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BAFTA’s Britannia Awards Bring Out Brits, Babes And Ben Stiller

The British invaded L.A.’s Beverly Hilton last night for the 2011 Britannia Awards! The event was held by the BAFTA organization’s Los Angeles chapter, and featured familiar faces like Helena Bonham Carter, Helen Mirren, and Felicity Jones. The Americans were well represented too, with the likes of Robert Downey Jr, Robin Williams and Ben Stiller in attendance. Ben was honored with an award for Excellence In Comedy, which he accepted with (we hope!) a sense of humor. “It’s important to get and give awards and to strive to win awards,” he joked with ET. “I feel as long as people are giving awards or getting awards, for human interaction, it just helps people.”

The Britannia Awards are seen as the low-key anti-Oscars, focusing more on artistic staying power and less on box office receipts and buzz. “It’s all about people who have contributed things over their careers,” explained host Alan Cumming, “so it’s less faddy and markety and less current, and more about celebrating these people for what they’ve done over their entire lives.” Helena Bonham Carter was also honored for her body of work, as was screen legend Warren Beatty and director John Lasseter. Check out more in the gallery below!

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The Agony And The Ecstasy of Rob At The Barcelona Breaking Dawn Premiere

Robert Pattinson looks like he’s going through some pretty rough stuff at today’s Breaking Dawn premiere in Barcelona, Spain. Maybe he’s just now realizing the series is coming to an end. Maybe Rob’s bored to be on yet another red carpet and felt like faking a demonic possession. Maybe he is literally turning into a blood-hungry supernatural beast in front of us and is seconds aware from tearing into the nearest photog with his razor-sharp fangs. Either way Taylor Lautner sure is being a real trooper by standing by Pattinson as goes through..whatever it is that he’s going through.

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Glee Goes Glam At Concert Film Premiere

Gleeks came out in droves to attend the premiere of Glee: The 3-D Concert Movie in Los Angeles over the weekend. And all we can say is, dayyyumm they were looking fine! Your favorite singing high schoolers this side of High School Musical turned the glitz on full as they strutted the red carpet. Lea Michele went with a short ‘n’ tight (and mildly scando) black lace strapless number, while Dianna Agron ying’ed Lea’s yang with a white dress and blonde hair in a messy-chic bob. Glee gents Cory Monteith, Darren Criss and Kevin McHale suited up in dapper darks, while Chris Colfer went with an off-kilter high collared shirt and tie. Check out more hot outfits (and some surprise guests…) in the gallery below!

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Sandra Bullock And Ryan Reynolds Look Very Date-y At Change-Up Premiere

Are Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds sure they’re not dating? Like, totally sure? Maybe they just forgot. We forget stuff all the time. Like that time we locked our keys on our apartment, or that time we were dating that gorgeous A-list actress. It just slipped our minds. Maybe they’re relationship is like that. Because we gotta say that they were quite the adorable couple last night at the premiere of The Change-Up.

Reynolds stars along side Jason Bateman, but Sandra showed up to be his surprise date. Awww. What are “friends” for, right? Yeah yeah, we know Ryan’s supposedly hooking up with that other gorgeous Oscar-winner, Charlize Theron. But it can’t stop us from dreaming, right? It just seems too perfect! See what we mean in the gallery below, as well as hot looks from Jason Bateman, Olivia Wilde, Leslie Mann and Jonah Hill.

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Jennifer Aniston Wears Yet Another LBD

Well, at least Jennifer Aniston has figured out her signature look. The Horrible Bosses star walked the red carpet at the premiere in Los Angeles last night wearing — what else? — a Little Black Dress. Up close it’s really quite beautiful with intricate beading and a sexy racerback cut. She paired it with her go-to strappy black heels and some simple, understated jewelry. She looks lovely, as always, it’s just…we want more. Some color! Some flair! Some pop! Is that too much to ask?

More pics of Jen posing below.

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s Got The Fiercest Face Of All?

Rihanna has one. Angelina Jolie too. So does Kate Winslet, Megan Fox, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham. Each starlet is a professional red carpet poser, busting our some serious fierce face every time they step in front of the camera. You know the look: pursed but relaxed lips, sucked in checks, dagger eyes, a chin tilt… it takes years of hard work to perfect such a physical masterpiece. We’ve compiled our favorite pics of the 25 most gold medal worthy celebrity posers — check out the gallery below and vote for your favorite fierce face!

