by (@missmuttoo)

Miley Cyrus’ Spooky, And Weirdly Raunchy, Pre-Halloween Treat

Miley Cyrus Put Up Funny, But Pantless Halloween Picture

It’s that time of the year, folks! All the celebrity candids you see will now include visits to pumpkin patches, Halloween costume suggestions and faux scary shots with ghosts, zombies, vampires or all of the above. It’s time to get spook-eh! Bless Miley Cyrus for getting right on the bandwagon, because you can almost sense how excited she is about Halloween in the photograph above. It was published on her Pheed account yesterday with the simple caption, “Boo!!!” Props to the skeleton, ghost hybrid and the over-exaggerated expressions which have obviously been pulled on our behalf! Nicely done, Ms. Miley! Our attention was taken up first due to the fact that we were trying to read what was on her pal’s T-shirt — “Wasted Youth” apparently. And then we looked at Miley and thought to ourselves how much her short hair was growing on us which served as a placebo of, “Awww, we approve of one of Miley’s sartorial decisions. How nice that we’ve finally reached this place!” And that’s the moment we realised she wasn’t wearing any pants. At all. Nary a booty short in sight. It’s like every single bad horror film you’ve seen, where the blond, who always gets murdered at some point, always has very few clothes on! Seriously … why is she pantless? Anyone?

[Photo via Pheed]