Red State

by (@hallekiefer)

Kevin Smith Lost 65 Lbs After Fat-Shaming Feud With Southwest

We’d love to have the willpower to lose 65 lbs in 11 months. Too bad the only way to do it is to be publicly humiliated on an airplane. While chatting on Joy Behar‘s show this week, a much fitter Kevin Smith revealed he lost 65 lbs since his feud with Southwest. Famously, Smith took to Twitter to blast Southwest for pulling him off a flight due to his size. “I feel mixed feelings about losing the weight,” Smith admitted. “I sympathize far more with heavier people than I ever will with thin. I’ll never be thin.” We don’t know about that; call him a blimp in the national press again, and we bet Kevin will be ready for the runways in Milan.

Behar has her own theories as to how Smith lost so much weight in a relatively short period of time. “Are you on amphetamines?,” Joy asked the animated director, who’d come to promote his new horror film Red State. Not that a new hot(ter) body is going to make Smith switch-up the Silent Bob wardrobe rocked while at his heaviest. “I call up Omar the tent maker,” Smith joked while swimming in a massive hockey jersey. “Get me a hockey jersey, and he takes all the rayon, all this material … and makes my jersey. It’s a whole team I’m wearing! I’m wearing twelve kids on my chest.” We can take it one step at a time, Kevin, but can we at least work on ditching the jorts? Or the trench coat? Or the jorts?