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Luxury Bus Flap Lands T.I. In Hot Water With The Feds

After only one day of freedom following his ten month prison term, rapper T.I. has been sent back to federal custody once again last night. His lawyer denies that T.I. violated any terms of his probation, but instead claims that there was an issue with his method of transport from the Arkansas prison to the halfway house in Atlanta. Apparently TIP celebrated his semi freedom by renting a baller luxury bus, which—let’s face it—is exactly what we’d want to do if we were just released from prison. But apparently the Federal Bureau of Prisons is also the Federal Bureau of Buzzkill, and are very not cool with his deluxe vehicle. Steezin’ is not a crime!

His lawyer Steve Sadow tells TMZ that “We are awaiting the opportunity to quickly resolve whatever the issue may be that the Federal Bureau of Prisons has with TI’s method of transportation, bus, from Arkansas to Atlanta, so that T.I. can return to the halfway house to complete the remaining days of his sentence.” T.I.’s uncle says that there were no drugs or alcohol of any kind on the bus, and he showed up to the halfway house in great shape. “He stopped drinking a long time ago,” the uncle added.

There’s also trouble brewing for VH1’s proposed reality series about T.I.’s return to free living. Apparently the halfway house flatly refuses to allow taping on its premises. A representative for Dismas Charities, where T.I. is set to serve out the remaining one month of his sentence, tells TMZ that there is “absolutely no way” VH1 is allowed to film. “It’s just not going to happen.” Damn, that’s a lot of drama for episode one!

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T.I. Released From Prison

T.I. is a free man today after being released from the Arkansas prison that has been his home since last fall. The rapper was sentenced in November for violating his probation stemming from a 2009 federal gun conviction. But now it seems like he’s getting sprung early, after serving only ten months of his eleven month sentence. Out early for good behavior, perhaps? It wouldn’t surprise us, after his slew of good deeds before going behind bars. Who could forget the time he talked down a suicidal jumper?! Maybe the police are gonna use him to fight crime.

TIP celebrated his triumphant return to freedom with an equally triumphant return to twitter. “The storm is over & da sun back out,” he wrote. “IT’S OUR TIME TO SHINE SHAWTY!!!!! Welcome to the beginning of our Happy Ending!!!!”  It looks like he’ll have the save the champagne celebrations for later, because for now he faces time in an Atlanta halfway house. But that doesn’t seem to matter much to him. “Feels great to be back where I belong,” he also tweeted. “Back in the arms of those who need me the most.”

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Lil Wayne Shares Prison Tales With Someone Who’s Been There: Paris Hilton

Turns out Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne have more in common then just looking fierce in orange. In Interview Magazine, Hilton identifies with Lil Wayne’s prison time, like how good it feels to walk out of your cell and back into your fabulous mansion. “For me it was okay, because it just meant that I was alone with my thoughts,” the rapper said about his time inside, the result of a gun-related charge in 2007. “I had to do 24 nights in solitary,” Hilton commiserated, a precautionary measure taken when Hilton served time for violating probation in 2007. We imagine it was harder for Paris. Not because she pampered, but because when she’s alone with her thoughts  it’s just the sound of chihuahuas barking over an sick house beat.

“Words cannot explain,” Wayne says when asked how happy he is to be free. “Yeah, I know how you feel,” Hilton agrees “It’s the best feeling in the world when you come out.” We guess we’ve never realized how much the rapper and the heiress have in common: both wear thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, both have weird voices that we suspect they drop whenever the press is out of earshot, and both know how to make a shiv out of toothbrush and a scratched CD single of “Stars Are Blind.” Good thing they’ve been seen in the same room, or else we’d have started getting suspicious.

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Lil’ Wayne Upgrades His Uno Game In Prison


Of all the things we associate with prison time, card games you played with your bored babysitter would not have made the list. After being released after eight months of his one-year sentence in November, Lil’ Wayne opens up about prison life in Rolling Stone, including, most importantly, how good he got at the card game Uno. “I’d bust a n—a’s a– at Uno,” the rapper boasts. “We gamble for phone time. I’d take n—a’s commissary: Lemme get them cookies, lemme get them chips, get that soup.” Does a crazy-rich musician really have to take soup from his fellow inmates? We’re sore winners too, but come on.

