Celebrities Are Addicted To Ink

Tony Parker is the latest celebrity to get inked. The San Antonio Spurs forward debuted a “Nine” on his hand (see close-up shot at right), which matches wife Eva Longoria‘s “Nine” tattoo on her neck. The couple of one year now both have Tony’s basketball number tattooed on their bodies.

Check out our massive gallery of celebrities who got inked, including Chris Brown, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Tila Tequila, Kelly Osbourne, Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johansson, Eliot Spitzer‘s call girl and many others.

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Can Amy Winehouse Get Any Worse?

Um, judging from her appearance last night in at her DJing gig in Camden, we think not. [Photos: Splash News Online, FilmMagic]


Battle of the Asses

Earlier this week, the UK announced their pick for Rear of the Year 2008, a charity event for “Jeans for Genes.” We’re not familiar with the winner (actress Jenifer Ellison), but the discussion of hot heinies across the pond sparked a heated debate among Scandalist staff, prompting us to compare British behinds and American ass.

Check out both nations’ finest and weigh in:

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Meet Brody Jenner’s Latest Conquest: Playmate Of The Year Jayde Nicole

What do you think, is Jayde Nicole a step up from Kristen Cavallari, Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad?

Amazingly, hot women seem to be attracted to the douchebag factory that is Brody Jenner. We’ve never quite understood what is so attractive about a dude who loves throwing down peace signs, tattooing his name on his body, and Spencer Pratt – but chicks seem to dig it. But his latest lady is of a respectable pedigree – Playboy! She’s not just any old Playmate, she’s the Playmate of the Year 2008. Doesn’t she seem to be a little too good for a dude about to star in a show called Bromance?

On second thought – she apparently has the word “respect” tattooed right above her vadge. Sounds like a perfect match!

[Photos: Getty Images, FilmMagic]

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An Alba Grows in Brooklyn

Well look what we have here. Jessica Alba was spotted yesterday apartment shopping in Brooklyn while awkwardly holding her baby at the same time! Celebs are so good at multitasking. She even dragged a bodyguard around with her the whole time, as Jess apparently has not yet learned that Brooklynites don’t give a crap about stars shacking up in their cozy hoods. Just ask Michelle Williams – she’s got an Oscar nod and cute kid, yet we all act like she’s not even there. That’s the New York way.

Curbed reported back in June, 2007 that Alba was checking out a building on the Lower East Side of Manhattan (where Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson bump uglies when they’re in town). Interestingly enough, that same company now has a new development in Park Slope, Brooklyn – is this the spot Jess was checking out?

Token “stars, they want to be just like us” momentJessica took the subway to Brooklyn.

[Photos: Splash News Online]


9021-Orange Juice And Vodka, Ms. Taylor?! (Episode 2 Recap)

OK so it’s Episode Two and Naomi has daddy issues, Silver has mommy issues and Dixon can, like, totally understand because he’s adopted and has spent a lot of time around drunk people!

Naomi — the apparent butt of the 90210 stylist’s joke — changes from her all-denim jumper (shorts?!!?) into a more, um, sophisticated silk pantsuit with matching pantaloons and Bride of Frankenstein hair to discover her father is a cheater and her mother doesn’t care! Thankfully this scene allows her pill-popping, severe-banged best friend to deliver the best line of the night:

Naomi: “You sound pitchy.”
Pill-Popper: “Uh, You sound bitchy!”

Hilarious, right? Cue Naomi’s signature horse-faced whinny!

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Afternoon Snack: Phoebe Price’s Thong

Some people may know model Phoebe Price as an actress (remember her appearance on The X-Files? Neither do we.) and others may know her for her perfume (ever put on Phoebe’s Phantasy? Neither have we.). But she’s probably best known for being an attention whore. Why is someone with only a few credits to their name showing up at red carpet events around the world? Perhaps wardrobe stunts like this keep her “career” going.

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Jessica Simpson: Frumpy Outfits, Fugly Faces

Jessica Simpson showed up to perform on Good Morning America yesterday (pictured, left) dressed like a QVC host who makes a living hawking porcelain dolls to grandmothers in Arkansas. Technical difficulties (besides her voice) plagued the performance, causing her to stick her tongue out as if she were licking an invisible ice cream cone (or something else we’re too classy to reference).

Over the past few weeks, Jessica’s been out and about contorting her face while flaunting a wardrobe that’s straight off the Fashion Barn sale rack. Check her out below screeching in concert in a eyelet lace corset, flannel and chunk bejeweled belt. It’s a look best left to the Warrant groupies of yesteryear, but Jess can’t control herself (or her tongue). It’s not that we want to admire Ashlee as the best-dressed Simpson, but Jessica is leaving us no choice.

Proof below.

[Photos: Getty Images]


Miley Cyrus Reminds Us She’s Only 15

Miley Cyrus stocked up on her #2 pencils and notebooks yesterday to get ready for another year of school (albeit with a private tutor), which reminds us that her life isn’t just red carpets, dance-offs, and Jonas Brothers. While the Office Depot footage may not be as arousing as her scantily clad candids, it’s certainly refreshing to see her behaving as a normal teenager entering sophomore year.

Below are more photos of Miley shopping for school supplies, as well as some of her looking decidedly more, um, precocious. [Photos: Splash News Online and Getty Images]

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12 Reasons Not To Feel Sorry For Tom Brady

At first, like the rest of the nation, we felt bad when we heard the news that Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady will miss the entire season after the Chiefs tore up his knee. But then we came up with 12 off-the-field activities to help Brady idle away the time — and manning the Patriots’ spygate camera isn’t one of them. Believe us, you don’t need to feel bad for him. View the photos to see why.