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Robert Pattinson Smiles, Oozes Sex Appeal At Cosmopolis Premiere

Well hello there, Robert Pattinson! It’s so great to see you again. The actor arrived tonight at the NYC premiere of Cosmopolis looking…how do we say this? SO EFFING GOOD. Decked out in Gucci with his infamous untamed hair slicked back, the actor greeted fans and press at his first public appearance since his relationship with Kristen Stewart entered crisis mode a few weeks ago. We gotta applaud Rob – not just for doing the press rounds so soon after going through such a challenging situation so publicly, but for looking so good while doing so. Class and professionalism – this guy’s got ‘em.

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The 12 Cutest Pictures Of Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux: A Romantic Timeline

After a whirlwind 15-month reign as the most unhateably ecstatic couple, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have announced their engagement today! The two Wanderlust costars have been on a romantic wanderlust of their own since May of last year, and in the process have given us some truly adorable photo ops. It’s incredible, we never thought we’d be happy to see her with anyone other than Ross Geller!  So as our way of saying congrats, we’ve assembled a timeline of their relationship, as well as our picks for their 12 cutest photos of all time. Enjoy!

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2007: The pair met while Jennifer was visiting the set of Tropic Thunder. The film was co-written by Justin Theroux with Jen’s good friend Ben Stiller.

Summer 2010: Met again on the set of Wanderlust. Jennifer was actually in this one, as was Justin. She claims to have not recognized him at first because of his long hair and beard he had for the film.

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Rihanna’s Barbados Tourism Photos Are Going To Disappoint A Lot Of Tourists Hoping To Visit Rihanna

Rihanna Poses For Barbados Tourism Board Campaign

For those of you who already bought your one-way flight to Barbados to see Rihanna in a soaking wet dress on the beach, we have some bad news. It turns out she’s just shooting an ad campaign for the Barbados Tourism Board; she’s not going to permanently frolic in the waves in an attempt to draw visitors to her native country. We should have guessed; there are only so many hours a person can stand in the ocean in a damp garment before their skin starts to dissolve and they catch pneumonia.

So maybe this is actually good news for you after all! For all we know, RiRi might be posing near a body of water in the U.S. this weekend, and that’ll be a lot more convenient for most of you. Did you buy flight insurance so you can get your money back when you cancel your trip? No? Well…we’re sure Barbados is very nice even when RiRi isn’t frequenting it’s beaches. Probably. Rihanna may have shot promos for the island’s ad campaign yesterday, but she also took time to have a beer with her adorable granddad, as evidence by her Instagram account. So at least we know Grandpa RiRi lives down there! We bet he’ll scamper through he surf with you, but let’s not get crazy. The man is still a grandpa.

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Gabby Douglas Is Today’s Olympian To Watch: Get Acquainted With “The Flying Squirrel”

Gabby Douglas
Before we all put on sleep masks and ear plugs for the day to avoid spoilers about who wins today’s Women’s Gymnastics All-Around Final, let’s take a closer look at one of the favorites. 16-year-old Gabby Douglas flew (quite literally) onto our radar at the Olympic trials, where she edged out reigning world champ and teammate Jordyn Wieber for the #1 spot. At 4’11”, G-Dougs is the shortest shorty on the team, but her presence is huge and we can’t wait to watch her battle it out with fellow superstar Aly Raisman tonight for the gold.

1. Gabby was nicknamed the “Flying Squirrel” by National Team Coordinator/Legend Márta Károlyi for her soaring abilities on the uneven bars.

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The 25 Most Insane Photos From The Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Here in Los Angeles I’m waiting to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on TV in a few hours. But over in London it sure looks like they’re having a supercalifragilicious expialadocious good time. Chimney sweeps! Ravers! Children jumping on beds! Giant Voldemort-like puppets ready to eat you alive! It’s like Harry Potter and Mary Poppins met up with The Clash for the world’s weirdest acid trip. Here’s 25 of the most insane Opening Cermonies moments so far. USA! USA!

(And check out the 50 Hottest Olympians Blazing London This Summer, too!)

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These Are The Most UnMatthew McConaughey Matthew McConaughey Photos We Have Ever Seen

Matthew McConaughey Unrecognizable With Wife Camila Alves

Guys…what? That is Matthew McConaughey escorting the lovely pregnant Camila Alves to the Killer Joe premiere in New York last night, right? If we didn’t know better, we’d have guessed it was Oscars producer Brian Graser. Or E.T. Or something a grizzled sea captain would whittle out of a piece of driftwood. We guess what we’re saying is, everyone has that one angle that doesn’t work in photographs. So what do you do if your head suddenly has 30 more angles than it normally does?

But don’t worry, everybody. No need to dust off your VHS copy of For The Love of Nancy just yet. McConaughey’s drastic new look is just due to weightloss for his upcoming role as HIV patient Ron Woodruff in the biopic The Dallas Buyers Club; after contracting the illness in the ’80s, Woodruff went on to start an underground AIDS/HIV support network. “I’m losing some weight,” the actor told Larry King on his new webseries Larry King Now last week. “I’ve got a role coming up in the middle of September. I’ve lost about 15 pounds, I’ve gotta lose about 15 more.” Added McConaughey, “I should not look healthy by the time I’m doing this.” We’ll say! The man can’t look unrecognizable in every photo…can he?

