Say CHEESE! Hilarious Celebrity Photobombs At Award Shows

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There’s no doubt we all like to let our freak flag fly on occasion. Sometimes it’s from a sugar rush, sometimes it’s from lack of sleep, and sometimes its from being born with a genetic piece of pure nuttiness (myself included). Fortunately, celebrities are just like us and have moments of extreme weirdness. Yeah, I’m talking photobombing. Whether they’re at the Emmy Awards or the Grammys, nothing will stop a determined celeb from committing the ultimate prank: jumping in on someone else’s serious photo op!

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by (@missmuttoo)

Kelly Clarkson Has The Best Inauguration Ever: Photobombed By Bill Clinton, Hangs With Beyonce!

Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce At President's Inauguration Address

If there was anyone having a good day yesterday, other than President Obama and our gorgeous First Lady, of course, it had to be Kelly Clarkson. She was at the occasion to singĀ My Country ‘Tis of Thee with the United States Marine Band after the Prez’s address. Her backstage time was well-spent with that other powerhouse, who blew us away with her rendition of the national anthem, Beyonce. Kelly was suitably star-struck around Bey, as you can see in the picture on the left. “Me and B just hangin’ out ….don’t worry about it. Seriously, God did good. She is so beautiful!” is what her tweet read.

kelly clakson tweet

And then it got even better. Because during the time that she was actually singing — and TV cameras picked this up everywhere — she kept getting photobombed by none other than ex-Prez Bill Clinton. Solid gold. This photograph (above right) has been doing the rounds and cracked us up completely. You go, Kelly.

[Photos: Twitter/ BrooklynSpoke]

by (@katespencer)

The Best Photobomb In The World Went Down At The True Blood After Party

We’re not sure how we missed the most magical photo in the world, taken at the season 4 True Blood premiere after party on Tuesday night. Yes, that is Amanda Seyfriend OMG-ing in Alexander Skarsgard‘s face. Yes, that is a stone-faced woman in a black sequin dress staring blankly into the camera. Yes, it is the best thing we’ve ever seen. Yes, we speak in superlatives. But seriously, look at this!

[Photo: GettyImages via Lindsay Robertson]