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What Pushed Paris Jackson Over The Edge; Plus: Michelle Obama

In “Oh No They Didn’t News”: Barneys Ambassador Simon Doonan has some pretty harsh words for First Lady Michelle Obama. According to Marianne Garvey, Doonan says Obama should not be dressing for the red carpet, that she’s too flashy for a public servant. No one puts FLOTUS in a corner!

New details emerge on Paris Jackson‘s alleged suicide attempt. The Gossip Table has the scoop!

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Paris Jackson ‘Physically Fine’ After Possible Suicide Scare

Paris Jackson grows up
We’re shocked and worried to learn that 15-year-old Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital this morning after a possible suicide attempt, according to TMZ. Thankfully, as of this afternoon, she’s “physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention,” Katherine Jackson’s lawyer told the site. But how is she doing mentally?

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Demi Lovato And Paris Jackson Make Us Want Bangs Again

Paris Hilton and Demi Lovato show off their bangs

“Guess what’s back, back, back, back again….. BANGS are back, back, back tell your friends,” Demi Lovato announced on her Twitter last night, along with the above pic of her blonder-than-ever tresses with gorgeous long bangs. As much as we admire Demi’s flawless forehead (seriously, we covet this girl’s skin!), the new ‘do brings out her eyes perfectly. And this pic reminded us of another brunette-turned-blond beauty who recently showed off her fringe, Paris Jackson. The gorgeous 14-year-old posted Instagram pics of herself getting a cut and color just last month at the Nick Chavez Salon. Again, the bangs accentuate Paris’ stunning eyes.

Now, we’re not saying this is a ‘do for everyone — and we’d like to make a public service announcement to remind the world what a pain in the ass it is to grow your bangs out when you want to switch back — but these two ladies are seriously making us want to embrace the cut once more. (OK, my own pixie cut is going to make this a longer-term challenge, but it might be worth it.) How about you?

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Jessica Alba Just One Of The Many Celebs We Wish Wouldn’t Go Blond

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Katherine Jackson Regains Guardianship Of MJ’s Kids; Somehow We’re Even More Confused

Katherine Jackson Gets Back Guardianship of MJ's Kids

As if we didn’t feel bad enough for the Jackson family (La Toya is the one who got a reality show on OWN?)(Just kidding, you know we’ll DVR that), matriarch Katherine Jackson is now alleging she may have been tricked or coerced into going to a spa in Arizona in July. The woman is a grandma, people! Come on! As you might recall while sighing heavily and shaking your head, Paris Jackson‘s memaw lost custody of her grandkids to TJ Jackson after leaving the state and becoming incommunicado for an extended period of time. Fortunately Katherine regained shared custody of the kids as of today, so we have to ask…what is even going on? What was the game plan here, people? Whoever’s the mastermind behind this whole disaster needs to go back to the drawing board, because we don’t understand any aspect of this whatsoever.

As we tried valiantly to break down for you last week, Katherine left Cali a few weeks ago to attend her sons’ Unity Tour performance in New Mexico. Instead, she ended up at a spa in a different state with daughter Rebbie, where upon Katherine says her phones and iPad were taken from her. While Katherine assumed her grandkids knew of her whereabouts, her disappearance actually caused them to flip out and alert the authorities. You know, like someone might do if his or her grandma suddenly stopped answering her phone. “At the time, I trusted the people I was with to be honest with me,” Katherine says in documents filed today as part of her bid to get back guardianship of MJ’s kids. Mistake number one, we guess.

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Katherine Jackson Loses Guardianship Of MJ’s Kids, For Now

Jackson Family Drama Continues

New info on the Jackson family debacle is coming in fast and furious. Yesterday we sorted through the details of everything we know so far. Today TMZ reports that TJ Jackson was granted temporary guardianship of Michael’s kids, thus suspending Katherine’s guardianship of Blanket, Prince Michael and Paris. Meanwhile, Randy Jackson announced on Good Morning America that Katherine was returning to L.A. after a little R&R in Arizona with her daughter Rebbie. Her return didn’t keep the judge from ruling on the case. Read more…

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Jackson Family Drama Makes Our Heads Spin, But Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Katherine Jackson, Royal Jackson, Blanket Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson and Paris Jackson

We’re being bombarded by stories from TMZ and the like about a whole lot of drama going down at the Jackson family home in California. Everything escalated to new heights yesterday, when police were called to Katherine Jackson’s house in the afternoon for a domestic disturbance. Let’s try to sort this out, shall we?

