Did Project Runway‘s Nina Garcia Have A Bad Botox Reaction?

Page Six posted a blind item this morning about a reality show judge that missed two episodes of her show thanks to a bad reaction botox reaction (supposedly her face “swelled up like a cauliflower”). Dlisted thinks it’s Project Runway‘s Nina Garcia, and—unless someone can think of another reality show judge that was AWOL for two episodes recently, Scandalist is inclined to agree. She looked fine upon her return, though, so she must have made it through the wrinkle-smoothening storm—if it even happened at all!


2008 Emmys: TV’s Finest Brains (And Bodies)

Tina Fey not only took home Emmys for Best Actress and Outstanding Writing, but her NBC sitcom 30 Rock was named Best Comedy. Clearly, Fey ruled the night by being one of television’s most gifted brains. But it wasn’t just brains that were on display at the 60th Annual Emmy Awards — there was also a battle of beauty on the red carpet. Browse pics of hotties from Mad Men, 30 Rock, Desperate Housewives and other shows.


Afternoon Snack: T&A

A latex-clad Nicole Scherzinger showed up at the Vodafone Live Music Awards in London looking more like Catwoman than the singer of the Pussycat Dolls.


5 Summer Fashion Fads We Hope Will Never Return

Every so often we’ll rattle off five things that happen to be on our minds. Things we love, things we hate, things we love to hate.  And whatever else is bothering us. Enjoy!

1. Shiny Leggings

Oh, the legging. We thought they were left for dead in the ’80s, but recently they’ve made quite the comeback! Today they are more adventurous – superhero adventurous. Enter the shiny rubber/leather/pleather legging sometimes complete with knee-pads. Cause you never know when you’ll need to, um, get down on your knees? Lohan, away! [Photos: Shiny leggings]

2. The Summer Scarf

While we can see a need for the summer scarf in places like hmmmm… Napakiak, Alaska, this summer fad is mostly the colorful creator of unnecessary neck sweat. [Photos: Summer Scarves]

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Tom, Protesters Steal Katie’s Spotlight

Poor Katie Holmes. She worked so hard rolling her jeans half way up her leg and cutting her hair all fugly, just so we’d notice her. And now after months of walking in and out of some theater dressed all frumpy, her big night finally arrived! She’s in a real ol’ Broadway play! She’s the star! People might even buy tickets! But then look who steals the spotlight away from our girl: Tommy Cruise and a bunch of creepy protesters. Katie, looking particularly sallow and hollow-eyed, hovered behind her man as he signed autographs and grinned at the crowd as they left the restaurant after celebrating her first performance. He should have just married the spotlight instead. [Photos: FilmMagic, GettyImages.]

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Young Hollywood Takes Itself Too Seriously

Last night all of Hollywood’s tweenage royalty stepped out in shoes we can’t afford to attend the 6th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party. We’ve gathered the pics below so you can marvel at how unfair it is that sixteen year old girls get to wear better clothes than you. The most exciting things of the night – according to our eyes – were Zac Efron‘s bizarrely styled hair (it reminds us of the number we’d do on our bangs in 1989 with a comb and some L.A. Looks hair gel) and the strange faces Rumer Willis was making. Can’t imagine it in your head? Check out our GIF above to give you an idea of what she was bringin’. More pics that taunt your closet below. [Photos: GettyImages]

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CoCo’s A Cover Girl – And Her Butt’s The Star

Ice-T‘s wife Coco (her real name is  Nicole Austin, which is almost hotter in that Playboy, fake tits sorta way) is straight up hot. Her butt, however huge, is hot. Her breasts, in all their surgical glory, are bangin’. Her synthetic golden mane is sent straight from the heavens (or a factory) and there is not an ounce of cellulite to be founded on her crispy skin. So of course, she needs her own special place to to flaunt this perfection. Behold – CoCo magazine! Yes, this is a real thing (see our imagined version above), but we’re unclear if this publication is a one-off, or something we can look forward to each month in our mailbox. Regardless, there’s no question about what the new publication will cover – she’s on every single page.  [The Sun]


Aubrey O’Day Takes Slutty Shots, Says Not A Slut

Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day is on the cover of Complex Magazine this month — wearing little more than a bra, down on all-fours and hanging off a stripper pole — talking about what a slut she isn’t. Of the many revelations in the interview: she loves porn, prefers dirty texting to having sex and disses Cassie and Diddy – implying they’re in a relationship. Some of the gems:

On dirty texting:
When you’re at dinner and you are listening to everybody but you’re actually writing some dirty shit, I love it! I’m so into that.

On her porn preference: I usually watch black guys doing white girls, that’s my little fetish, even though in real life race isn’t a factor for me. Really, I’m more turned on by watching the girls than the guys. I love someone who looks like they’re really into sex.

Check out to read the rest of her racy interview.

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Janet Jackson’s Concert Is An S&M Packed Sex Orgy

You know when a performer tries to stage a comeback but the only way he or she knows how to generate attention for said comeback is by doing something bizarrely sexual to the point that it makes everyone watching uncomfortable? Well friends, meet Janet Jackson, the sex freak. Her new tour (check out pics of it above and below), which debuted last night in Los Angeles, is called Rock Witchu, but clearly it should be renamed F*ck Witchu. Apparently, the dude strapped to that sex contraption was pulled from the audience. At least he got his money’s worth! We’re assuming he’s some sort of plant, but if not, that dude is sitting in therapy right now, shaking – probably with that face mask still on.

[Photos: Splash News Online]


The 10 Most Scandalist Girl Groups

Girls, girls, girls. Pop divas can be bad enough alone, but put into packs, the real drama is unleashed. The upcoming release of the Pussycat Dolls brand new album got us thinking about some of the more scandal-ridden girl groups. From meth addiction to a home-made porno, check out our list of the girl groups with the most inter-band strife.