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Hats Off To The Royals: The Best And Worst Of Fascinator Fashion

So much has been written about Kate Middleton’s spectacular Sarah Burton wedding gown, but there’s one thing that truly unites stately monarchs and commoners alike: a bonkers hat or fascinator that would make Lady Gaga spin in her grave. (No, Lady Gaga’s not dead, but she seems like the type who would sleep in a grave just to be different.) Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice went for some serious height with their giant fascinators, while Posh Beckham kept it simple in a tiny black number. (Husband David Beckham arrived with a top hat in hand!)

So join us as we take a closer look at the headgear highlights of Prince William and Kate’s wedding! Just think of it as our wedding gift, guys. No need to thank us. Although a knighthood would be cool.

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The Royals And The Middletons Celebrate Will And Kate’s Wedding

Sigh. They’re married, guys. We’ve been watching the whole time and we have to say Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s wedding — they’re the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge now — was picture perfect. The newly hitched duo are also the Earl and Countess of Strathearn ¬†AND the Baron and Baroness of Carrickfergus. Yes, Carrickfergus. The most magical real word we’ve ever heard.

But what’s also really beautiful is that two families, royal and commoner, have become one. So to celebrate and commemorate the nuptials, we’ve put together a gallery of the Royals and the Middleton family at Westminster Abbey! From Pippa, James, Carole and Michael who looked so proud of their daughter and sister, Kate (loved that Sarah Burton dress!), to the royals led by a sunshine-yellow clad Queen Elizabeth II and her main man Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, they’re all in the photos below. Enjoy! [Photos: Getty Images]

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A Look Back At Who’s Legal: 10 Stars Who Turned 18 In ’08

With hot young stars getting younger and younger, it’s worth knowing which ones you can be attracted to without committing a mental felony. While Miley Cyrus is still off-limits, Vanessa Hudgens is fair game. Fantasize about the Michael Cera of Superbad all you want, but crush on the guy circa Arrested Development and we’re going to have to call Dateline NBC. To help your imagination stay more Woody Allen than Roman Polanski, here’s the names of ten young stars who lost their jailbait status in 2008. Only one more year, Jamie Lynn Spears fans!

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