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Jennifer Lawrence Left Starstruck By Jack Nicholson And More Oscar Introductions

Oscars Jennifer Lawrence Meets Jack Nicholson

With such heavy pre-show coverage before the Academy Awards, media outlets typically bank on a few disastrous gowns and at least one or two “OMG” moments–à la The Dictator’s baby powder bomb–to keep things interesting while sweating it out on live television.  But sometimes, allowing the stars to act naturally (what a concept!), along with a few well-timed introductions, is all the magic one red carpet telecast needs. That and Jennifer Lawrence‘s vivacious personality and knack for making awesome faces.

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Celebrities Defend Oscars Nominee Quvenzhané Wallis Against The Onion’s “C*nt” Tweet


If another person tries to explain satire to me as if I didn’t learn that in middle school, I will scream. We get it: The Onion is a satirical website, a funny one that this writer used to visit frequently. No one and no topic is off limits in their brand of satirical comedy. None of that excuses the site or the tweet’s author for calling nine-year-old Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis the c-word. There’s no satire or comedy in degrading a child who, by the way, was making history at last night’s Oscars as the youngest nominee ever.

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Quvenzhane Wallis: 7 Reasons To Love The Youngest Best Actress Oscar Nominee

Quvenzhale Wallis is the youngest nominee for a Best Actress Oscar

“In a million years, when kids go to school, they gonna know: Once there was a Hushpuppy, and she lived with her daddy in the Bathtub,” Quvenzhane Wallis says at the beginning of Beasts at the Southern Wild. And now, we hope kids a million years from now will also know that once there was a Quvenzhane Wallis, and at 9 years old, she was the youngest person to receive a Best Actress Oscar nomination. Read more…

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Oscars 2013: Quvenzhané Wallis Shows Off Her Adorable Puppy Purse To Jessica Chastain


Jessica Chastain and Quvenzhané Wallis are proving that it is possible for competitors to be friends. Two of this year’s Best Actress nominees–for Zero Dark Thirty and Beasts of the Southern Wild, respectively–took a moment to hug, chat, and congratulate each other on their red carpet accessories, adding a major dose of cute to tonight’s red carpet coverage. It’s clear Jessica is eying that puppy purse Little Q is rocking so effortlessly–renamed after her own pet dog, Sammy–but perhaps she’s also expressing her excitement over today’s Annie casting news? Read more…

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Barely Legal: Quvenzhané Wallis And The Youngest Oscar Nominees Of All-Time


Oscar weekend is upon us, which means you’re running out of time to stock up on important trivia you can impress a room full of people with on Sunday night. Because we’re always looking out for you here at VH1, we thought we’d reacquaint you with some of the biggest overachievers in the biz: a selection of actors and actresses who have earned a coveted Oscar nomination long before they could order their first legal drink.

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In honor of Beasts of the Southern Wild breakout star Quvenzhané Wallis, take a look at the accomplished collection of underage actors and actresses who’ve walked the Oscar carpet (and in some cases, took home a golden statue) long before their 21st birthday.

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Sorry Willow! Quvenzhané Wallis Is Clearly The Logical Choice For The Annie Remake

Willow Smith Is Out Of Annie Remake; Quvenzhane Wallis Should Be Cast

We’ve already been waiting for two years for the alleged Annie remake with music by Jay-Z. Now we’re thinking the movie was destined to take forever so it could feature a different leading lady. According to Variety, while Jay-Z is still penning the musical’s music, Will Smith is still producing and Easy A‘s Will Gluck is directing, Willow Smith is no longer involved. Which we think is kind of good news, since Quvenzhané Wallis is clearly the best choice to play the lead character in the new Annie!

Think about it: Quvenzhané is 9, while Willow is already…oh our God, Willow Smith is only 12?!?! The fact she isn’t even a teen yet and she’s given “Whip My Hair” to the world makes us look at our resume and weep. Okay, so while Willow is clearly still young enough to play the musical’s titular orphan, her musical tastes already seems a little mature for such kid’s fare. Did you hear her most recent song “Sugar And Spice”? Willow doesn’t seems like she wants to be dancing around with a dog and a bald guy. Quvenzhané, however, would bring the same intense, adorable energy to the remake as she did to Beasts of the Southern Wild. The only thing that could make an Annie remake better is if a Best Actress nominee starred in it, right? Right.

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Will Beasts Of The Southern Wild‘s Quvenzhane Wallis Join These Past Child Oscar Nominees?

Beasts Of The Southern Wild's Quvenzhane Wallis Rumored For Oscar Noms

You know what the Academy Awards have been missing recently? Adorableness. That all might change if Beasts of The Southern Wild actress Quvenzhane Wallis gets nominated for a Best Actress Oscar. According to Hit Fix (as well as anyone who actually saw Beasts Of The Southern Wild) 9-year-old Wallis’ turn as the protagonist Hushpuppy could make her the youngest actress to win that particular award. Which got us thinking about all the child nominees and winners that came before. Why can’t the Oscars be entirely child actors and actresses? Ratings would go through the roof! Someone make a call to Bruce Vilanch, and in the meantime we’ll look back at kid nominees from Jodie Foster to Haley Joel Osment to Shirley Temple.

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