by (@hallekiefer)

Be Nice or Die Tryin': 50 Cent Pens YA Novel About Bullying

Harry Potter. The Hunger Games. 50 Cent’s novel Playground. Come January, young adult readers will be shoving their beloved sci-fi and fantasy titles aside for Fiddy’s semi-autobiographical book, about a 13-year-old who must make up for bullying others. Says Fiddy, “This book would have been very helpful for me growing up and now that I have a teenage son, it is my goal that this will have a positive influence on all teenagers.” So, we’re assuming he hadn’t started writing it in March when 50 Cent joked about the Japanese tsunami, right? He must have grown a lot as a person in the last two months, as well as gotten carpel tunnel from typing up an entire novel fast.

Of course, 50 Cent’s Twitter insults aren’t the only dish in his long history of beef. How about his feuds The Game, Lil Wayne, Young Buck, Fat Joe and Kim Osario, for starters?  And that’s just the first chapter in what could be an entire book purely of beefs. See, and that would could non-fiction. Fiddy has something for everyone in the library!