Pink Defends Carey Hart’s Parenting Skills

Singer Pink and her husband Carey Hart are in the hot seat this morning after sharing photos of the father taking his daughter for a BMX ride. Hart celebrated his daughter’s first motorcycle ride with an Instagram pic. However, people were upset that she was not seen wearing a helmet. Read more…

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Whet Your Appetite For P!nk’s VH1 Storytellers Episode With A 45-Image Retrospective Of Her Best Beauty Looks

Beauty Retrospective P!nk: VH1 Storytellers

Two down, one to go! We hope you enjoyed Taylor Swift‘s VH1 Storytellers episode on Sunday and Alicia Keys slot on Monday. We’re finishing up strong as well with the final piece on P!nk which is on today at 11 p.m. EST. We know it’s going to be amazing and we wanted you to be just as jazzed as we are so we decided to bring you a fun little — well, not so little — retrospective of P!nk’s past beauty looks. The 45 images stretch as far back as 2000 and fan over her many different experimentations with hair and makeup. From candyfloss pink hair, to jet black, to platinum, then silver, bright green to blue — the singer’s done it all. We’ve seen P!nk as glamorous, goth and gorgeous and everything in between. We’ve loved her pompadours, her quiffs. her fauxhawks and her zany makeup tricks employed over the years — no one does a smoky, intense cat eye like she can. And what better way to show our love, than to put them all together in one place so we can gawp at her whenever we want. Don’t forget to tune in today!

VH1 Storytellers is highlighting three amazing ladies in three days, beginning with Taylor on Sunday; Alicia on Monday ; and wrapping up with P!nk, on Tuesday at 11 p.m. EST.

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Let’s Play Celebrity Manicure! We Give You The Nail Art, You Guess The Star It Belongs To!

Guess The Celebrity Manicure

It was so much fun showing you Katy Perry‘s Top 20 Nail-Art Designs last week. We were inspired to do another round as we’re not quite done showing you fabulous tip tricks, so to speak! We know you’ve marvelled at some pretty awesome nail-art along with us over the years. Celebrities do tend to go all out with their manis before big events, just like La Perry. So here’s a fun little game we’ve put together for you. It’ll only work if you don’t cheat by clicking ahead. We’ve got pictures of some incredible nail-art but you’ll only find out which star the design belongs to by clicking on the next picture. See what we mean … you really can’t cheat or else the big reveal will be ruined. We’ve even given you handy little hints to make the guessing easier. Come and play with us! Start by clicking on the first picture in the gallery below. Have fun!

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Elisabetta Canalis And Pink Celebrate PETA With Plunging Necklines

Elisabetta Canalis, Pink PETA "Stand up for Animals" party

This PETA Stand Up for Animals bash went down at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood last night. It was a celebration all right, thanks to Elisabetta Canalis and Pink. Both have been on the down low recently, and we haven’t really seen much of them. Elisabetta vanished for a bit after splitting with George Clooney. There was that bit in the middle where we thought that she was dating Mehcad Brooks. Then there was that question of whether or not Elisabetta was dating Steve-O. And before all of that, there was a short-lived stint on Dancing With the Stars. These registered as blips on the radar compared to the time that she was dating the silver fox. (George, guys. Not Anderson Cooper!)

Then we have Pink, who took some mommy time off after giving birth to baby girl Willow, and was recently laid up after having her gallbladder removed. So, when these two ladies turned up at the PETA event, our first reaction was “Woah” and the second was “Woah, look at those necklines!” Pink’s pre-baby body is back, as you can tell from that black slinky number with the plunging neckline. Elisabetta’s body didn’t go anywhere and is still bodacious, as you can tell by her plunging neckline. But, who was more cleavage-tastic? We can’t decide!

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Pink And Carey Hart Release The First Official Shot Of Baby Willow

We were so excited when Pink had her baby girl three weeks ago. We also love the poetic name the new parents decided on — Willow Sage Hart. It goes without saying that we were dying to see what she looked like, and our wait, happily, stopped today! Pink, Willow and Carey Hart cover People‘s issue, out tomorrow on stands. This is their first official portrait together as a new family and we have to say — baby Willow is pretty darn adorable.

This photograph was taken on June 9, when Willow was just a week old! Melt, right? The baby looks like she gave no trouble at all at the shoot, because as Pink said, “Willow is a pro! Or else she is borderline narcoleptic like her daddy – she slept the whole time.” Congratulations again to the rookie parents!

