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Mel B Slums It For New Show


Mel B‘s been all about the glamor in recent times – we feel that we’ve seen her having fun poolside in Las Vegas, champagne glass in hand, stilettos on feet more often than we care to remember. But now the former Spice Girl is spending time in her hometown of Leeds, England, surviving on welfare handouts for a reality show to see how the other half live.

For the show called “7 Days on the Breadline”, Mel will see if she can make state payments of $200 last for a family of six for a week. Spending time in the deprived Harehills area of Leeds, she’s living as a single mom of five children for the show which will air in the UK later this year. However morally dodgy the set-up of this seems to be (essentially – “Ooh! Look at celebrities having to live like poor ordinary people!”) it’s sure to make entertaining watching. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Thousands Line The Streets At Jade Goody’s Funeral


British reality star Jade Goody was buried on Saturday in a tearjerker of a funeral that rivaled Princess Diana’s for its scale and media coverage. The 27-year-old died on March 22 after suffering from cervical cancer for less than a year. The occasion veered between moments of humor – flowers on the cortege read ‘minging’ and ‘East Angula’ (referring to Jade’s catchphrases and ignorance of British geography) -and heartbreaking poignancy, with a note from Jade’s sons that included the words, “We love you very much and speak about you every day, we know you are with us when we play on the beach, eat our dinner and even when we are coloring in pictures for you, we know we can talk to you and you’ll hear us.”

Her funeral procession started off in South London’s Bermondsey disctrict – where Jade originally hailed from – and continued for 19 miles to her home in Essex. Thousands of well-wishers lined the streets in London and screens outside St John the Baptist church relayed a montage of photos of Jade shown inside the funeral. Minute-by-minute coverage of the entire event was shown on Britain’s Sky News channel, demonstrating Jade’s incredible command of the media, even after her untimely death. [Photos: Getty Images]

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More People Waiting For Jade Goody To Die

The daily, if not hourly coverage of UK reality star Jade Goody’s inevitable death from cervical cancer is beginning to take on a macabre twist. On the same day that Britain’s OK! magazine published a hideously tacky “tribute issue” to the 27 year old, before she’s actually died (complete with celebrity “pals” talking about her in the past tense), an announcement was made about a cancer diary book coming out about her life.

“It is impossible not to be moved by her heart-warming voice which comes through loud and clear on every page of this last diary. This emotional book tells a fascinating story of our time, a story of a woman who rose to fame as a controversial reality TV star and has now won admiration in the eyes of many for the fortitude with which she is facing terminal cancer,” says Belinda Budge of publisher HarperCollins.

As the book’s not going to come out until after she’s passed, it feels more and more like an entire industry is poised over this poor girl, waiting for her to go. If not only so The Sun can stop its daily barrel-scraping headlines of “Jade’s Last Look At Sunny Fields” and “Jade’s Last Party.” Sad. [Photo: Splash News Online]