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Michael Cera’s Tongue-In-Cheek Playboy Interview


How much do we love Michael Cera? From Arrested Development to Juno and our favorite, Superbad, the nerdy-hipster boy wonder can do no wrong. His latest Playboy article made us fall in love with him a tad more. We’re preparing to watch him in his new film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (which also stars Anna Kendrick) which he describes as, “I would say this movie is both a nerd and a nonnerd’s dream come true. For the nerds there are lots of Nintendo references and sound effects, and the nonnerds will enjoy making fun of all the nerds in the theater exploding with joy and afterward will possibly beat them all up.”

The actor spoke about his infamous  “Guido makeover” by Pauly D from the Jersey Shore cast.“Actually, it was one of the most pleasant days I’ve had in a long time.” he said of his hair-gelling experience, adding, “We got drunk and laughed and danced and got in a hot tub and ate pizza. It was sort of like my eighth birthday party.” When asked about the worst pick-up line he’s ever used he deadpanned, “Hey, lady, those are some sexy-a** extensions. I guess you won’t mind if I extend to you a personal invitation to party with me one-on-one in a scary motel room.”

It got even better when he spoke about losing his virginity. Cera related, “To be honest I don’t remember too much about it. All I remember is I had been awake for almost 86 hours, I was on the roof of a Public Storage building in what seemed to be a freezing rainstorm, and Crispin Glover was there with a disposable camera he kept winding even though it had clearly run out of exposures. My memory of it has fogged as time has gone by, and I’ve pushed it out of my mind, though I do seem to remember something about a plastic Academy Award for best grandson being involved. You might say it was my first brush with the finer side of show business.” He kept a straight face through out. Ok we know, he might come off as too clever-by-half. Look at it like this, he isn’t as annoying as the other hipster lot who are just, plain,well, annoying. As Cera fans, we’re lapping it up!

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Kendra Wilkinson Was Once A Coked-Out Teen Stripper


The TMI train just doesn’t stop chugging with Kendra Wilkinson, especially now that Kendra’s book “Sliding Into Home” is out. We already revealed the horror of her first time having sex with Hugh Hefner, and yes – her words made our eyes and ears bleed.

But was that sex talk enough? Nooooo. Where there’s a book there’s publicity, and where there’s publicity there’s Kendra on the Today show telling us things that make us want to withdraw, shaking, into a shell. The book details the Playmate’s struggle with drug abuse that began when she was just 13 years old(!), as well as her previous employment grinding stripper poles. “I always knew that was wrong. I kind of lost myself for a little bit. I was a very good person doing it, but I was kind of still embarrassed about it. It wasn’t me.”

Kendra also reveals she had suicidal tendencies at 15 years old, which involved cutting herself. She even checked herself into a mental hospital, saying, “I had so much pain that I just wanted to die. It wasn’t that I was trying to die, it was that the [physical] pain [of cutting myself] took away from my pain inside.” A cocaine overdose brought on a particularly horrific episode. “I was bleeding from every hole in my body, and I really thought I was going to die that night. But you know what, I survived, and I swear it was a couple of days after that that I had an epiphany. I just stopped drugs, stopped smoking cigarettes, stopped everything, and went home.”
TMI, but interesting nonetheless. Maybe Lindsay Lohan could give it a read while in jail?

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Kendra’s First Time With Hef Was Worse Than Anyone Else’s First Time, Ever


Everyone’s first bone is always majorly awks. And not just the initial life-unchanging virginity stealing romp, but every first time a couple gets together in the sack. Unless, of course, you’re hammered – then it’s magical and forgettable! So it’s no surprise to hear that the first time Kendra Wilkinson straddled Hugh Hefner‘s creaky skeleton was a bit weird, but her description of consummating their “relationship” is honestly the worst first-time story we’ve ever heard – including our own. (You don’t want to know. Trust.)

Kendra is writing a book [laugh break] titled “Sliding Into Home” [second laugh break] and it in she describes the ecstatic pleasure ride that is Hugh Hefner’s gramp-peen. Take it away, Ken!

“One of the girls asked me if I wanted to go upstairs to Hef’s room. In my head I could hear my mom’s voice, ‘You know they have orgies there.’ I said ‘Okay, if I have to.’ It seemed like every other girl was going and if I didn’t it would be weird. One by one, each girl hopped on Hef and had sex with him for about a minute. I studied their every move. Then it was my turn, it was very weird. I wasn’t thinking about how much older Hef was, all the body parts worked the same. I wanted to be there.”

Let’s repeat that: One by one, each girl hopped on Hef and had sex with him for about a minute. The next time you cringe remembering that awkward day when you were 17 years old and sliding around in the back of your boyfriend’s Saab, allow those words to wash over you and ease the pain of your past. We just did.

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Justin Bieber’s Mom Offered A Playboy Spread


Who knew that Bieber-fever extended to members of his immediate family? In a strange twist that indicates that Hugh Hefner has either lost all of his mental acuity or that he’s wilier than ever, Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie Lynn Mallette, has been asked by Playboy to pose for an upcoming spread, Zack Taylor reports.  No word yet on whether or not she will accept the offer, but she has been offered $50,000 to appear in a sexy shoot for an upcoming issue. Not totally nude, mind you, but topless.