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Celebs Are Make Sure They’re Looking Chic For The Geeks –Like Us!– At Comic-Con

We’re about halfway through Day 2 of of Comic-Con 2012, but it already feels like we’ve had a week’s worth of news. From the Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 panel yesterday (squee!) to the release of the new trailer for Oz: The Great & Powerful to Dawn of the Con and our chat with Rob Zombie, it’s been a whirlwind experience already. While you should be following us at @vh1celebrity to keep up with all the great stuff that our own Sabrina Rojas-Weiss and Kate Spencer are spotting in the huge hallways of the convention center, here’s a few examples of the star wattage —Michelle Williams! Taylor Lautner! The (Former) Governator!—that’s descended upon San Diego this weekend.

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Exclusive: That Time I Talked To Rob Zombie About His “Cool” Friend Kristen Stewart

Here’s one of those short but sweet moments that can only happen here at Comic-Con. I spent yesterday morning and afternoon very frantically covering Breaking Dawn, but I assumed I was done with Twilight for a bit when I rolled into PetCo Park for VH1 Classic’s Dawn of the Con party. Not so! My first interview was with Rob Zombie, and for some reason the first thing we talked about as the cameras started to roll was…Kristen Stewart. Yes, I seem to bring Twilight with me wherever I go!

“She’s cool,” said Mr. Zombie before sharing the details of how they met through her BFF Scout Taylor Compton. “It’s not that great of a story,” said Rob. Aw, I still think it’s cute! Check out the clip above – and follow all our Comic-Con coverage here!

[And yes, I know there are no vampire teeth in the Twilight saga…sometimes nerves can make weird things pop out of my mouth. D’oh!]

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Off the Court and Onto the Red Carpet: The 20 Most Fabulous Athletes at the ESPY Awards

Want to see some fresh faces on the red carpet? Well, athletes like Maria Sharapova and Danica Patrick left their rackets and racecars behind last night while they attended the ESPYs in Los Angeles. We counted down the best dressed celebs from last night’s star-studded event, but we also want to show you tons of athletes got all glammed up and looked completely stunning at the award night!

As much as we love watching our fave football players —those tight white pants!— running around on the field, Tim TebowDrew Brees and Victor Cruz sure do clean up well! We love any opportunity to see athletes strut their stuff in their red carpet best and they definitely did not let us down.

We barely even recognized some of these athletes without a ball or surfboard in hand. Check out the gallery below to see them getting down with their glam selves as well as wearing their game faces!

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ESPN’s Body Issue Confirms That We Want An Athlete’s Body

ESPN‘s fourth annual Body Issue is out and we are all drooling over this year’s athletes. Honestly, who even knew that the human body was capable of looking like this? The English dictionary needs to seriously be updated to include a word that fully defines just how really, really ridiculously good looking these champions are, because calling them “toned” or “hot” seems like the understatements of the century. Regardless of their sport, from golfing to surfing to running, these athletes show how exercise does miracles for one’s physique and confirm that we all need to really start using our gym memberships…or better yet, purchase a gym membership.

While looking at ESPN‘s photos may make you want to never wear a bikini again, don’t lose all hope: these sports’ superstars actually give us a pretty refreshing view on body image. Rather, viewing their bodies as machines that must perform at the highest level possible, the Olympians seem more accepting of their figures and less concerned about their weight — it’s really refreshing to see bodies in a magazine that aren’t stick thin. Check out what some of these athletes have to say about their bodies. It seems some of them have more than just athletic skill but also have a pretty good knack for inspiring and entertaining us.

Maya Gabeira: “Most women are afraid of being too strong. When you surf, your muscles get bigger, especially your shoulders.”

Danell Leyva: “After I’m done training, all I want to do is eat a huge meal and go to bed. But sometimes I think about trying to get better abs.”

Tyson Chandler: “I’m pretty much a normal person’s size — just stretched out.”

Abby Wambach: “Female athletes are getting very, very thin, but I’m a bigger woman — I have bigger muscles, and that’s OK.”

Maurice Jones-Drew: “I’m a cross between the Hulk and Iron Man.”

Carlos Bocanegra: “We hear from members of the opposite sex that they enjoy our legs.”

Ronda Rousey: “People made fun of my arms and called me ‘Miss Man.’ It wasn’t until I got older that I realized: These people are idiots. I’m fabulous.”

Jose Bautista: “It’s pretty funny that people think I’m supposed to have big arms just because I hit home runs.”

Candace Parker: “The last time I was on the cover [in 2009], I was pregnant, so it’s nice to see the body transform.”

Megan Hodge: “The bodies are different because the positions we have are so different. You have little people, tall people, big, skinny — you have everything.”

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