Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Stumbles Back To Rehab


Ah yes, the drunken outburst on a plane. In Hollywood, it’s a sure way to land a ticket to (or in Jonathan Rhys-Meyers‘ case back to) rehab. Rhys-Meyers’ recent outburst was not just an alcohol-fueled diva parade, rather it was an alcohol-fueled racist tirade, and it sounds like his people have stepped in and  have gently suggested he clean himself up to prevent this from happening again.

A source told People “This has been an ongoing battle for him,” and he will enter rehab in London again soon. This will be his second attempt at getting clean, the actor first entered rehab in 2007, but has since been involved in several boozy airport incidents.   So is this guy a drunk, or just a nervous traveler? Maybe he should just get a scrip for Xanax when he flies, seems like that would help.

[Photo: Getty Images]


Steven Tyler Gives Solo Performance…At Home Depot


Aerosmith might be broken up at the moment, but Steven Tyler still wants to rock any time, any place. And that includes the times when he’s out shopping for home repair essentials. TMZ reported this week that while shopping at a Rancho Mirage, CA Home Depot, Tyler commandeered the intercom system to give an impromptu performance of “Dude Looks Like A Lady” and “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.” Why does this sort of thing never happen to us when we go shopping?

Actually, maybe Tyler is on to something. Aerosmith’s music does seem to lend itself to construction-inspired remakes. We have some suggestions for new song or album titles he might want to consider:

  • “Janie’s Got A Caulking Gun”
  • “(Sump) Pump”
  • “Toys In The (Newly Insulated) Attic”
  • “Permanent Vacation Home”
  • “Eat-In Kitch”
  • “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing (Contractor’s Lament)”

Tyler’s been hanging out in California while in rehab for his painkiller addiction. And we clearly have problems of our own.  [Photo: Getty Images]