Phoebe Price


Worst Golden Globes Party Ever


Charmaine Blake is a Hollywood publicist who threw a Golden Globes viewing party last night. You know how they say cream rises to the top? Well, if the cream in this instance is everyone who actually went to the awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, the attendees at Blake’s party were the chunky bits in the bottom of the milk bottle. You know it’s a classy affair when worst dad ever Michael Lohan canoodles happily with worst Nazi stripper ever, Bombshell McGee. Check out all the attendees at this viewing party and cringe that all of these people are “famous” enough to walk a red carpet.

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Afternoon Snack: Phoebe Price’s Thong

Some people may know model Phoebe Price as an actress (remember her appearance on The X-Files? Neither do we.) and others may know her for her perfume (ever put on Phoebe’s Phantasy? Neither have we.). But she’s probably best known for being an attention whore. Why is someone with only a few credits to their name showing up at red carpet events around the world? Perhaps wardrobe stunts like this keep her “career” going.