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Rachel Uchitel Is A Mom, Welcomes A Baby Girl!

Rachel Uchitel Gives Birth To Baby Girl

Rachel Uchitel now has a new avatar — mom! She gave birth to a baby girl yesterday, as her spokesperson confirms, just after five in the evening. At 5:04 p.m., if you’d like to be precise! Baby girl already isn’t a morning person. Rachel and husband Matt Hahn had been posting photos of her growing baby bump, with pregnancy updates intermittently over Twitter over the past couple of months, right up until her due date. The photograph you see above was one of their tweeted missives. Their baby weighed in at just over 7 pounds and has a pretty badass name! Ready for it? Rachel and Matt’s daughter’s name is … Wyatt Lilly! You have to admit it’s a pretty cool one. Rachel may not be everyone’s favorite person — being Tiger Woods‘ mistress doesn’t earn you a lot of fans, for some reason, but we’d still like to give congratulations to the new family.

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Guess The Baby Bump: Match The Celeb Mama To The Belly

We had so much fun with our “Guess the Celeb Rock” game we played with you last week that it had us inspired. It may not be jewelry this week, but it’s still something all of us go ohhh over every time: the baby bump. There’s always a fair amount of pregnant bellies around any given season, and the expecting celebrity mamas always look so great. So here’s the game. We’ve got 10 celebrity mothers lined up in a row in our gallery, but you have to go in sequence. Start with clicking on the first picture and guess away. Hint: two supermodels, two singers, two reality stars and plenty of actresses await. Have fun!

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Rachel Uchitel Secretly Ties The Knot With Her Boyfriend

We didn’t know that she was dating anybody? As it turns out, not only was she in a relationship, but Rachel Uchitel just married boyfriend Matt Hahn in Vegas. She was attending a wedding with her decade younger beau over the weekend when they decided to get hitched as well! Nothing like an impromptu wedding to make it a fun trip, right?

Rachel and Matt said “I do” in the Little White Chapel on Sunday. They had got post their marriage license earlier in the morning from a courthouse. TMZ also reports that  Rachel, Matt and 12 friends danced into the chapel to the song Single Ladies around 11 pm and danced out to That’s What You Get for Waking Up in Vegas after the ceremony. She may not be our favorite person in the world but here’s hoping marriage makes an honest woman out of her, if you catch our drift. Congratulations, guys.

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The ’80s Shows Up To See Itself At Take Me Home Tonight Premiere

Usually when a movie’s been on the shelf for over three years, the stars usually don’t want anything to do with it once it finally comes out—don’t mention Case 39 to Renee Zellweger or Bradley Cooper. So it’s hopefully a sign of relative quality that Topher Grace, Anna Faris, Michelle Trachtenberg and Dan Fogler all showed up for the premiere of Take Me Home Tonight, which they filmed all the way back in 2007. Sure, Faris met husband Chris Pratt on the set, but again…that didn’t mean much to Renee and Brad.

Also impressive is how many ’80s figures showed up to celebrate the film celebrating their decade of stardom: Deborah Gibson, Anthony Michael Hall, Ralph Macchio and Tawny Kitaen were just a few of the icons on hand, with future nostalgia marketers like Lance Bass and 50 Cent (wearing a velvet suit jacket!) on hand to take notes. Celebrity Rehab vets Leif Garrett and Rachel Uchitel showed up together as well—hope the on-screen coke use that kept the film off the market for so long wasn’t distracting for them.

See photos of all the stars in the gallery below.

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Before They Cleaned Up: See The Cast Of Celebrity Rehab 4 At Their Sloppiest

Celebrity Rehab 4 Cast: Before The RehabrnrnThe explosive fourth season of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew debuts tonight on VH1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. This year’s cast — Jason “Gummi Bear” Davis, Janice Dickinson, Leif Garrett, Jeremy London, Frankie Lons, Rachel Uchitel, Jason Wahler and Eric Roberts — all publicly battled their demons in the harsh glare of the spotlight before being treated by Dr. Drew Pinsky and crew. While you’ll have to tune in each week to see how the cast deals with the difficulties of the program (not to mention withdrawal symptoms), the following slideshow highlights exactly the kind of shape (hint: not very good) that these celebrities were in before they checked into the Pasadena Recovery Center. rnrn

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Tiger Woods Denies World Naked Rachel Uchitel


Thanks a lot, Tiger Woods. The golfing creeper has once again gone and ruined EVERYTHING (er, we’re exaggerating a bit, but still) but stopping ex-mistress Rachel Uchitel‘s planned Playboy spread. First the guy shatters the illusion that all pro-athletes are G-rated family men and now he’s ruining the fantasies of guys with club promoter fetishes. How rude.

Tiger supposedly but the kibosh on Rachel’s T&A pics by threatening to end the multi-million dollar settlement he currently forks over to her. She was set to make around $300,000 from the photos, so really that’s like comparing diamonds to gravel, in money-gemology terms. The mag apparently wanted Rachel to discuss her relationship with Tiger, who got his lawyers all over that situation faster than you can say Elin Nordegren.

Says a completely trustworthy anonymous source, “The magazine wanted to mention Rachel’s relationship with Tiger, but it would have jeopardized the deal she already made with him. They refused to give her complete control of the cover so she could make sure Tiger wasn’t mentioned.”

So there you have it people! Further proof that Tiger Woods loves ruining everything for everyone. At least VH1 is here to help – you can watch Rachel on Celebrity Rehab starting October 13.

