Pat Dixon


Is The Pope Having The Best Week Ever?


Happy Thursday! Time to choose who is having the Best Week Ever and then be slightly disappointed when they don’t thank you personally. Hey, it’s okay! Let week was GoDaddy Jesse Heiman’s and this one might just be…The Pope’s? It’s time to decide. Let Pete Lee, Michelle Buteau, Amanda Seales and Michael Che help YOU decide who is having the Best Week Ever:

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Meet Your Best Week Ever Cast: Pat Dixon

Pat Dixon wears a tie, but that doesn’t mean he’s no fun. The Tennessee-native has collected laughs all over the place–from his own half-hour special on Comedy Central to bits on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. He’s even got a podcast called The New York City Crime Report where he solves crimes. Kinda.

Meet Pat!

Dixon’s got “ripped from the headlines” down pat. Check out some of his stand-up:

And you can even find him in shorter (well, 140 characters) spurts elsewhere:


…And on Best Week Ever! Starting Friday, January 18th at 10/9c.