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Jason Derulo Teaches Pete Lee How To Dance On Best Week Ever Tonight!

What’s up, gang? If you tune in to Best Week Ever tonight, you’re going to be in for an exquisite treat. Jason Derulo is in the house and he’s going to tackle the insurmountable task of teaching our Pete Lee how to dance. Are they going to do the foxtrot? Are they going to boogie? Are they going to invent the next big dance craze!?!?!? Check out the clip above and then tune in to Best Week Ever tonight at 10/9 C to find out!

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by (@megsokay)

Did You Hear What “Drunk Reese Witherspoon” Said To Pete Lee On Last Week’s Best Week Ever?


Hey there everybody! The weekend is officially over, but you can still revel in the wonder that was last week’s Best Week Ever. Whether you missed it the first time around or you’ve been unable to sleep, eat, drink or function as a human being until you see it again, don’t worry! We’ve got last week’s full episode online for you to enjoy! No joke.

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Is The Pope Having The Best Week Ever?


Happy Thursday! Time to choose who is having the Best Week Ever and then be slightly disappointed when they don’t thank you personally. Hey, it’s okay! Let week was GoDaddy Jesse Heiman’s and this one might just be…The Pope’s? It’s time to decide. Let Pete Lee, Michelle Buteau, Amanda Seales and Michael Che help YOU decide who is having the Best Week Ever:

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Aside From Beyoncé, Who Is Having The Best Week Ever?

How did your #BestDipEver turn out? Doesn’t really matter, it still had the Best Week Ever last week, and you can’t take that away from it.

This week, we’ve got some SuperBowl leftovers (although we don’t really recommend you eat the dip leftover…) whose Super Bowl splashes carried them over to this week.

So tell us, Pete Lee, Adam Conover, Nick Turner & JC Coccoli, who is having the Best Week Ever?

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Meet Your Best Week Ever Cast: Pete Lee

Pete Lee knows he has the best name. He even shows up the other well-known Pete Lees on his personal website. But we’re pretty sure we have the one we want. Pete’s been telling jokes on Comedy Central, CMT, Sirius and he even played a doctor on TV. Seriously: on As The World Turns. (We couldn’t make that up if we tried.)

So tell us, Pete Lee, what’s up?

And after you watch this you’ll never be able to forget his name:




…And on Best Week Ever! Starting Friday, January 18th at 10/9c.