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Happy 35th Birthday, John Mayer! Remember These 10 Insane Quotes?

John Mayer's 10 most insane quotes

“My mouth is the Don King of my penis,” John Mayer once wrote on Twitter. We don’t totally know what it means, but it sounds vulgar and gives our brain the bad touch. And that, dear friends, is the general sensation we get when reading John Mayer quotes! They’re so confounding, we bet they even make Charlie Sheen scratch his head in bewilderment. Whether he’s describing his past sexual conquests, what it means to be a man, or even what it is that makes him so damn popular, Johnny has found ways of pissing people off left and right with his loose lips. Everyone remembers his infamous 2010 Rolling Stone profile, but the guitar hero has had a way with words much longer than that. He has since apologized for “those dumb interviews,”…but not for breaking Taylor Swift’s heart. John turns 35 years old today, and he’s been reasonably well behaved lately. With age comes wisdom, ehh? Or maybe he’s just hired a publicist. But in honor of his big day, let’s look back at a few of our personal favorite John Mayer quotes. Enjoy!

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