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Lindsay And Samantha Match Tattoos, Louis Vuitton

If there are still any questions lurking about whether these two are a couple, they should all come to a halt with the debut of Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson‘s matching Louis Vuitton luggage. I mean really – does it get more adorable and couple-y (and bourgie) than that? Apparently so – the pair has even be sporting matching tattoos – Sam got the same heart Lindsay has on her hand, and Linds is now rocking a red star similar to those an Samantha’s arm. Next up – one pair of leggings that the two share. Don’t ask how that’ll work – just trust us. [E! Online]

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Cindy Crawford: Still Bangin’ After All These Years

Cindy Crawford has attached herself to popular culture as securely as that gorgeous little mole on her upper right lip. From the moment she burst on the stylish scene, looking gorgeous while delivering slightly awkward lines on MTV’s House of Style twenty years ago, she became the chick all the girls want to be, and the guys want.

At 42, it’s evident that Cindy’s just as foxy as she ever was. These shots were snapped last week while Cindy was on vacation with George Clooney and her husband Rande Gerber on Cloon’s yacht in Saint-Tropez.

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Wardrobe Malfunction: Katie’s Jean Joke

Someone (Suri? Oprah? The ghost of L. Ron Hubbard?) needs to inform Katie Holmes that, despite her pixie cut and new Big Apple lifestyle, she just ain’t Audrey Hepburn. Nor is she Molly Ringwald, though we’re sure any of her precocious 80’s characters would love Katie’s cuffed jeans (Wish we could say the same about her boobs! 16 Candles zing!).

Just in case Katie is checking out Scandalist while on break from her rehearsals, we’d thought we’d create a handy list of what we adore/abhor about her outfit so she could make the appropriate changes asap.

We love:

  • That she seems to only own one pair of those distressed roller jeans, which means that either Tom has cut her off from the cash or she’s not confident enough in her fashion sense to buy 50 more pairs.

We hate:

  • The very obvious attempt at starting a trend, after a stylist surely insisted she do so.
  • Her super short hair – precious on some (Selma Blair, for starters), severe on robots.
  • The Ed Westwick styled scarf. Because it is hot outside, and if it were not, that scarf would do nothing to protect from the cold (much less an appearance on a Worst Dressed List).

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Desperation Never Looked So Hot

Oh girl-kissing, how we never weary of your tempting ways. We’ve seen it a billion times – mostly around 2AM at Senor Frogs on a foggy spring break trip after tequila shots – and the outcome is always the same: the girls involved get a bunch of attention and grab a little boob, while the rest of the world gets all horny watching.

Needless to say, this was a great game plan for Aubrey O’Day (the most plastic of the Danity Kane girls) and socialite-turned scarecrow-turned actress Lydia Hearst, who put on quite a show outside Butter in NYC last night. Surely they were hoping for some “are they or aren’t they!” buzz a la Lindsay and Sam, but O’Day’s already proven herself to be publicity hungry, BFFing it up with Jenna Jameson and supposedly spreading rumors (and then squashing them) about a hook-up with her Hairspray co-star, Ashley Parker Angel. Still, we can’t help but watch as these two blond bobble heads go at it. They win.

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#100: Winona Ryder Likes To Steal

After stealing a handful of rock stars from their long-term paramours (Remember Soul Asylum‘s Dave Pirner? Neither do we), Winona Ryder revealed that she also had a penchant for stealing high-end couture, after getting busted for shoplifting at a Beverly Hills Saks in December 2001. Surveillance cameras caught the then-30-year-old star acting about half her age, as she tried to slip out of the store with more than $6,000 worth of merchandise.

The cherry on top of this mess: painkillers were found in Winona’s purse. A prescription for them was not. Suddenly, her brief but very public association with Courtney Love around that time made a lot more sense. Winona subsequently treated her arrest as, like, no big deal. She poked fun at the whole episode during a bizarre stint as the host of Saturday Night Live (“I love free stuff!”), and appeared on the cover of W magazine wearing one of those “Free Winona” t-shirts. Kids, they never learn.


#96: The Myth That Mick Jagger Ate Candy Out Of Marianne Faithful’s Vagina

Nowadays the Rolling Stones look like something out of The Nightmare Before Christmas. In 1967, though, the “Gimme Shelter” rockers were Public Enemy No. One, thanks to their affinity for sex and drugs. It was only a matter of time before the cops came knocking. Following a tip-off from the tabloid press, 20 police officers raided Keith Richards‘ Redlands estate in England. Richards and Mick Jagger were charged with possession of LSD and other narcotics, but the raid became legendary for a candy bar involving singer Marianne Faithful.

Cops on the scene swore they interrupted Jagger eating a Mars Bar wedged into his girlfriend’s holiest of holies before hauling him away for possession. “A cop’s idea of what people do on acid!” sniffed Faithfull, denying all in her autobiography. Even so, the story remains one of rock’s most celebrated myths. — Charles Bottomley


#89: Vanessa Anne Hudgens’ Nude Photos

Vanessa Hudgens became a hit with the tween set by starring in Disney’s wildly popular made-for-TV movie series High School Musical, but it wasn’t until her nudie pics hit the Internet that she became a household name. In the most notorious photo, a full-frontal naked shot, taken when Vanessa was only 15 years old, she’s standing erect with her legs spread open suggestively and a sassy, coming-of-age smile on her face.

