Real Housewives of Orange County

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Two Reality TV Idiots Hook Up To Score More Air Time?

Slade Smiley Gretchen Rossi

The Real Housewives of Orange Country is loved for its trainwreck-quality stars – women (and men) so obsessed with bejeweled tank tops and the price of each others’ boobs that they are oblivious to their own vapidity and materialism. But two of it’s most loathed stars – Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley – were extreme in their gross lust for fame and fortune, even by the show’s standards.

Gretchen is best known for being engaged to a much-older and much-richer man who recently died of cancer, and Slade, well – his name is f*cking Slade Smiley. He landed on the show with his ex-fiance Jo De La Rosa, who he later pimped out on a terrible spin-off show called Date My Ex.

This pair of attention-hungry robots are now making awkward love together, which surely is an attempt at nabbing a storyline or two. But rumor has it that those involved with the show want nothing to do with the former male model. “We’re hoping that Slade is out of the picture,” said one insider (please let it be Vicki). Either way, we smell enough drama brewing to warrant a fifth season of the hit show. Who doesn’t want 8 more episodes of botox and bitching?  [NYP. Photo: FilmMagic]

by (@katespencer)

Real Housewives Stars: Arrested, Accused Of Cheating

We both love and loathe the Coto-cruising stars of the Real Housewives of Orange County, so we were kinda excited to see some drama churning in the OC. Slade SmileyJo De La Rosa‘s overbearing ex-fiance from the first couple of seasons – was arrested for failing to pay child support to help care for one of his sons, who is apparently battling a rare form of brain cancer.

In a statement, the reality TV camera-hog said, “My son is very ill and we have been working on resolving the issue of support versus his enormous medical bills with the appropriate agencies for several months now. It is sad that individuals would take advantage of the situation in an attempt to defame and discredit me in such a public manner. For those who know me, there is nothing more important than my children.”

We’d guess that fame is a close second on Slade’s priority list. Meanwhile, some blogs have been accusing Slade of shacking up with the much-hated Housewife Gretchen Rossi, alleging that the cops came looking for him at her house. Rossi is also being accused by an ex-boyfriend of  secretly boning him while she was caring for her cancer-stricken fiance. How can one small neighborhood contain so much class?