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Happy Birthday, Anna Camp! Here Are All The Reasons We Want To Be Your BFF

Anna Camp
We feel so lucky to live in this era of comedy where the hot chicks aren’t relegated to sitting in the corner and looking pretty while the boys get all the funny bits. Instead, ladies like Anna Camp get to deliver jokes, throw themselves into slapstick and have real dialogue — while still looking foxy as hell. That’s probably why we have a feeling that Anna and us would make great friends. She would give us hair advice, get the cute boys to come to our tables and still be willing to get onstage to sing the entire TLC catalog with us at our bachelorette party. She’s just totally game for things like that. Or, well, here are things she’s done to make us think so:
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Rebel Wilson Horizontal-Danced, Sang And Rapped Like A Champ, Making Her #11 On Our 12 Celebs Who Dominated 2012

Rebel Wilson

We don’t have to tell you that Rebel Wilson is our unofficial girlfriend, right? Who else is both a Critics Choice nominee for Pitch Perfect and the only actress who has ever added visible pubes to her VMAs outfit? We’ve loved the 26-year-old Aussie since she first poured frozen peas on her infected tattoo in last year’s Bridesmaids, and our love has just kept growing the more we see her: killing it as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect, breaking our heart in Bachelorette and generally being a delight every time she appears on a late-night talk show. Which is a lot, because she is #11 on our list of 12 Celebs Who Dominated 2012.

Dominating Moment: When Pitch Perfect came out on October 5 and introduced us to Fat Amy, every critic had Rebel Wilson’s name laughing out of their lips. Past their lips? Laughing out of their mouths? Either way, they were praising Rebel as one of the best parts of an already excellent movie.

Dominating on Twitter: Wilson kills it on behalf of her 279,659 Twitter followers, lighting up their lives with everything from her Christmas list (“Size 16 pants with some give in them…a printer that isn’t bi-polar..Channing Tatum.”) to photos of her straddling a kangaroo.

Best Appearances: Which appearance by Rebel most warmed our hearts in 2012? It would probably be a tie between Rebel belting out Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” on Leno, interviewing her own rap alter ego for Bullett Magazine, busting out her Honey Boo Boo accent on Conan or that VMAs bikini fabulousness. Just kidding! It’s when Details declared Rebel the Next Big Thing and she got to pose with a bunch of half naked dudes. Livin’ the dream, girl!

What We Expect From Her In 2013: Uh, continuing her rocket ride to success? Duh! As of right now Rebel co-starring alongside the bodybuilding duo of Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson in next year’s Pain & Gain, and is currently set to film the TV pilot for Super Fun Night next month with PP costar Anna Camp. SFN will focus on “three nerdy female friends [who] decide to have super fun every Friday night,” so if it doesn’t get picked up, it’s only because the world has ended as the Mayan calendar foretold. Seeing as how Rebel got her start on Australian TV comedies like Bogan Pride, Pizza and Thank God You’re Here, it only makes cosmic sense Universal is currently developing a comedy feature written, produced and starring Rebel. Obviously, we expect nothing but greatness.

In case you need to soak up more of Rebel’s perfection, please enjoy our Wilson gallery below:

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The 12 Celebs Who Dominated In 2012:
12. Ryan Lochte
11. Rebel Wilson
10. Frank Ocean
9. Damian Lewis
8. Lena Dunham
7. Blue Ivy Carter
6. Matthew McConaughey
5. Channing Tatum
4. Honey Boo Boo

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Our Rebel Wilson Fan Club Expands As Universal Buys Her Comedy

Rebel Wilson

As we’ve fallen madly in love with Rebel Wilson over recent months — in a totally platonic, not stalkerish way, we swear — it’s been quite exciting to watch the rest of the world join us. The latest member of our Rebel fan club is Universal, which bought a yet-untitled comedy feature that the Pitch Perfect star will write, produce and star in, according to The Hollywood Reporter. We’re not sure how it will work into her schedule if ABC also picks up Wilson’s TV pilot, Super Fun Night, but we are sure that that one bouncer is definitely going to deny that once upon a time, he refused to let Rebel into her friend’s birthday party. Also, we really hope this movie involves singing and/or mermaid dancing.

All this Rebel love has prompted us to take a peek into the Internet to see what Rebel’s early career in Australia looked like. One of our favorite of the clips we found is actually this appearance on the Australian improv show Thank God You’re Here: Read more…

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Pitch Perfect, Butter Join Our 15 Greatest Competition Movies Of All Time

Best in Show, Drumline, Bring It On, The Hunger Games

The mark of a great competition movie is if you go into the theater either despising or not at all caring about the sport/art/craft in question and you leave promising yourself to buy tickets to the next real-life event in your area. That happened to me with Best in Show 12 years ago — I have been to at least five dog shows since then — and now I’m seriously looking into the next collegiate a cappella showdown after seeing Pitch Perfect. Will I feel the same way about Butter? We’ll see. Anyway, on the occasion of not one but two movies featuring weird but bizarrely obsessive niche contests opening this weekend, we thought we’d look back at some other faves of the genre. Some are high quality films — like Drumline, The Hunger Games and Glengarry Glen Ross. Others are pure camp — Bring It On, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Strictly Ballroom. And a few are great if you fast forward to the preparation montages and the contests/battles themselves — Breakin’, Stomp the Yard, Step Up 2 the Streets. What’s your favorite? Check out the gallery and weigh in!

