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by (@katespencer)

Exclusive: Adam Lambert Was A Banana Republic Junkie

We’d love to tell you about the magical afternoon we shared with Adam Lambert, discussing fashion, style and mortifying high school outfits, but we melted into a pile of squee after our time together and can only remember glimpses of those 15 minutes.

Let’s just say this: all the awesome things you’ve imagined about the guy are true. He’s tall, dark, handsome, insanely polite, completely charming, and perfectly primped. His makeup was flawless, he made eye contact like a true gentleman, and he was decked out in patent leather boots, leather gloves, and an Alexander McQueen shirt (all black mind you). Also, an army of angels hovered around his head and sang “Hallelujah” as diamonds fell from the sky at his feet. You know, just like you imagined.

We talked to Adam about his current fashion pics, those embarassing outfits from high school and what it was like to sing with Kiss while wearing platform boots. Clip above.

by (@katespencer)

Pop Couture: Lady Gaga Dishes On Those 10-Inch Heels And Her Biblical Tattoo

We’re obsessed with Lady Gaga‘s bizarrely beautiful outfits – from her tiny top hats to her Alexander McQueen heels – and we’re always eager to see what strange look she’s put together. Say what you will about her weird fashion pics, but Lady Gaga always manages to pull it off. The starlet sat down with VH1 for the first installment of our web series Pop Couture, and dished about her avant garde wardrobe in the “Bad Romance” video, the “creative family” behind her outfits, and the inspiration for her giant arm tattoo – all while wearing a blond Cleopatra-inspired wig and a neck brace-like contraption that is totally bad-ass, of course.