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Pink Gives Birth To A Baby Girl!

Pink‘s given birth to a baby girl and we’re sending our heartiest congratulations to the new mom and dad Carey Hart. Little Willow Sage Hart arrived in the world yesterday by C-section at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Even though she was reportedly a breached baby, a source reveals, “Everything went exactly to plan and Pink and Carey are absolutely thrilled. Willow is gorgeous. Pink is recovering from the C-section and will stay in hospital till Monday.”

If you don’t want to take the source’s word for it, take Pink’s who tweeted just a few hours ago, “We are ecstatic to welcome our new beautiful healthy happy baby girl, Willow Sage Hart. She’s gorgeous, just like her daddy. #beyondblessed”. We think it’s a gorgeous name for a baby and Pink’s going to be one kick-ass mamma! We can’t wait to see pictures of Willow, and top marks to her parents for picking a lyrical, but normal baby name!

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Pregnant Pink Parties At The Lincoln Lawyer Premiere

Judi Dench, you rascal! That’s one lowwww-cut muumuu for a septuagenarian, damn! Woops, it turns out the gray-haired cleavage flasher at the Lincoln Lawyer premiere in LA last night was the quite pregnant Pink, who might want to consider a different hair color if she’s going go Golden Girls in her wardrobe as well. The stars of Matthew McConaughey‘s (hopeful) dramatic comeback  film were there as well—including Ryan Phillippe, whose girlfriend Amanda Seyfried must have been busy hawking her own flick, Red Riding Hood. See photos of all the stars in the gallery below—and where can we get our hands on Mateo’s silver suit? Sharp!

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Christina Aguilera Public Intoxication Mugshot Out

Thank you E! for Christina Aguilera‘s mugshot! As you all know, the singer and her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, were arrested early yesterday morning on charges of  public drunkenness. Rutler also got booked for a DUI. Now apparently, this mugshot wasn’t going to be released to the public because authorities aren’t planning to press charges, but as many things do in Hollywood, it got out anyway. This isn’t helping her case exactly, with all the reports of Christina’s excessive drinking and her meltdowns doing the rounds.

The L.A. Sheriff’s Department’s rep Steve Whitmore had commented that Aguilera was quite cooperative during her arrest and “not belligerent in anyway whatsoever” through the process. For someone who was that hammered, we also have to say, that mugshot isn’t half-bad at all. Her hair looks fine, and make-up isn’t too smudged and she doesn’t seem to have a case of drunk-eye! But it’s like what Pink tweeted, “Out of Myself, Britney, and Christina- didn’t everyone think I was gonna be the troublemaker? LOOK MA!!! No CUFFS!!!” What do you say, guys? Is Christina on a downward spiral? What’s your verdict on her mugshot?

[Photo via E! Online]

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Colorful Pregnant Pink Is On A Photography Mission

Pink‘s taking this photography thing quite seriously, but this time she’s not schooling the paparazzi. But before we get into what she was up to in these pictures here, can we just take a second and look at what she’s wearing? It’s like the technicolor dreamcoat of dresses! And hello, baby bump! She’s getting bigger by the day!

This particular excursion has Pink and her camera at Santa Monica pier and beach. She had brought her Mom along, who also turned out to be her subject for that day. Mother Judy Moore, was the muse of many shots that afternoon. We think that’s adorable! And yes, we really love that dress. It has personality, just like the woman wearing it.

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Pink Tweets Her Own Baby Bump Pics

Pregnant Pink is staying out of the limelight at the moment, but she’s not going to let aggressive paps be the ones to show off her expanding baby bump—not when she’s been taking photography lessons anyway. “ALRIGHT…because paparazzi of today have absolutely no photographic skill or artistry whatsoever, and their pictures are hideous,” Pink tweeted to introduce her belly-centric shot. “I’m going to post a self-portrait I took yesterday morning for all of you asking to see belly shots. 3 wks ofphoto classes for me…and I am already a far better photographer than any one of them…”

While it’s definitely a cooler pic than we’ll see from the paps, it’s hard to tell just how big she’s gotten. If the point was to cut the media off at the pass, we’d call this a fail—there’s still going to be a market for shots of Pink pregnant with her first child. But as far as attempts to subvert the tabloids go, it’s a very pretty one!

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