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How Does Anna Kendrick’s Cup Song Stack Up To The Original? Hint: They Are Both Adorbs

How is someone singing and playing a little song on a cup so freaking charming? It doesn’t even make sense how charming it is! Whether it’s Anna Kendrick or a normal person in a viral video, someone playing Lulu and the Lampshades‘ “You’re Gonna Miss Me” on a Solo cup is the new plastic bag dancing in the wind: the sum is way more than its parts! Kendrick got her cup song on during last night’s Letterman, explaining how she learned the darling performance on her own time…only to have it made into a Pitch Perfect scene later. “Because I’m a huge loser, I thought the best way to spend an entire afternoon would be watching, like, this video 50 times and teaching myself how to do it,” Anna laughed. “So when they found out that I could do it, they wanted me to do it in the movie.” Uh, loser? How about adorable famous person? We’re with Dave on this one!

Maybe this song-and-cup trick is so cute for the same reason everyone seems to love a cappella right now. The rest of us just bought our tickets to see Pitch Perfect tonight, but those of us who have seen PP already have been swooning about it for weeks. Which do you think is more adorable: Anna’s nervous, slightly sped-up version from last night, the original or what we think is the most well-known imitation of it by Anna Burden? Keep in mind that there are no wrong answers and any video you pick is the right one/ a delight.

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The Pitch Perfect Cast Reveals The Song They Hated Singing Most In The Film

It’s one of the best song of the ’90s, but when you have to sing it over and over again, Ace of Base‘s “The Sign” gets old realllll quick. This according to the ladies of Pitch Perfect, who had to sing it constantly as part of the Bellas’ routine in the movie’s a cappella competition. Adorably, a few of the stars are still into the song, but most of them Never.Want.To.Hear.It.Again.

“There are two different scenes that we sing those songs,” Anna Kendrick told VH1 Celebrity. “So the second time we had to shoot that sequence of songs for a couple days in a row, when we had already done it for a couple days in a row, I really wanted to pull my eyes out.”

Brittany Snow, on the other hand, said “Eternal Flame” was her least favorite song. “I’m still all right with I saw the sign,” she said.

“You’re a sick puppy,” Anna replied.

“I know. I liked it.”

After you go see Pitch Perfect, come back and tell us which songs it got stuck in your head forEVER.

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Rebel Wilson Was In A Christian A Cappella Group, And 9 Other Things That Will Surprise You About The Pitch Perfect Cast

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Which Pitch Perfect Star Got “All Aguilera”? Anna Kendrick And Brittany Snow Tell All!

Make no mistake, the appeal of Pitch Perfect is mostly in its funny moments — Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Adam Devine and others had us clutching our sides — but what makes it a great movie, rather than a collection of jokes, is the fact that the actors playing these college a cappella singers are actually really talented. When VH1 News’ Kate Spencer sat down with Anna Kendrick, who got her start as a kid on Broadway, and Brittany Snow, whose part in Hairspray showed off her singing gift too, she asked if they were nervous to sing for each other when shooting began.

“We bonded really quickly so I think that we weren’t nervous,” Snow said. “I think its just a nerve-wracking thing to sing in a movie in general.”

Kendrick admitted to feeling some pressure, though. “I remember being nervous to get my harmonies right,” she said. “I didn’t want to be the one who was like, ”Uh, Anna’s screwing us up again, thanks!’ … ‘Cause if my note’s wrong, your note’s gonna sound wrong. … Everybody has to be on it, and you have to be that piece of the puzzle, so I definitely felt pressure to learn my music. It wasn’t like we were getting all Aguliera on each other.
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Rebel Wilson Recruits Ellen DeGeneres And Maude Apatow In Quest To Take Over Hip-Hop

Rebel Wilson is doing her best to help us in our unofficial quest to write about her twice a day here at VH1 Celebrity. After doing her best Lady Gaga on The Tonight Show earlier this week, she’s back to promoting her rap alter ego, Rebelicious, whom we first met a few weeks ago on Bullett Media. And after firing her sister, Liberty, from her rap duo, she’s enlisted a couple of other talented ladies. On Tuesday, when 14-year-old actress Maude Apatow (yes, daughter of Judd and Leslie Mann) interviewed her for HelloGiggles.com, Rebel instructed her on the art of being a hype man, to adorable effect. And now this morning, we’ve been treated to a performance by Rebelicious and Ellen DeGeneres of Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shoop.”

Amazingly, it is Anna Kendrick, not Rebel, who does the bulk of the rapping in Pitch Perfect. Maybe her talents just went undiscovered until this press tour. Read more…

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Rebel Wilson Was In A Christian A Cappella Group, And 9 Other Things That Will Surprise You About The Pitch Perfect Cast

We’ve spent all of our spare time in the past couple of weeks obsessively Googling the Pitch Perfect cast, until it dawned on us that we could channel all this useless knowledge into an actual blog post. Thus, here we are, presenting you with the 10 very useful bits of surprising trivia you will definitely want to know after seeing Pitch Perfect.

1. Rebel Wilson was in a Christian a cappella group in high school.

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