Raiko Bowman

by (@katespencer)

Josh Hutcherson Is A “Humble” “Old Soul” Say Hunger Games Co-Stars

The praise was only super positive for Josh Hutcherson on The Hunger Games red carpet last night. Dayo Okeniyi, who portrays District 11 tough guy Thresh, was all smiles as he told VH1 News about his “Southern gentleman” of a co-star.

“Josh is Peeta. If you watch the movie, you’ve hung out with Josh. He is Peeta, 100 percent.” Dayo — who is himself a Hunger Games mega-fan (check out that wrap gift pin he’s wearing!) — added,  “He’s such a Southern gentleman, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously and he’s a fun guy. We play basketball off-set. He does a really good job of making what he does look extremely easy. I hope to be as a great of an actor as these guys someday.”

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