Single Mom Mallette had Bieber when she was just 18 years-old, and worked low-paying jobs to support him until a YouTube video of her son singing Ne-Yo’s So Sickrolled out the fame juggernaut. Wonder how Biebs would react if she said yes?

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Cameron Diaz Travels Around The World For Sex


Cameron Diaz is totally okay with going the distance to get some action. In an interview with Playboy, she revealed how her horniness sends her around the word hunting for some booty.

“Oh gosh, I can’t even count how many times I’ve gotten on a plane for love. It’s not unusual in this business; my lifestyle demands it. I’m always traveling for [whispers] c**k. You’ve got to go where it is.”

Oh and there’s more. She’s also quite – ahem – touchy-feely. She explained, “I’m primal on an animalistic level, kind of like, ‘Bonk me over the head, throw me over your shoulder. You man, me woman.’ Not everybody has the right kind of primal thing for me…I love physical contact. I have to be touching my lover, like, always. It’s not optional.”

It gets even more interesting when she gabs about the differences between love and lust, saying, “Sexuality and love can be different things. I can be attracted to a woman sexually, but it doesn’t mean I want to be in love with a woman. If I’m going to be with a woman sexually, it doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian. We put these restraints and definitions on people, but it’s hard to define.”

Then it was on to the V-Card discussion. It was all very Nike for her –  just-do-it style. She commented, ” I kind of did it just to do it. I wanted to get it over with just so it was done…After that it was as if the gates were open.” The good news is that Diaz won’t be a bitch to guys who hit on her, saying, “I never shut down any man who’s willing to ask me out unless he’s a total douche bag. It takes a lot for a guy to ask out a girl like me—not because I think I’m superspecial or anything. It’s just that I think men are intimidated, and it’s a lot to get involved with. It’s not uncomplicated.”

Of course the A-Rod question came up, but Cammy played it coy with, “No, no, no. I’ve been in relationships since I was 16 years old. In the past three years I’ve made a conscious decision not to be in a relationship for as long as I want. I’ve stayed away from all the traps out there for me to just fall into something that will potentially lead me down the same road…I want to have a relationship with myself right now.”

Dude, give us a break! You’re even hosting dinners with A-Rod!

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Presented Without Commentary: Holly Madison, Carrot Top And George Wallace Walk Into A Bar


Did you ever wish that, instead of Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison‘s fellow Girls Next Door consisted of comedians George Wallace and Carrot Top? Just look at how wacky the trio can be, as illustrated by their photo op at the Playboy 50th Anniversary Party held at The Palms in Las Vegas. Oh, Carrot Top, you find a new and hilarious use for everything!

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Rachel Uchitel To Pose for Playboy


She’s never going to go away is she. Never ever. Tiger wasn’t enough. She had to do the dirty with David Boreanaz and then get holier than thou about it. Let’s not forget her pitching Romancing Rachel. Rachel Uchitel… you get Mistress of the Year.

Now, we’re going to get to see some of what Tiger saw (ugh), because she’s agreed to pose for Playboy. TMZ found out that the shoot’s going down in three weeks and she’s going to be baring her backside and top – not the whole shebang (pun intended). She also has the right to pull out  anytime before the shoot. Not that she’s going to. The woman has an incredible talent for stretching out 15 minutes.

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Ashley Dupre Is On Fire In Playboy (Quite Literally!)

*Apr 12- 00:05*

Those of you out there who generally read Playboy for the articles –that’s all of you, right?– will finally have a reason to flip past those boring, boring words when the latest issue hits newsstands later this week. In what is being heralded as the magazine’s most anticipated celebrity pictorial since Marge Simpson shed her lime green dress last October, Ashley Alexandra Dupré (aka “Kristen”) will be appearing nude in an eight-page layout in the May 2010 issue. And just in case any of you out there have doubts that the photo spread will be anything less than hot, it’s worthwhile to note that Dupré literally caught on fire during the shoot.

Oh, and for those of you who actually do read the printed words that appear in the magazine, you’ll have this choice quote from Eliot Spitzer’s main squeeze to look forward to: “I love sex and I’m very good at it, but I’m saving that. That’s for my future boyfriend from now on. And it will be fabulous.” Well, alrighty then!

UPDATE: The Village Voice has a first look at some of the EXTREMELY NSFW Ashley Dupré nudes from the issue. Click if you dare, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Model Murdered


Model Paula Sladewski was tragically murdered in Miami on Wednesday. Her body was found “burned beyond recognition” in a dumpster.

“It’s so horrific. They’d have to be a monster. It’s a dastardly act,” said North Miami Police spokesman Lt. Neal Cuevas. “It’s the most heinous thing that a person can do to another person. It was just total, total disfigurement. You couldn’t even tell that it was a woman or a man or even what race.”The last person to see Paula was her boyfriend of two years. He reported her missing after they had a fight at Club Space and she never returned home. He was questioned for twelve hours and does not appear to be a suspect.

Despite reports labeling Paula “a Playboy model,” a Playboy representative told TheFABlife that that these are “inaccurate,” as she had not modeled for the magazine.

“She loved life. She was full of life,” said Paula’s sister Kelly Farris. “She went on a lot of vacations. She was a great person. I couldn’t imagine anything like this happening, you know. We can’t even give her an open casket. We can’t even see her again. She did not deserve to die in this way.”

Tragic. [Photo: Splash News Online]