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Stacey Dash’s 20 Hottest Looks

The gorgeous Stacey Dash is probably best known for playing the fabulous fashionista Dionne Davenport in Clueless. But now she’s bringing her incredible looks (and incredible wardrobe!) to VH1’s new series, Single Ladies, which premiered this week. Stacey plays Val, a serial monogamist living in Atlanta who finds herself newly single and looking for real love. Do you honestly think we could pass up a chance to look back at her hottest outfits? As if! If there’s one thing we can say about the lovely starlet, she has never been “ensemble-y challenged.” Check out her twenty hottest looks in the gallery below! It’s, like, you know, totally cute.

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TheFABLife’s 50 Hottest Fashion Moments Of 2010

Is it just us, or do there seem to be more and more televised award shows each year? That means one thing (and it has nothing to do with awards)—there’s more red carpet fashion than ever. When we compiled our list of favorite fashion moments from 2010, we had quite a crop to choose from. Gone are the days where the only shows worth mentioning were the Emmys, Grammys and Oscars. This year’s style compilation comes to you courtesy of the Creative Arts Emmys, the SAG Awards, and even the ESPYs. Oh, and a couple dozen film premieres, too. Check out who made our cut for best dressed celebs of 2010 in the gallery below—including just about everyone from Mad Men, a very GOOP-y celeb we love to hate, and the most famous half-vampire couple ever.

50. You Can Ring My Bell

49. Hop In My Mini Cooper

48. Glambert

47. Be-Jewel-ed

46. A Toast To This Douchebag

45. Carey On

44. Kim’s Kar-Dazzling

43. Yes, We Cannes

42. Zoe’s Glowy

41. Katie Shows Her Stripes

40. Taylor Lautner: GQ Werewolf

39. She Whips Her Hair

38. The Hills Are Alive

37. Sexy Sookie

36. My So-Called Sparkles

35. Hot Mama

34. Lookin’ Liveley

33. The Last Action Heroes

32. With Honors

31. Black And White And Greene All Over

30. Emma Roberts, Goth n’ Glam

29. The Unborn Identity

28. Glee-n With Envy

27. Berry Sparkly

26. Christina’s World

25. Ready, Set, Chloe

24. Kelly, Re-Born

23. Pretty Peggy

22. Gwyneth’s White-Out

21. Pretty On Pink

20. Mila Dollar Baby

19. Red Hot Rihanna

18. Venus On The Court

17. Morning Glorious

16. She’s Got A Hatha-Way About Her

15. Katie Got Back

14. Leighton Up

13. Nevermind The Bullocks

12. Bewitching Emma

11. Dashing Don

10. Swift N’ Sparkly

9. The Black Swan Herself

8. Ryan And Child

7. A Rose By Any Other Name

6. Mr. And Mrs. Brand

5. Keri Is So Very

4. Angelina: Eyes On The Thighs

3. Stone-Cold Style

2. Selita’s Fashion Is A Runaway Hit

1. Robsten Eclipses All Others

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There’s Something About Ke$ha

Ke$ha debuted her NO-hawk last night at Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood gala. Seriously, what the hell is the deal with this girl? Crazy skimpy outfits decked out in fur, bizarre overdone eye-makeup, perpetually pissed off attitude and now this hair apparition? Oh my god….she’s turning into Rufio from Hook!

But thankfully not all celebs decided to come dressed as the Lost Boys. Chris Brown was out and about celebrating his status as the world champion of probation. Kelly Osboune and Mama Sharon looked regal, as did Brandy Norwood, who seemed cheery despite her controversial Dancing With The Stars dismissal. Check out the rest of the outfits in the gallery below!

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GQ Men Of The Year Are Way More Fashion-Forward Than We Can Comprehend


If this were any other event, we would just assume that Johnny Knoxville, Kid Rock and Michael Kenneth Williams made poor fashion choices and then proceed to mock them mercilessly. But they were invited to the GQ Men of the Year Gala last night at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. And we were not. So we have to assume that they are just operating on a level that we mere fashion mortals cannot comprehend.

You may think these suits are sort of hideous, but in five years you’ll have one in every color! Way to stay ahead of the curve, guys. Thankfully some other ladies and gents were a little less fashion forward. Twi-Bros Kellan Lutz and Taylor Lautner donned dapper suits, Glee peeps Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale and Cory Monteith ditched their school attire, and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino even kept his shirt on. Check out the hits and misses in the gallery below!

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