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Halloween Horror Viewing: 12 Kids’ Movie Moments That Still Scare The Crap Out Of Us

Scariest Kid's Movie Moments Ever

It’s Halloween season, the time of year when we watch all of those super scary movies that guarantee we sleep with the light on until Thanksgiving. But not all horror flicks have blood and guts. Some of them are right there in the kid’s section next to the Yo Gabba Gabba DVDs! Yes, the most terrifying things we have ever seen have come directly from movies we saw as little kids. No matter how many decades go by, we will never be ready for these G-rated terrors!

We’re older now and more mature, and finally able to come out from under our blankeys and stand up for ourselves. So now we’d like to say what we’ve been meaning to say to the makers of these films for years: What the f–, you guys!? We were kids for god’s sake, and we trusted you to make light and entertaining movies for us. What the hell we you doing tricking us into watching this stuff!? Jerks. We’ve already done the 7 Most Traumatic Pixar Movie Moments list, so now join us as we count down the 12 scariest kid’s movie scenes of all time. Come on, do it. It’s all part of the healing process.

12. Willy Wonka Takes A (Boat) Trip

Jeez, did Wonka lace the candy with LSD? What the hell was in that mushroom? All we know is that the slug moving across the person’s face is probably the only thing in this movie more unsettling than Oompa Loompas.

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Daniel Radcliffe Wants To Be A Part Of Guillermo Del Toro’s Extremely Weird Pinocchio Remake

Daniel Racliffe Wants A Part In Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio

When the man behind Pan’s Labyrinth and The Orphanage decides to make a 3-D stop-motion Pinocchio remake, you just know it’s going to be a lot more odd and unsettling than the classic Disney kids movie. So why not add a dash of Daniel Radcliffe and make it downright bizarre? Director Guillermo Del Toro bragged  to an audience at the Cannes Film Festival this week that the Harry Potter star expressed an interest in “getting involved” in the film, presumably as the voice of the wooden boy himself. Did we mention singer Tom Waits is probably going to be Geppetto? Sure, why wouldn’t he be? Makes those creepy, donkey-riddled Pleasure Island scenes in the Disney Pinocchio seem downright normal! Just kidding, of course! That island will haunt us forever. Why were those boys all smoking cigars? That ain’t right!

Del Toro is also hoping to snag Christopher Walken for the film’s malevolent fox villain. The director vowed that movie would be way more faithful to the original story, ”more surreal and slightly darker” and would be set in Italy between the World Wars. Because why wouldn’t he go all out with the desolate, terrifying aspect of a heartwarming fairytale? The Blue Fairy is going to be some sort of horrible mantis, isn’t she? Isn’t she, Del Toro?

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