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Billy Bob Thornton Defends Former Red Sox Manager Terry Francona

We know baseball isn’t normally covered here at TheFABlife, but Billy Bob Thornton‘s passionate declaration of support for former Red Sox manager Terry “Tito”Francona was too good not to post. The actor is a huge baseball geek and St. Louis Cardinals fan (OMG, last night’s game!), and when we caught up with him at the Puss in Boots premiere he defended the fallen manager from critics who blame him for the Red Sox’s demise this season. “I think he’s a great manager,” the actor told us. “I think he got a raw deal in the press.”

For those of you not caught up with your sports drama: Francona is a fan favorite who led the team to two World Series wins in the last decade. But his record was tarnished by this season’s colossal collapse, in which the Sox blew a 9-game lead in September and failed to make the playoffs. Rumors of beer-drinking in the dugout during games and general slacking off by players only further infuriated fans, and Terry left his post (or was pushed out by team management) a couple days after the season ended. Since Tito’s departure everything from his marital issues to alleged prescription drug habits have been mentioned as a reason for the team’s failings. But Billy Bob has come to the manager’s defense! See what the Oscar-winning actor has to say about Francona in our interview above.


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Salma Hayek Gets Pawed At The Puss In Boots Premiere

Kids, always remember to spay and neuter your pets! Especially if they are 5 feet tall, walk on their hind legs and are planning to attend a movie premiere any time soon. If not, they might accidentally act the fool, much like the feline fan who was all up in Salma Hayek‘s business at the Allure of the Sea Puss In Boots premiere yesterday in Fort Lauderdale. In all seriously, we’re sure the man or woman sweating inside that costume didn’t realize how inadvertently pervy they might have looked to the outside observer. Unless, of course, Salma is into that kind of thing…in which case, get a litter box, you two!

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Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek Disagree On Formality Of Puss In Boots Photocall

You really need to coordinate with your co-stars before doing one of these things. Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek are at the Cannes Film Festival to hype their upcoming Shrek spin-off Puss In Boots, though they must not have been hanging out before yesterday’s photocall at Carlton Beach. While Salma was dressed a striking crimson gown complete with boa, Antonio rocked a faded denim shirt and jeans, looking like your drunk divorced uncle about to be tossed from a salsa club for harassing the dancers. While they were bound to look ridiculous standing a top two giant, multi-story boots by the ocean, they didn’t have to look this ridiculous. See more shots from the obviously worthwhile promotional event in the gallery below.

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