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Cops Called To Kat Von D’s Home After Threatening, Creepy Phone Call

Kat Von D Calls Cops At Home

This has got to be one of the creepiest things ever. TMZ just revealed that Kat Von D received an extremely disturbing phone call from a crazed fan or deranged prankster on Monday night. The person called her home and began asking her a series of personal questions and then hung up, only to follow up with a text message on her cell phone. Kat, being under the impression that the individual was on her premises, call the cops around 10:45 p.m.

All these details were actually revealed by the police themselves as they came swarming in en masse. They really got the whole “to serve and protect” deal down, as not only did they show up in a fleet of cars, but they actual sent a helicopter to scour the neighborhood aerially. The good news is that they found no one, and Kat is safe. She still had to file something called an “annoying persons report,” which we hope made her giggle even through all the stress.

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When Pranks Backfire: Rob Kardashian Gets Handcuffed Due To Bad Joke

Note to Rob Kardashian. It isn’t a good idea to mess around with people when cops are around. The young K-Dash brother was hanging out in Miami over the weekend when he noticed a paparazzo clicking photographs of him and his group of friends on Sunday morning. He thought it would be funny to run — which obviously looks menacing — towards the photographer to give him a fright. Now this is the truly hilarious part: the paparazzo ran away …. screaming for help. The image has us cracking up. Sadly, the cops didn’t find it as funny.

TMZ has the story and the video explaining what went down. When Rob tried to explain to the scared pap that it was all a joke, after following him into a smoke shop, the police were already gunning for him. They saw the whole incident and actually handcuffed Rob and put him in the back of a police car for questioning. He was eventually released after explaining everything, but it’s got to have been a pretty weird, embarrassing situation. Bet the photographer’s laughing now!

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Lindsay Lohan Hits A Man With Her Porsche While Leaving A Club

Could this spell trouble for Lindsay Lohan? TMZ reports that Lindsay hit someone with her car while heading out of a club early this morning. Apparently, Lindz was at the Sayers Club in Hollywood and was mobbed by paparazzi and people getting out. She called the manager of the adjacent Hookah Lounge as that’s where most of the mob was. Unfortunately, as she was rolling out of the parking lot in her new Porsche, she bumped into the manager with her car, but drove off anyway. The site hasn’t made it clear if anyone else but the manager was struck.

Luckily enough, no real harm was done. Police checked out people later, and sources say it may have been Lindsay herself who called the cops for protection. Sources are also saying that the manager of the Hookah Lounge isn’t hurt in any way, which is a fortunate break for the actress. So far, the case is closed. For now, because if anyone calls in claiming an injury, then the case will have to be opened as a hit-and-run. Let’s hope, for Lindsay’s sake, that doesn’t happen. The girl does not need any more trouble with the law.

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Cops Called Over Intruder Alert At Kim Kardashian’s House

Kim Kardashian‘s security team called the police to her Beverly Hills home after a stranger trespassed on the property on Saturday night. Apparently, the stranger came loaded with luggage and a story about why he was there. According to him, Kim had asked him to come over and stay as a house guest. Not only that, he also claimed that Kim had actually payed for his plane ticket to visit her as they were due to work on her reality show. Crazy much? Kim was understandably pretty scared, and asked for the cops to be called, especially after the stranger-stalker refused to leave. We’re still waiting for details of what happened after the police showed up. Was he booked? Is he in jail? We’ll update as more information surfaces.

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Brooke Mueller Arrested For Drug Possession And Assault

Brooke Mueller’s troubles with the law and with drugs are far from over. Charlie Sheen‘s ex was arrested in Aspen as the weekend rolled in, on counts of suspicion of felony cocaine possession and misdemeanor third-degree assault. She allegedly assaulted a woman at a nearby bar, and then carried on to a nightclub (ironically called Escobar) to party. That’s where cops found her and dragged her out. Brooke was released on $11,000 bond the next day, which Sheen supposedly coughed up. Does this mean another round of rehab?

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Nicki Minaj Gets Into A Bust-Up With Her Maid

If TMZ has got its story straight, then Nicki Minaj got into a fight with her maid that escalated to the point where the cops were called. The bad blood between the two supposedly began a couple of weeks ago, when Nicki fired the maid for picking a photograph of the singer out of the trash and then asking Ms. Minaj to sign it. Apparently, the maid came back to Nicki’s house yesterday.

What went down after was pretty nasty. A source says that the two started exchanging heated words, with the maid telling the singer that she wouldn’t be “treated like an animal.” Nicki’s apparent response was, “I’ll show you how to treat someone like an animal … get the f— out of my house!” Now, the problem here is that other sources have stated that this was not the maid Nicki fired. The singer just got people mixed up. Nicki just thought this was the maid she had given the pink slip to. Details may be murky at the moment, but this whole incident reeks of poor taste, either way.

The dramz got even dirtier because Nicki’s boyfriend reportedly got involved and started pushing the maid around. Long story short: Said maid called the cops with the intent to file for battery, but didn’t press charges once they arrived. We’re sure more information will emerge soon enough, and we’ll be able to shed some more light on this mess.

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Matthew Fox Detained By Police After Party Bus Brawl

We have to go back to the party bus, Kate! In sad, bizarre news that is not directly related to Katy Perry’s VMAs outfits (do. not. even. get. us. started.), allegedly Lost‘s Matthew Fox punched a party bus driver this past Saturday night in Cleveland. As if vomiting bachelorettes and and blow-up dolls flying out the sunroof weren’t enough of a professional hazard…

Reportedly the World War Z actor attempted to board a party bus in Cleveland driven by Heather Bormann, who informed Fox that, sadly, not every party bus is a Matthew Fox party bus. “He just kept staring at me with his mouth wide open and not saying anything,” Bormann told TMZ, who also indicated that she believed the actor had been drinking. “I told him, ‘You have to leave buddy. You are trespassing on my bus.'” Fox then allegedly “leaned in and started punching my crotch and breast.” The actor was detained by police but was not formally arrested before being released, meaning party bus drivers nation-wide can only stay on their guard…and wait.

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Michael Lohan Arrested On Suspicion Of Domestic Violence

TMZ is reporting that Michael Lohan was arrested last night after his girlfriend made a report at the L.A County Sheriff’s department. She claimed that the deadbeat dad got violent with her while they were arguing, and that she had visible marks to prove that he manhandled her.

She made her complaint around 9:30-10pm last night, after which police found Lohan and booked on suspicion of domestic violence. Apparently, Lohan was taken to a hospital right after for minor injuries but refused attention. It’s being said that this had nothing to do with the supposed altercation with his girlfriend. He’s going to be taken straight to the police department right after where his bail has reportedly been set at $200,000. Last week, his ex Kate Major said that Michael punched her girlfriend in the face, and that it was caught on camera.