Prabul Gurung

by (@katespencer)

Even Kristen Stewart Can’t Believe How Hot She Is


Seriously, you guyssssss – look at our girl! Kristen Stewart (photos) is out promoting Eclipse looking like – okay, we’re gonna just say it – a hot piece of ass. (Somewhere on the set of Water for Elephants, Robert Pattinson is shaking his head in agreement.)

KStew wore Prabul Gurung to the Eclipse premiere/fan event in South Korea, and it may be her sexiest look ever. We have no idea who coerced her into that fake hair, but when we find out we’re taking said stylist out for a drink or five. Now can we all just forget about the hoopla over Kristen’s rape/paparazzi comment and focus on the sparkly, vampy goodness in front of us?

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