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5 Ways Josh Hutcherson Can Use His Punk’d Experience To Play Peeta Mellark

We already think Josh Hutcherson did a great job as Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games, but the kid’s got a lot of work ahead of him still. Catching Fire and Mockingjay are no walk in the park for the baker’s boy. So we’re very glad MTV and Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale took it upon themselves to help him keep his acting chops in shape by targeting him in last night’s episode of Punk’d. Hutch thought he was going out for coffee and lunch with two of his friends, but the friend in the driver’s seat realized their car was being followed and soon they found themselves being interrogated in an LAPD station. Through it all, Josh kept his cool in a way that would make Haymitch proud, even if he may have been freaking out on the inside. Here’s how we think this whole experience can help him enter the arena once more. (Warning: Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read books two and three.)

1. Josh calmly identifies himself to the 911 operator (Lucy Hale), and doesn’t even mention the fact that the mysterious voice coming from a radio in the car has poked fun of his “dirty, one-size-too-small tank top.” Peeta is also used to being under surveillance and knows not to lose his cool in front of the cameras.
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Justin Bieber Punks Taylor Swift. Literally.

We get the sinking feeling that watching Justin Bieber punk Taylor Swift is going to be like watching him punch a baby bunny in the face. Or at least watching him convince a baby bunny that its car has been towed. It was only last week that Justin and Taylor sang a duet in concert, but now Biebs is throwing his former singing partner under the bus as the first prank on his MTV Punk’d reboot. Hopefully Taylor Swift isn’t literally going under a bus, since that would be less of a “prank” and more of a “murder.”

According to the New York Post, the first new punking was allegedly filmed last Friday; reports suggest that Justin Bieber will actually be one of several guest hosts on the show. No details are available yet about the exact prank Biebs concocted, but rest assured Taylor started writing an angry song about it bright and earlier on Saturday morning.

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Selena Gomez Shoots Pilot For Disney Prank Show

What’s the likelihood that the only reason Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are dating is to slowly but inevitably Punk the entire United States of America with their so-called relationship? We can never trust their supposed romance now that we know Selena Gomez is filming a new prank show for Disney. “Selena shot the pilot and it’s basically like Ashton Kutcher’s old show but with the Disney kids,” an insider told HollywoodLife. “Selena was having a ton of fun with it. She’s a goof ball at heart.” If by “goof ball” you mean a cruel jokester about to fake- steal Elle Fanning‘s car and pretend to drive it off a cliff, then yeah, she sure is.

The real reason we find news of the Punk’d-like “alternative series” so questionable is that Justin Bieber was rumored to be hosting Punk’d after it was suggested that MTV was considering a re-launch of the show. This all seems too convenient to be an accident. Maybe the news of Gomez’ prank news…is itself a prank? A Punking within a Punking! It’s like Inception, except we know we’re awake.

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Are We Being Punk’d Or Is Punk’d Actually Coming Back With Bieber As Host?

Generally, here at TheFABLife, rumors fall into two categories, Rumors We Love and Rumors We Hate. But here’s one that falls somewhere in the middle: it’s been reported today that Justin Bieber is going to host a new version of Punk’d on MTV. On the one hand, we love it and think it’s a brilliant idea because Bieber, with his charming but rambunctious persona, is the heir apparent to Ashton Kutcher, at least personality-wise. They both love sideways hats, Twitter, and older women.  And Bieber, like Kutcher, can probably pull a crazy prank on one of his many pop star friends and laugh it off. Only instead of pranking people like Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, Bieber will have a whole new crop of talent like Taylor Swift, more Jonases than you can shake a stick at and Miley Cyrus to make life a temporary hell for.

On the other hand, we personally were very happy when Punk’d ended in 2007, because by that point people seemed pretty pooped by the whole phenomenon of hidden cameras and pranking people. However, we’re pretty sure enough time has passed for a new generation of MTV-watchers to get into the show, especially helmed by The Biebs. (Please let this new version be called “Leave It To Bieber”!!) While it hasn’t been confirmed, we think this rumor will probably pan out and we’re going to be seeing even more Bieber on our TVs soon.