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Will Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Have An Insane Prenup Like These Celebs?

A lot of prep goes into a wedding. There’s the flowers, the catering, the dress, the ceremony, the guest list. And if you’re a multi-millionaire mega star, there’s the all-important prenuptial agreement. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are in the midst of planning their big day, but rumors are circulating as to whether or not the power couple will sign a prenup concerning their tremendous assets. In fact, Forbes estimates the couple’s net worth at over $270 million.

Although they’ve been together for over seven years now, that doesn’t mean that the two won’t someday hit the rocks. And as the boy-scouts always said: be prepared! “The chances of them not having a prenup is slim and zip,” L.A.-based attorney Goldie Schon told Celebuzz.  “The fact that they waited this long to tie the knot, you can’t imagine that with this type of wealth and this type of stature that they’re not going to protect themselves so that they don’t have a situation in the future.” They certainly won’t be the first celebs with big money divorce clauses. Check out some of the crazier Hollywood prenups in the gallery below!

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