Landing on computer screens worldwide on September 6, ’07 (just a few days before HSM 2 premiered on TV), the photos made national headlines and dashed Vanessa’s G-rated image almost overnight. To combat the media scrutiny, she apologized to the public: “I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos.” Turns out, Vanessa photographed herself in her bedroom and supposedly sent the pornographic results to torture a boy toy that she’d dumped. “It was like she was saying: ‘Look what you’re going to miss,'” her then-boyfriend Adam O’Neal told The National Enquirer.

Disney stuck by its star, and Vanessa’s career is now on fire. Not only does she endorse Marc Ecko‘s clothing line, but she has a second pop album in the works and is landing Hollywood roles. In fact, she’s set to play a 15-year-old girl who gets tangled up in a romance in Will. When the movie’s released next year, she’ll be 21. So this time you can look.

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#85: Mariah Carey’s TRL Meltdown

By 2001, Mariah Carey‘s star was so big it was destined to burst, but who knew the diva would spur her own implosion?! Maybe the endless #1 hits drove her mad, or her divorce from Tommy Mottola. Maybe her heels were just too high that day. Regardless, Mimi showed up on MTV’s TRL in July 2001 pushing an ice-cream cart — and managed to be the only thing to melt down.

Sporting little more than a T-shirt, Mariah handed out popsicles to the baffled crowd as she began a bizarre striptease (supposedly to promote her soon-to-be flop film Glitter), yanking off her tee to reveal a skimpy tank and booty shorts. “I just want one day off when I can go swimming and eat ice cream and look at rainbows,” she slurred as she sexed up the teenaged crowd. She followed this strange display with rambling voicemails on her website revealing she was “a little too paranoid about life. … What I’d like to do is just a take a little break or at least get one night of sleep … guess what, I don’t take care of myself.” Later that month she got her wish when she was hospitalized for “exhaustion.” After switching labels and taking some time off, Mariah reclaimed her status with the hit albums The Emancipation of Mimi and E=MC2 and her marriage to the much-younger hottie Nick Cannon — proving in the end that a little bit of craziness never hurts.

In 2007, she opened up about her ordeal, telling Interview, “I consider the breakdown a breakthrough. I needed to hit rock bottom. … But was I out of control at that moment? Yes.”

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#82: Diddy Midtown Shooting Trial

By the late nineties, Diddy, then know as Puff Daddy, had already endured his share of scandals, mixed with massive success. After thriving as an intern-turned-executive at Uptown Records, he jumped shipped to start his own label, Bad Boy, which launched countless hip-hop stars. Diddy also found fame as a rapper, and was soon wildly partying in Hollywood, the Hamptons, and St. Tropez. Bad Boy’s growing rivalry with West Coast label Death Row exploded with the 1997 shooting of Biggie Smalls. It seemed as if Biggie’s tragic death (and that of Tupac Shakur) would inspire Diddy to finally drop the drama and settle down.

Instead, he hopped in bed with bombshell Jennifer Lopez, who was quickly rising to the top of the tabloids as a talented triple-threat. On December 27, 1999, the pair was out at Club New York in Manhattan with Diddy’s crew, when gunfire broke out. The mogul, along with his then-protégé Shyne, was arrested after his driver turned him in, accusing his boss of attempting to bribe him into taking the weapon used in the shooting. The seven-week trial in 2001 hogged headlines across the country. Diddy, obviously exhausted, was shaking as the jury handed down their decision: acquittal. (Shyne‘s fate wasn’t nearly as blessed; he was found guilty of weapons charges and assault, and landed in jail.)

Diddy later declared that the two-year ordeal had “made me deeper.” It also turned him back into a single man — he and J. Lo parted ways a few weeks later.


#20: Anna Nicole Smith’s Death

Playboy model. Senior citizen sex toy. The unholy love child of Marilyn Monroe and the Michelin Man. Anna Nicole Smith was created so the world could marvel at just how messed up one person could get and still not be Britney Spears. Just ask anybody who owns The Anna Nicole Show: The Complete Series on DVD.

The dust seemed to have cleared after the death of Smith’s 20-year-old son Daniel, from an overdose of prescription pills and methodone, and her commitment ceremony to lawyer and long-time pal Howard K. Stern. Then Smith’s lifeless body was found in a Florida hotel room in February 2007. The autopsy showed she had suffered an accidental overdose of prescription medication — none of which had actually been prescribed to her. Then things got really weird.

Stern took custody of Smith’s infant daughter Dannielynn, whose paternity was contested by ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead. After a court battle and DNA test proving Birkhead was the father, Stern surrendered custody. Then a book alleged that Birkhead and Stern were really lovers. And then our heads exploded. — Charles Bottomley