While Wayne spent a month in solitary at the end of his sentence for having an iPod charger, an inmate named Charles took the rap for Yeezy. “He was a solid n—a. Shout-out to Charles…Solitary was the worst. No TV. No radio. No commissary. Basically you’re in there 23 hours a day,” Lil’ Wayne admits. Charles had better have a million in crisp $20 bills waiting when he when he gets out, is all we’re saying. When it comes down to it though, according to Wayne, celibacy was the hardest part of jail of his stay. “Anyone starts looking good in that b—-, Like, ‘Damn, look at HER with that uniform on, Mrs Officer!'” No amount of soup in the world can take your mind off the ladies in that case, huh Wayne?



Ja Rule Gets A Two-Year Prison Sentence

Like Lil’ Wayne before him, Ja Rule is headed to prison. The rapper, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, received two years in prison as part of a plea deal with the Manhattan D.A.’s office, stemming from a criminal weapons possession charge from 2007. Oddly enough, he was arrested on the very same night and for the same reason as Lil’ Wayne after they performed together at New York’s Beacon Theater—though their arrests were unrelated. Wayne has already served his jail sentence and was released in November.

Ja Rule will receive his formal sentencing in February 2011, and will most likely end up serving 16 months. Word of warning to the rapper: don’t even think about to bringing your iPod into prison.

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T.I. Says Prison Is Making Him “Smarter,” Drops Album From Behind Bars


We were angry about our student loans before; we’re furious now that T.I. says prison is making him smarter. And we’re over here getting our master’s degree, like a chump! “The longer I sit, the smarter I get,” the rapper wrote in a letter posted to T.I.’s website. Despite the whole jail thing, T.I. is starting to look like a brainiac to us. Not only is he releasing an album while incarcerated, he also snagged such monster guests as Kanye West, Kid Cudi and Christina Aguilera. Says T.I.,”It does’nt [sic] matter how long it’ll be before the next time you see me. What matters is that I’ll be a better man before that time comes.” As of now T.I. has only served 2 of his 11-month sentence. So think what a genius he’ll be by next summer!

Not that jail time has been easy, of course. In response to his fans’ well-wishes, T.I. asks, “How do you tell God Almighty that all you wanna do is LIVE LIFE ???  What if all you wanna do is be a father to your kids, a husband to your wife, and son to your mother.” We guess…don’t carry around drugs? Or illegal guns? Or violate your probation for said guns by possessing drugs? Really, any of those seem like an excellent place to start. [Photo: Getty Images]


Lil’ Wayne Released From Prison Today


Lil’ Wayne has served his time in prison and is now a free man. The rapper was released from Rikers Island in New York today after serving eight months of a one-year sentence for felony weapons possession. Despite the fact that he was put into solitary confinement briefly for possessing an MP3 player and earphones, he was released early for good behavior.

It’s been reported that he will be throwing himself a party at a strip club in Miami on Sunday to celebrate his release and that he may also appear onstage this Saturday in Las Vegas with Drake. Drake somewhat cryptically told MTV News “I would just advise you to book a ticket out there. If you can get tickets to that show on the 6th, I would strongly advise it,” leading to speculation that Weezy might be a surprise guest. We wonder if supportive fan Bill Clinton might show up?

Congrats, LW, you are  free to make music and blog once again. Oh wait, you never stopped doing that.

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Lil Wayne Gets Sent To The Hole At Rikers For Using His iPod


You try to listen to one podcast and you get sent to solitary. Such is life at Rikers Island.

Lil Wayne was busted back in May for having headphones and an MP3 player, items which are considered contraband in prison. As a result, Weezy is being moved to solitary confinement, known at Rikers as “The Bing” which is both adorable and search-engine-y. He’ll have to stay there until he is released on November 4 for his felony weapons possession conviction.

While it seems a little cruel to punish a musician for just wanting to listen to music in his cell, we guess rules are rules. It’s just that being locked up like this is definitely going to cramp his style – no more phone calls, no more ESPN. (Wait, if he was allowed those things in the first place, what difference does having an MP3 player make? We’ll never understand the justice system.) Even though Lil Wayne may spend a month in harsh conditions, at least he can take comfort in knowing that when he gets out, he’ll still be one of the richest rap artists in existence.

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