Crisis Management: 10 Celebs Who Checked Into Rehab To Help Their Careers

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With the news that Chris Brown has checked himself into rehab, the question on everyone’s mind is: Is this for real? The actor who has been in trouble with the law before and has a clear anger management issue has finally sought help following his arrest, which resulted in felony charges. In what appears to many to be an effort to stall jail time, Brown, like many before him, is seeking to manage his public image via a stint in rehab. But will it work like it did for others?

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Bobby Brown Checks Into Rehab For Alcohol Addiction

Bobby Brown In Rehab For Alcohol Addiction

TMZ is reporting that Bobby Brown is in rehab right now, hoping to conquer his addiction to alcohol, something he has been battling for years. Sources say that he checked into a treatment center because he “realized he couldn’t do it on his own” and “decided that he needed help and wants to make the best out of the rest of his life for his children’s sake.” Bobby was recently arrested for a DUI back in March this year, in fact, just a month after ex, Whitney Houston died.  An indication if any, that he was having trouble dealing with booze again. His wife, Alicia Etheredge has confirmed to that Bobby is indeed in rehab — it hasn’t been revealed where exactly — and has said that, “he’s doing great.” They’ve been married for two months and it’s a good thing that he’s dealing with his demons head on instead of trying to avoid them. We wish him all the luck and hope he comes out of this strong and sober and ready to happily dive into his brand new marriage.

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Brittany Murphy? Oxycodone? Dancing With The Stars? The Situation Is Getting Real About Rehab

The Situation Discusses Rehab

Between the intervention of his family and the pain of detox, we already thought The Situation’s struggle with addiction sounded devastating enough. Turns out, we didn’t know the half of it. First of all, the Jersey Shore cast member now reveals that he had become addicted to the narcotic painkiller Oxycodone. “They gave me energy,” the Sitch admits in an interview with InTouch. “I felt euphoric.” We also find out when the Situation started taking said pills: after injuring himself while on Dancing With The Stars in fall 2010. Oh no. Look, we love DWTS as much as the next Midwestern mom, but having Tom Bergeron and Bruno look on as you spiral into addiction? That is simply cosmically unjust.

As if that wasn’t sad enough (and it was), at his lowest moment the reality star caught a glimpse of what his fate would look like if he didn’t get help. “All of the sudden, I was like, ‘Wait, didn’t she die on prescription painkillers?’” the Situation realized while watching a Brittany Murphy movie. Murphy died in 2009, and medication played a part in her death. “‘That could be me. Am I going to be that guy that was so awesome on the Jersey Shore and then … that’s it?’,” he mused. Click through the jump to see the in-depth interview the Situation gave MTV when he left rehab in May. Personally, we are incredibly grateful that the Situation got treatment, not just for himself, but for us. We literally could not handle writing a tragic post about his death. We could not.

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Pete Doherty, Back In Rehab Again

Pete Doherty Checks Into Rehab In Thailand

Pete Doherty‘s history with drugs has been tumultuous — specifically with crack, cocaine and heroin. He’s been busted for cocaine posession numerous times and has gone to jail for it, as well. He’s even been found slumped over in bathrooms on flights after using. He’s tried getting clean before, but we also think his two-year, on-off relationship with Kate Moss was no good for him. No good for either of them, actually. It’s like they spent their time together in a haze of noxious fumes. The good news is that Pete is now attempting to get clean again, and has jetted off to Thailand to do so.

While this is umpteenth stint in rehab, we’re really hoping this works for him and that he will finally kick his addictions. His official statement reads, “Peter has left the building, well not quite, more the country, on his way to rehab in Thailand. He left Heathrow last night and will have arrived in Thailand this morning. We wish him well. He has plans to continue working on his new songs for the album which is eagerly awaited.” This is the second time he’s tried a center in Thailand, as he checked into a clinic there once before in 2003. But it does seem like Pete is really giving it a go this time, having said, back in April this year, “You have to reach an all-time low apparently. Before you truly surrender. I’ve got a long way to go.” We’re hoping for the best and wish him all the luck with this attempt.

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The Situation Opens Up About His Pain Killer Addiction, Rehab And Apologizing To Snooki

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It’s been two months since news broke that The Situation was headed to rehab for a prescription pain killer addiction. Now the Jersey Shore star is ready to come clean about what exactly put him in treatment. “Ever since I’ve been out, I’m not going to lie, it’s not easy,” Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino admits to MTV in a series of interviews. “I’m at a good place, but it took a little bit to get there. In the beginning, there were a lot of rainy days.” The Sitch says he started taking meds to deal with his grueling schedule, though denies abusing alcohol or any other drug, despite what those sweaty Karma nights would make you believe. “Obviously, people have seen me with a drink in my hand, but I was never drunk. I’m a ladies man,” Mike laughs. “You can’t get girls if you can’t speak to them!” Well, if anyone can, it’s him. But point taken!

It wasn’t until Mike struggled to pull himself together for an event in Australia that those in his camp realized that Sorrentino needed professional help. Oh, and there was one other red flag. “Once I stopped going to the gym, the family started immediately noticing,” the Sitch admits. As for rehab itself, the process of getting off drugs sounds like a punishing one. “Your health, your mind, your body, it’s not coming back as quick as you like,” Mike says about detoxing. “Your emotions come back like a ton of bricks…it feels like you’re not going to recover. It feels like an impossible deed.”

