Ping-Pong Summer

by (@shalapitcher)

Susan Sarandon Aims To Make ’80s Ping-Pong Movie

In Jeff, Who Lives at Home, Susan Sarandon plays a woman trying to get her grown son out of her basement. In real life, the actress is devoted to bringing an age-old basement sport, ping-pong, out into the open. She’s already the co-owner of the Manhattan ping-pong club SPiN, and last year she donated $98,500 to bring the sport to New York City public schools. But what about melding the pastime with her day job and making a movie?

“I have a script that might be done in September that someone came to me with, that I’m looking into,” she told VH1 News, describing the story as “The Karate Kid with ping-pong.” But this doesn’t sound anything like the last ping-pong movie to bounce off the screen, the critically panned Balls of Fury.
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