s engagement came hot on the heels of news that her ex-husband Nick Lachey popped the question to his fiery Latina bride-to-be, frequent bikini-wearer Vanessa Minillo, which caused many a naysayer to surmise that it was a revenge engagement of sorts. Well, as soon as you hear the romantic way in which her fiance Eric Johnson proposed, you’ll know for sure that this engagement had been planned minutes hours in advance! rnrn Read more…