Last week, a letter from Michael’s siblings Randy, Jermaine, Janet, Tito and Rebbie leaked to the Internet demanding that estate executors John Branca and John McClain resign because their mismanagement had caused Katherine to have a mini-stroke. Meanwhile, Katherine Jackson had left the kids at home to attend her sons’ Unity Tour. She reportedly never made it to a show.

On Thursday (July 18), via Twitter, Paris Jackson accused Uncle Randy of purposely leaking said letter to discredit her grandmother. “i am going to clarify right now that what has been said about my grandmother is a rumor and nothing has happened , she is completely fine.”

On Sunday, family members reported Katherine Jackson missing. Paris tweeted that she hadn’t seen her in a week. “If anybody sees my grandmother , please call the authorities or this number— (818)-876-0186 it’s the security number .. thank you so much,” she wrote. But that night, Katherine contacted police to say she was fine.
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On Michael Jackson’s Deathiversary, Daughter Paris Makes Us Love Her Even More

Paris Jackson with aunts Janet and La Toya, and her mother Debbie Rowe with Michael Jackson

For many people, June 25, 2009, was the day we lost a legend, Michael Jackson; for some of us, it was the beginning of a sleepless week gathering every bit of news we could about his life and tragic death. For Paris, Blanket and Prince Michael, it was, well, obvs, a lot worse. And in the past week, Paris reminded us as much, as she continued what she started three years ago (when she spoke about “the best daddy” at MJ’s memorial service): Making us love and admire her from afar. Seriously, this girl has some incredible poise. “RIP Michael Jackson .. Dad you will forever be in my heart

Tsk-tsk-ing kids these days:
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Paris Jackson Thinks People Don’t Like Her And Other Really Teenage Girl Things She Told Oprah

After seeing Paris Jackson and her brothers on a Jet Blue flight last Christmas, I’ve felt like I was in on a secret: Michael Jackson’s children have an enormous capacity to act like regular kids. I mean, she’s a “regular kid” with extraordinarily mesmerizing blue eyes, a tragic past and a lead role in an upcoming movie, but you get my drift. If you watched her interview on last night’s Oprah’s Next Chapter you might agree with me. Or disagree, because the 14-year-old also showed us that she’s incredibly strong and self-aware for her age. Anyway, here are some great, super-normal things we learned about Paris:

  • “People have tried [to bully me] but it doesn’t always work,” Paris said about the “drama” she faces in school. “A lot of people don’t like me. … Kids talk so bad behind my back.” We want to give these jealous girls quite a talkin’ to right now.She’s not allowed to date yet, but she can “date in groups,” like at the mall. (I freaking love that Oprah asked her this.)
  • She loves acting because “you can take on a new character.” What teenage girl doesn’t want to try on a new persona for size once in a while?

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Paris Jackson’s Ellen Interview Makes Us Want To Protect Her Even More

Shortly after it was announced that Paris Jackson will make her movie debut in the live-action/animated film Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys, which begins filming next year, the 13-year-old stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show for a chat that will air on Thursday. And immediately upon seeing excerpts of her interview, we want to whisk her away and protect her for a few more years. She’s luminous and poised —- not at all suffering from the awkwardness normal people endure at her age. But she also has an air of gentleness, not unlike her father’s, that makes us worry that the world will want to eat her up too soon.

Paris told Ellen she loves going to school (she and Prince go to the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks) and feels like she has a “regular childhood” these days. “When I came to Buckley, they didn’t know who I was, so I was like, ‘Yes! I have a chance to be normal,’ ” she said, still kind of breaking our hearts.

Ellen asked if she thought her dad’s practice of making her and her brothers wear masks in public is what gave her that chance to be normal, and she agreed, though she wasn’t a fan of it at first.

“I’m like, ‘This is stupid, why am I wearing a mask?’ But I kind of realized the older I got that he only tried to protect us. He explained that to us, too,” Paris said.
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Paparazzi Busted For Chasing Down Paris Jackson

We can’t imagine how anyone could live with themselves by making money off making childrens’ lives hell. The levels of harassment are shocking. Two paparazzi were tailing Paris Jackson and were so hellbent on getting her pictures that they broke two red lights in the process, apart from driving like maniacs. Clearly, they have learnt nothing from Princess Diana‘s death. These car chases are terrifying and we can’t stress this enough: Paris is only 13 years old. She may be Michael Jackson‘s daughter, but she’s only just begun her teens.

Here’s the really sad part. The police couldn’t arrest them because they weren’t witness to the car chase. They can’t even cite them for like, reckless endangerment or something of the sort. The photographers were handcuffed for a short period of time but not hauled in. Which is such a travesty! Paris has the option to sue them in civil court, though.