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Rachel Uchitel Downgrades So Fast She Breaks The Sound Barrier, Dates Jeremy London


Any reader who has accidentally swallowed a penny this afternoon is encouraged to read the story below, as you will be barfing it back up in no time. As she continues her cross-country tour of reality TV rehab facilities, Tiger Wood’s former mistress Rachel Uchitel has reportedly discovered new love. According his wife, erstwhile kidnap victim Jeremy London has been recently canoodling with the professional mistress, whom he denies dating but admits is an “amazing, intelligent and sensitive person.”

Now we all know what you’re thinking: “barf.” But maybe to Rachel Uchitel, Jeremy London isn’t just a washed-up celeb addicted to fame and probably also drugs. He is…he’s…well, we have no idea what else he might be.  Fun to have at parties? Still living off his Party of Five money?

Which brings us to the larger question:  how can Rachel Uchitel downgrade between the past men in her life to Jeremy London that hard, that fast, and not get some sort of sexual whiplash? As humiliating as the Tiger Woods scandal was for everyone involved, at least we understood the whole “attractive, multi-quadrillionaire sports star” thing. You just know they were doing it on an ostrich-feather bed with 900 count Egyptian cotton sheets. On Tiger’s private jet.  While flying over Dubai.  And rumored fling David Boreanz? Well, we’ve been known to watch a Bones marathon or two, and let’s just say it’s not for the acting.

So, what does Jeremy London have that makes him so appealing to someone who has experienced such luxury?  That one gross news boy cap? London probably doesn’t really even have a house anymore; he just sleeps on a dog bed on Dr. Drew’s patio. Which leaves us with only one possible solution: Rachel Uchitel has such terrible taste in men she literally cannot see the difference between Jeremy London and…any other man.  Can that possible be true? Again, has she seen that newsboy cap? We guess we begrudgingly give the couple our blessing, and hope these two crazy kids can find room in their busy televised-rehab and marriage-destroying careers to make this thing work. Now if you excuse us, we have to take one million showers.

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Clash Of The Worlds Biggest Idiots: Michael Lohan To Sue Rachel Uchitel

So this whole six degrees of separation theory doesn’t apply for all of humanity. Because apparently, between slime balls, there’s only one degree. Case in point: Michael Lohan and Rachel Uchitel. And in true slime ball form, he’s thinking about suing her.

Michael supposedly helped Yuckitel with getting her fame whore on, including her upcoming stint on Celebrity Rehab. Who the hell would trust their “career” with Michael Lohan? She should be sued just for that alone. But to be fair, Rachel isn’t exactly known for her brains. Soooo, Papa Lohan introduced the man-eating Tiger to David Weintraub. Now this dude is supposed to be some sort of talent manager, but we seriously doubt that because he agreed to accept Rachel as a client. Scratch “talent” right off his business card.

He’s the one who got Uchitel on Celeb Rehab where she’s allegedly raking in $500,000. Now this is when it gets mangled: Michael gets a commission off the clients he gets Weintraub, who was supposed to get a 20 percent commission off of Uchitel, which he would have then shared with Lohan. But now Rachel’s apparently played both of them. Lohan said she made a payment installment of $60,000 but refused to pay anymore and gave the rest of the money to charity. And by “charity” she probably means “shoes.” To add insult to injury, she want’s the original payment back. We have no idea why, but this is Michael Lohan’s story.

No money for Weintraub means no money for Lohan. And the statements coming from both Uchitel and Weintraub seem to be telling Lohan to make like the crazy banana he is and split. Rachel’s lawyer, Gloria Allred‘s statement basically translates to “F*ck off” reading, “Rachel has no agreement either in writing or otherwise with Michael Lohan. She is mystified as to why he believes he has any legal claim. She will not dignify his comments about her with any additional response. She has no further comment on this matter.”

Lohan’s giving her a week to pay up, else it’s off to courts. Please God, let this happen.

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Rachel Uchitel To Pose for Playboy


She’s never going to go away is she. Never ever. Tiger wasn’t enough. She had to do the dirty with David Boreanaz and then get holier than thou about it. Let’s not forget her pitching Romancing Rachel. Rachel Uchitel… you get Mistress of the Year.

Now, we’re going to get to see some of what Tiger saw (ugh), because she’s agreed to pose for Playboy. TMZ found out that the shoot’s going down in three weeks and she’s going to be baring her backside and top – not the whole shebang (pun intended). She also has the right to pull out  anytime before the shoot. Not that she’s going to. The woman has an incredible talent for stretching out 15 minutes.

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Rachel Uchitel Furious Over Text Leak, Threatens To Release Even More?

Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel may have slept with multiple married men, but she is not needy! Claiming Radar‘s texts between Rachel and David Boreanaz were “not authentic, taken completely out of context or incomplete” (can they really be all three?), the Tiger mistress is now threatening to release a stockpile of evidence proving was head over heels in love with her. “[They] had a romantic relationship,” said lawyer Gloria Allred. “She understood that he was unhappy in his marriage and had been for some time and she had reason to believe that he intended to separate from his wife.” Here’s some of their “proof” that Boreanaz wanted more than sex:

  • A video from Boreanaz “telling her how much he loved her, that he loved her then and that he would love her forever.”
  • “A silver key on a chain to symbolize ‘the key to their  hearts.'”
  • The pair went on public dates.
  • She was put on the phone with his friends and even his son.

Let’s backtrack: Uchitel, a woman pitching a reality show after sleeping with Tiger Woods, was connected with Boreanaz after he admitted to infidelity and suggested Uchitel’s lawyer Gloria Allred was hitting him up for hush money. Uchitel claimed she had nothing to do with it, blaming another woman represented by Allred. Now that a text argument between Uchitel and Boreanaz has leaked, she’s revealing mountains of proof that she wasn’t trying to homewreck until after Boreanaz suggested the home was already demolished, including a video valentine from Boreanaz. If gross idiocy was a crime, every one of these people would be in jail right now.

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