by (@hallekiefer)

Chris Brown Acts The Fool, Slings Homophobic Slurs On Twitter

Aw, why is everyone always picking on Chris Brown?  Do you think it has anything to do with his inability to not act like a jackass, as evidenced by Chris Brown’s homophobic Twitter fight with singer Raz-B? To be fair, Raz-B kicked off the Twitter feud by asking why Brown would “disrespect women” like Rihanna. Since Raz-B has publicly accused his former manager of molesting him as a teen, Chris of course took the high road and immediately tweeted classy gems like, “@razb2k merry christmas.i just gave you 20 thousand more followers.. u shouldve did this first instead of telling the world you got raped.” and “@razb2k you have a lower back tattoo that says “different strokes.” Brown even re-tweeted a Photoshopped photo of Raz-B’s face on a Peter Pan body. Embarrassing yourself in public: it takes dedication…and sometimes photo-editing software.

After the fight cooled down, Chris couldn’t decide if he felt bad for his actions or just felt bad for himself, which is sort of his M.O. Brown tweeted, “BTW… i love all my gay fans and this immature act is not targeted at you!!!! love,” only to complain later, “its wack as f–k that everybody can bash me… but soon as i defend myself its world war 3.I TAKE S–T FROM everybody… its cool though..” Poor Chris. If only people didn’t get so worked up about his horrible, homophobic ranting!

UPDATE: Chris Brown issued an apology through TMZ this afternoon, stating “Yesterday was an unfortunate lack in judgment sparked by public Twitter attacks from Raz B, who was bent on getting attention. Words cannot begin to express how sorry and frustrated I am over what transpired publicly on Twitter. I have learned over the past few years to not condone or represent acts of violence against anyone.  Molestation and victims of such acts are not to be taken lightly; and for my comments I apologize — from the bottom of my heart.”