Penelope Cruz


Prince Crushes On Salma Hayek In New Song


Prince is using the power of music to let Salma Hayek know just exactly how he feels about her. In a new song, called “Valentina,” named after Salma’s daughter, Prince sings,

“Hey Valentina, tell your mama she should give me a call/When she get tired of runnin’ after you down the hall/And she’s all worn out from those late night feedings/and she’s ready for another rock n’ roll meeting”

But Salma, who is super busy being married and breast feeding the world’s hungry, is likely not available. That’s OK, though. Prince has a plan B – Salma’s pal Penelope Cruz. In the song, he lets Penelope know he will take her too when he sings, “If Penelope wants to Cruz there ain’t no way that we ain’t gonna dance.” [Source: Us; Photo: Getty Images]


Red Carpet Report Card: Penelope Cruz

Welcome to Red Carpet Report Card, where the stars are put to the test on their red carpet fashion choices. In today’s episode, Scandalist‘s Fashion 101 teacher Libby Keatinge grades Penelope Cruz on her red carpet style. Will Penelope pass with flying colors or will Ms. Keatinge hand out a failing grade?


Scarlett Likes Penelope More Than Boys

Scarlett Johansson makes out with Penelope Cruz in their new flick Vicky, Cristina Barcelona and reports that locking lips with Miss Cruz, was “… better than kissing Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in Match Point.” The curvy actress tells OK! of the lesbian lip lock, “Everybody wants to know what it was like … Penelope had less facial hair than a guy so it was certainly more pleasant. Kissing him wasn’t that bad, but he did have to stop and shave in the middle of a scene even though he’d shaved that morning. The man has really got some beard on him.” [Photo: Getty Images]