Red Carpet Rundown

by (@katespencer)

Sam Trammell Says There’s No Beef Between Twilight And True Blood

Twilight vs. “True Blood!” We caught up with Sam Trammell on the Scream Awards red carpet and asked the “True Blood” shape shifter if there was any beef between his HBO vamp show and the uber-popular Twilight movie series (and the up and coming “Vampire Diaries”). While Trammell played nice, he did reveal which fanged posse he thought would kick the other’s ass – but you’ll have to watch to find out!

by (@katespencer)

Red Carpet Rundown: Julie Benz Crushes On RPattz, Dave Navarro Sleeps In Coffins

TheFABlife and VH1 News hit up The Scream Awards to chat with celebs about America’s obsession with vampires, their picks for sexiest bloodsucker, and their plans for Halloween, Hollywood style. Of course a trip to the red carpet wouldn’t be complete without a chat with guitarist Dave Navarro, who revealed he owns 4 – yes, 4 – coffins that he sleeps in at home. Viva Hollywood weirdness!