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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Couple Power Rankings

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What keeps Pretty Little Liars fans hooked isn’t the murder mystery it was originally built on. The fact that that’s basically solved, and that the writers keep backtracking on plot points for the sake of spreading the series out across two more years is more discouraging than anything. No, what keeps fans hooked are the ships: Haleb, Ezria, Spoby, and Paily. Read more…

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Lesbihonest, Female Couples on TV Teach Us a Lot About Romance


After countless headlines, we’ve recently seen Shonda Rhimes take the heat for the seriously sexual gay scenes in her show How To Get Away With Murder. In return, she tells everyone to stick it where the sun don’t shine. As she rightfully should. Because of shows like Orange Is the New Black and entertainment pioneers like Rhimes, LGBT couples on television have finally moved further away from taboo and closer to the norm. At the end of the day, love is love and we’re focusing on the lady loves who prove just that.

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2014 People’s Choice Awards Worst-Dressed: Lucy Hale, Britney Spears And More

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The 2014 People’s Choice Awards were held in Los Angeles tonight, hosted by 2 Broke Girls stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs. Yes, awards season is now officially in full swing, and tonight’s event tested how long we can last watching beautiful people thank their cat’s managers without taking a bathroom break.

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The 10 Most Unsettling Opening Credits On TV Now

Walking Dead, Dexter, Da Vinci's Demons, Pretty Little Liars

There was a while there when we thought TV opening credits were dead and gone. In favor of more commercial time, the networks were content to give you a few seconds of “previously on,” an opening scene and then a title. But then came quality cable series, and along with movie stars, explicit sex and a lot of gore, they brought fancy fonts, theme songs and computer animation that elevated the opening titles to the kind of art form we love to geek out over (and, of course, parody). We thought about just listing our favorites here ( the Breaking Bad sequence and all those chemistry symbols! Orange Is the New Black’s Regina Spektor song!), but that’s been done. Instead, here are the ones that make a knot form in our stomach in anticipation of the coming hour’s drama.
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Yee Haw!: The 5 Best Moments From Pretty Little Liars: “Bring Down The Hoe”


I know what you’re thinking, Pretty Little Liars fans. Last night’s episode was fantastic! Sure, we finally got closer to catching CeCe and we have a witness to Officer Wildon’s murder that exonerates Hanna’s mom. Ezra and Aria got close again. Oh, and A might be trying to frame Toby! But most importantly, THERE WAS A HOEDOWN.

Here are the top five best moments from last night’s episode/the hoedown.

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The 5 Craziest Things On Last Night’s Pretty Little Liars: “The Mirror Has Three Faces”


One of the craziest things about Pretty Little Liars is simply how crazy it is. It boldly eschews logic and reason in favor of ludicrous plot twists and questionable fashion statements. Also, I didn’t read two-thirds of Ulysses in college and wrote an A paper on the tome. If I miss 30 seconds of this show, I’m hopelessly lost.

It’s fantastic.

Last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, “The Mirror Has Three Faces,” was particularly crazy. How crazy? We’re counting down the top 5 craziest moments.

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The 5 Most Confusing Things About Last Night’s Pretty Little Liars: “The Guilty Girl’s Handbook”


Hello again! I missed last week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars due to unforeseen drama in my personal life that involved a handsome man, a flamingo and some ninja stars (okay, I got too busy to watch it), so I was unusually perplexed by last night’s episode. I mean, I’m always confused by this show, but last night’s episode was particularly befuddling.

Here are the five most confusing things about last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars. Beware, for SPOILERS abound!
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