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The Situation Is Out Of Rehab

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is out of rehab already! As you know, there was some major “is he, or-is he not” back and forth about his rehab status, as his rep initially wasn’t confirming the story. It didn’t matter because Sorrentino himself announced he was in rehab soon after, making the confession on his blog. He admitted he had “voluntarily taken steps to get control of a prescription medication problem I had due to exhaustion. I have spent the past several weeks getting treatment for this problem and recuperating from my work and appearance schedule. I appreciate my fans support and love you guys.”

He checked in to the Cirque Lodge for his pill problem, and we were really hoping he was going to stay in there for a while to get it out of his system. But it seems that The Situation is out of rehab already. The guy’s been in there barely two weeks! TMZ spotted the Jersey Shore star at an airport near the Cirque Lodge, and he even snapped a photograph with a fan who was boarding the same flight. Is it because of his filming commitments? That has to be the reason, right? We really hope the time he spent in there was enough for him to get the help he needed and that he’ll be able to withstand all the partying pressure while on the show. Good luck, Mike!

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Angelina Wants You To Know She Knew All About The Situation’s Pill Problem

You guys, quickly! Angelina Pivarnick here and she has some important information regarding The Situation’s prescription pill problem! Somehow she has this information despite the fact she was his costar for a sum total of about 45 minutes! The important part is, everyone is paying attention to Angelina!  “When he was on the show, he got in trouble for having prescription pills. We were filming in a club in Miami ,” Angelina told Page Six. “One of the producers said, ‘Hey what was that?’ He had to give them up.” Hearing one of the Sitch’s ex-cast mates discuss the particulars of his alleged substance abuse makes us raise our Ron-Ron juice to all of the Jersey Shore housemates who aren’t blabbing about the issue. Unless of course TMZ is right in it’s allegations that the Sitch is also receiving treatment for an alcohol problem, in which case we’ll pour this right back into the blender where it came from.

While the Situation admitted yesterday on his blog that “I have voluntarily taken steps to get control of a prescription medication problem I had due to exhaustion,” Angelina instead describes him as being like “Popeye on Crack” during their brief time together. Girl, come on! Popeye? Sure! But let’s leave the crack out of this. “Angelina is up to her dirty little hamster ways again,” the Situation tweeted this afternoon. Hey! Angelina gets attention, and we get to picture her gnawing on a toilet paper roll to make a nest! Looks like this story turned out to be a win-win after all.

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Is Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Really In Rehab?

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino  is in rehab, as we type, as far as TMZ is concerned, for substance abuse. One of the Sitch’s reps spoke to the website refusing to confirm the story. What they did say is that he “has spent the past several weeks at an undisclosed location for much needed rest and recuperation after his extensive production and appearance schedule.” 

Sorrentino tweeted a semi-denial just a couple of hours ago, writing, “Don’t believe everything you read or hear.”

Wherever he is right now, we’re glad that he’s getting some sort of rest. Every single time this particular writer’s watched an episode of Jersey Shore, it’s been in awe of the amount of booze consumed on a daily basis. And we don’t mean awe in a good way. It’s like they’re all ticking time bombs, and when those blow up, it’s never pretty. Snooki is pregnant so has to have her act in order. And she’s going to be on Season six. We think The Situation should clean up, zen down and come back with a clean slate as well. We all wish him well.

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Update: Sources are now telling TMZ that Mike was “getting worse” as the season went on, and that they believed he was was showing the tells of substance abuse before that. Apparently, the sources say that had started “acting paranoid” on the set and that everyone is happy he’s getting help from his supposed trip to rehab. We’re waiting for more updates.

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Gerard Butler Is In Rehab For Substance Abuse

Wow, so this jumped out at us today, TMZ is reporting that Gerard Butler has spent the last three weeks at a Betty Ford rehab center to deal with a substance abuse problem and will apparently, be released later today. The website reports that the actor’s problems with prescription drugs stemmed from when he was shooting 300 back in 2006, which was hugely physically demanding. Matters got worse with him being in a lot of pain during the filming of Of Men and Mavericks when Butler was in a nasty surfing accident. His apparent addiction to pain meds grew out of these injuries. Sources have also revealed that he developed a cocaine habit at the time too.

Butler supposedly decided it was time get help before his addictions got out of hand. Which we respect. We’ll need him good and healthy when it’s time for him to promote the four movies he’s got slated to come out this year, including the already-made surf flick Of Men and Mavericks, the romantic dramedy Playing the Field, the comic short-film compilation Movie 43 and the not-yet-made Navy Seals action thriller Hunter Killer. Actually, come to think of it, maybe the guy could use a real vacation after rehab. Good luck, Gerard. We wish you well.

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Demi Moore Drops Out Of Lovelace, Details Of Health Scare Emerge

It’s sadly easy to imagine how the stresses of divorce and work could lead to the kind of “exhaustion” Demi Moore is apparently suffering from, whether or not substances were involved in her hospitalization on Monday night. While her rep says she’s seeking “professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health,” we’re anxiously awaiting more details on how she’s doing. It can’t be a good sign that she has dropped out of playing Gloria Steinem in Lovelace, according to TMZ. We were so looking forward to seeing her take on the role of the feminist leader.

Meanwhile, the emergency incident report from the Los Angeles Fire Department says a friend on the scene told paramedics Demi was shaking and “acting like she was suffering from a seizure, a source told E! Online. Ooof.
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