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Robert Pattinson’s Top 30 Hottest Outfits Ever


Robert Pattinson (photos) swooners rejoice! Not only does Remember Me hit the DVD racks today and Eclipse hit theaters next week, but we’ve also gathered 30 of RPattz’s sexiest looks into one easily digestible post. Though we’re sure he’d never consider himself a “fashionisto,” somehow he rocks “sloppily thrown together” like no other man in Hollywood. Whether he’s spruced up in a tux for the Oscars, donning a slim-fitted suit for a premiere, or dressed down in plaid and Adidas for the airport, Rob always gets the ladies in a tizzy. Here’s why (bibs for droolage required):

1. Shiny New Penny

2. Blazin’ Blue

3. Plaid Punk

4. Capped and Classy

5. Wild Abandon

6. Ahoy, Patty!

7. Cable Knit Cutie

8. Trés Chic

9. Street Casual

10. Two Thumbs Up

11. Gorg In Gray

12. A Solid Investment

13. Nom Nom Navy

14. RPatriotic

15. Lovely in Linen

16. Midnight Delight

17. Boozin’ in Brown

18. Blacked Out

19. Hottie in a Hoodie

20. James Dean Double Take

21. Hot Coals

22. Be My Bel Ami

23. Tantalizing in Tokyo

24. Wool Wonder

25. Chico Muy Guapo

26. Velvet N’ Leather

27. Ball O’ Pattz

28. Unshaven & Shaggy

29. Lanky Cedric

30. Bearded Bob

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Exclusive: Robert Pattinson Says Ruby Will Be “A Massive Actress”


Two weeks ago, TheFABLife scored an invite to the Remember Me press day, where we sat down with Robert Pattinson himself to discuss his latest departure from Edward Cullen. As we focused on not fainting in his presence (and yes, RPattz is just as beautiful in person), our ears perked when he raved about his onscreen sister, 11-year-old Ruby Jerins, of “Nurse Jackie.” The interaction between the two of them was undoubtedly our favorite part of the film. When asked how he channeled that chemistry with such a young actress, Pattinson said:

“She did everything; I mean completely. … She’s phenomenal. She’s going to be a massive actress. She’s the best improviser I’ve ever met. … She’s kind of like one of those weird, hyper-intelligent, hyper-mature kids. … She’s so easy to act with, you don’t have to do anything – just look at her. It’s the first time since the day I began acting where I just feel completely unselfconscious, because I could feel that she wasn’t at all and it rubs off on me.”

Quite the high praise from Mr. Pattinson! Is Ruby Dakota 2.0? If so, let’s hope she’s not wailing into a mic whilst donning lingerie four years from now. [Photo: Summit Entertainment]

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Robert Pattinson: I Have No Commitment Problems At All

We caught up with Robert Pattinson on the Remember Me red carpet, and the actor gave us a rare glimpse into his super-private dating life. When asked by VH1’s Janell Snowden if he had any commitment problems in relationships, RPattz replied coyly, “None. At. All.”

Well, hey now. We’re just going to jump out on a limb here and assume he’s talking about his not-so-secret relationship with co-star Kristen Stewart, which is allegedly pretty serious behind the scenes. Though they’ve never officially come out as a couple, KStew walked the Remember Me red carpet which, in Hollywood, is like walking around with a t-shirt that says “Yes, I’m Dating The Hot Vampire From Twilight.” What with their recent rendezvous in London and her walking around in Rob’s t-shirt (er, so says some fan sites), it seems like she doesn’t have any commitment problems either.

Rob also talks about the most insane fan freak out moment from his short career and who he thinks makes a better boyfriend: Remember Me‘s Tyler Haskins or the world’s most beloved immortal, Edward Cullen. Though clearly, commitment-loving Rob is the best of all.

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Robert Pattinson Brings Kristen Stewart, Goofy Faces To Remember Me Premiere


Think you can handle photos of Twilight lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart without freaking out?! We hung out on the Remember Me red carpet with VH1’s lovely Janell Snowden, and got an eyeful of Robert Pattinson in all his awkward, hair-grabbing glory. We spent Saturday staring at him at the movie’s press junket as well, and can honestly say this: up close and personal, he doesn’t radiate sex as much as he does goofy cuteness. The dude has tiny features (his head seemed like it was the size of a grapefruit), and his humble, self-deprecating nature, while charming, totally comes across in how he carries himself. Don’t get us wrong, we found it totally refreshing, and we’d still do him in a heartbeat. But man, is this one awkward heartthrob.

We were happy that Rob’s cohort in introversion, Kristen Stewart, came out to support him, lurking on the red carpet in mustard-colored pants. If this doesn’t confirm for people that they’re lovers underneath the covers, we don’t know what will. Rob did pal around with co-star Emilie de Ravin on the carpet, but it seemed totally platonic. Her outfit was adorable up close (high five, stylist), and she is teeny-tiny and super sweet.

Not so sweet: the f*cking paparazzi. Holy crap, you guys, we’ve never heard people scream like the photographers did last night. And not just squeals of excitement; these were downright terrifying wails that channeled the voices and spirits of 1000 demons. “ROB! ROBBBBBBB! PUBLICIST, MOVE! WE NEED A SHOT OF ROB!” Yes, the fans were 100 % more polite in their screaming. It’s no wonder Rob and Kristen cower every time someone with a camera steps in their way. We were curled up in a ball on the red carpet, and no one was even trying to take our picture.

Check out more pics from the Remember Me premiere below, and if you have to scream, remember – inside voices only!

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There Could Have Been A Nude RPattz Photo Spread

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Robert Pattinson rolled out of bed this morning to promote his non-vampire flick, Remember Me, on the “Today Show.” The interview is typical RPattz – adorable and soft-spoken – until the end, when Matt Lauer asks about his scandalous Details magazine photo shoot, in which he provocatively poses with naked women. Pattinson giggles and says, “We started off with me naked, and they were like ‘Actually, just forget it.'” Thanks a lot, Details.

Remember Me hits theaters March 12th.


Just Released: Official Poster Art For Remember Me


Robert Pattinson admirers rejoice! The official one-sheet for his non-vampire flick, Remember Me, has just made its debut. He looks simply adorable in black and white with co-star Emilie de Ravin

See more shots from Remember Me below. The film is slated to hit theaters March 12th. [Poster: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment]

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Check out the trailer after the jump!

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