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Which Jennifer Lopez Ex Plans To Take It All Off For Playgirl?

It ain’t Diddy, or that dancer dude, or Jennifer Lopez‘s most recent — Marc Anthony. This gold-digging ex Ojani Noa! Remember the J.Lo “honeymoon tape”? Considering that little tidy stash o’ cash was denied after Jennifer blocked the sale of the video, you know he’s been looking for another avenue. And he’s found one. Or, it found him?

Ojani and Playgirl are inking a deal for him to make an appearance in the magazine. Let’s be clear — it’s going to be all of him! TMZ reports that deal will only go through if he agrees to do full-frontal shots. Which he doesn’t mind at all considering he told the site, “If the money is right, especially for full nude, then I would be flattered to pose for Playgirl.” Of course he would. There’s a price for everything, right?

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Will Rob Kardashian Get Naked For Playgirl Magazine?

No offense, but why would Playgirl ask Rob Kardashian to pose for them? We’re flummoxed! Scratch that… why would Playgirl ask Rob to pose nekkid for them? We were hoping this was just a rumor but a rep for the magazine, Daniel Nardicio has confirmed the news, saying they’re willing to pay him $45,000 to strip off. Nardicio explained, “While most people assumed we’d be interested in Scott,  my interest actually lies in the adorable Rob Kardashian. Rob is a perfect example of the classic Playgirl model, and we’d be proud to have him join the ranks of other quasi celebs to strip for Playgirl.”

We love the use of the term “quasi celeb” (hello, Levi Johsnton) but we’re not sure if he qualifies for that even. He’s kind of non-famous by association, showing up with the Kardashian sisters on red carpets once in a while. Right? How does that even qualify as “celeb”?

Playgirl‘s totally hellbent on getting him to pose and are even willing to invest in the buffing of his bod. Nardicio said, “I’d bring him to NYC to work with my trainer for a few weeks though, as he looks like he could use a few weeks prep before the shoot. If he can get wood, I’ll add another 15 thou!” Nice backhanded compliment, hah. You’re basically saying, we need to get him in shape because he’s not photograph-worthy yet, and we need to chill with airbrushing.

But considering they’re willing to fork out $60,000, do you think Rob will bite?

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Sexism Doesn’t Just Affect The Ladies: Only $30,000 For Vinnie To Get Naked In Playgirl?


Somebody get Gloria Allred on the phone! Jersey Shore’s Vinnie has been visited with a huge injustice…and an even more massive solution. Vinnie Guadagnino was offered $30,000 to pose naked in Playgirl after rumors of his mammoth manhood started circulating. Friends with benefits Snooki once described their midnight encounters as “putting a watermelon in a pinhole”, which sounds exactly like the type of thing we would shell out the price of Playgirl to see. But $30,000? That is an outright insult, and a slap to the face to dudes everywhere. While, that’s barely even enough to cover a side boob in J-Woww’s Playboy deal!

To sweeten the pot Playgirl has also offered to drop some cash at CloneAWilly to create a sex toy from a mold of Vinnie’s unit. If they sell well, this could be the thing that rockets Vinnie past his 15 minutes of fame. Maybe he can finagle a spot as Wawa’s Classic Hoagie spokesperson and start hawking his own $5 footlong. He’ll be like Jared Fogel, but with more tattoos and fewer other job prospects. Either way, he’s still looking good. [Photo: Splash News Online]