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Rebel Wilson Is On The Edge Of Glory (On Leno), And We Have Malaria To Thank

Why don’t we just go ahead and declare this Rebel Wilson Week here at VH1 Celebrity. The opportunities to gush about the Pitch Perfect star just keep falling into our laps. The latest: her appearance on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno, which not only featured her singing Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” (beginning with an a cappella version, exploding into a full-on accompanied version complete with shoe-kicking-off and couch-jumping), but also revealed some amazing stories about what inspired Rebel to spread joy in our lives.

Rebel describes her family as the Australian version of Honey Boo Boo’s clan, only they happened to be in the show dog rather than the pageant biz. “One time we bought a house because it came with a free donkey,” she told Jay Leno. “The donkey was really annoying and one day we just let it loose on the road. … It was an a–hole.” At first, she seemed to be straying from this “feral” clan and studied law in college. But while she was working as a Youth Ambassador for Australia in South Africa, she got malaria. Read more…

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Rebel Wilson Gets Dissed By A Bouncer … For The Last Time

Anna Camp, Rebel Wilson and Skylar Astin

We are not going to get over our obsession with Rebel Wilson anytime soon. After seeing her in Bridesmaids, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Bachelorette, Pitch Perfect and, of course, at the VMAs, we have an undying love for the Aussie funny lady. Which is why we were shocked to read her tweets from over the weekend. She was out with her Pitch Perfect co-stars celebrating the birthday of Anna Camp and apparently had trouble at the door of a club (we’re guessing this was at the second stop of the night, since she tweeted the above pic of her, Camp and Skylar Astin from the party earlier).

” ‘I’m so sorry I don’t look like a prostitute’ (did say that but not loud enough for the other slurs in line to hear),” she continued. “I think this bouncer thinks I’m a contest winner from the mid-west x.”
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Rebel Wilson’s 15 Coolest Looks

All it took was one look at Rebel Wilson‘s outfit at the Pitch Perfect press junket for me to instantly become obsessed with her. Her hair was perfectly coiffed, and she was dressed in a pink “R” varsity jacket, little velvet pirate slippers (like these) and massive name plate rings a guy in jail made her. I got really excited to dig into her various red carpet outfits of the past, and discovered that she seems to be really into classic glam with the occasional twist. Observe her elegant garnet number above – understated, pulled together and beautiful, with just a touch of bad-ass mixed in.

Check out 15 of her coolest looks in the gallery below – a couple are a little weird but most are seriously sleek, sweet and sometimes sexy.It’s evident that she approaches fashion with a serious eye as well as a sense of humor. And her best accessory? That insanely gorgeous smile.

Exclusive Video: Rebel Wilson Was In A Christian A Cappella Group In High School

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Pitch Perfect’s Rebel Wilson Reveals Her “Dorky” A Cappella Past

Here’s the greatest thing we learned recently: Pitch Perfect starĀ Rebel Wilson was in an a cappella group called Twelve Voice at her Christian high school. Amazing, right? The actress told us what it was like being part of Australia’s “dorkiest” singing troupe, in which she had to wear “peasant blouses and long velvet skirts.”

“There was no dancing, there was no cool choreography or cool songs when I sang a cappella,” she said. “We’d have to stand like this — we weren’t allowed to do any cool moves — and just sing church songs.”

She then blew our minds by singing us an example of the kind of tunes they got down to. A terrible song has never sounded so awesome.

“I thought a cappella was totally dorky, and then when I came to America and saw The Sing-Off, I though, ‘It’s pretty sweet,'” she said.

But if you really wand “pretty sweet,” you have to seeĀ Rebel as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect, in which she handles singing her heart out and getting belted with burritos with grace.

Also, please check out Rebel’s amazing ring bling, which she told us was made for her by a guy in jail. Read more…

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Perks, Breaking Dawn, Les Miz, More: Our Top 10 Fall Movies Picks At A Glance

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Django Unchained, Les Miserables and Breaking Dawn Part 2 are among the 10 fall movies we're dying to see

Some of us love to pore over every fall movie preview we can get our hands on, reading reviews from Cannes and Toronto, marking our calendars with premiere dates and pre-ordering our tix on Fandango as soon as we can. For others, that sounds way too much like homework. That’s why we made this quick little guide to the top 10 flicks we’re dying to see, with the kind of blurb that won’t tax your short attention spans. And sure, we’re leaving out a whole bunch of Oscar contenders, guilty pleasures and interesting films we’ll eventually watch, but this is a list based on fandom, gut instinct and, yeah, intense crushes. Here they are in (order of premiere date):

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Logan Lerman will make you cry, you will wish Emma Watson and Ezra Miller were your best friends, and you will go home and hunt down your long-lost mixtapes. In select theaters September 21.

Pitch Perfect: No one does smart-talking like Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson is our new imaginary girlfriend, and we think Elizabeth Banks (who produced) can do no wrong. In theaters September 28.

Alex Cross: We can’t wait to see how Tyler Perry does with someone else’s lines … as a sexy detective, no less. And Matthew Fox’s weightloss is purely fascinating. In theaters October 19.

Skyfall: Daniel Craig is our weakness — and in this James Bond installment, we’ll get to see the skeleton in Q’s closet. Let’s forget Quantum of Solace ever happened. In theaters November 9.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2: We’ve been waiting for four years to see vampire Bella and the X-Men-style throwdown of Cullen clan vs. Volturi. In theaters November 16.

Silver Linings Playbook: Jennifer Lawrence finally gets to have some fun in a movie, opposite Sexiest Man Alive Bradley Cooper, and they’re both playing mentally unstable people in a movie directed by possibly mentally unstable filmmaker David O. Russell. In theaters November 21.
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Pitch Perfect Trailer: Glee, Smash Get Served By Anna Kendrick

After Glee, Smash, that one show with Ben Folds, and you know all of the other talent shows in our DVR, you’d think this October’s college a capella movie Pitch Perfect would just be one too many peeks into the lives of young people who just GOTTA SING! But no. We watched the trailer this morning and basically forgot about all the rest. Here’s why:

1. We like Anna Kendrick as a dry-witted outsider. It’s such a change from her over-caffeinated overachieving characters in Twilight, Up in the Air and Rocket Science.

Anna Kendrick

2. This is produced by Elizabeth Banks, who can basically do no wrong in our eyes.

3. Rebel Wilson (the tattooed roommate Brynn from Bridesmaids) has about 500 hilarious lines in the trailer. But also seems kind of real.
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