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Michelle Williams Is Open To A Dawson’s Creek Reunion; Let’s Make This Happen!

Michelle Williams and your fan fiction journal have a lot in common: they’re both totally into a Dawson’s Creek reunion.  Based on her comments at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her new film, the Take This Waltz star seems more than willing to hope a bus back to Capeside with former costars Joshua Jackson, Katie Holmes and James Van Der Beek. “He could totally ask!,” Williams told Vulture after they informed her that Van Der Beek was down to reunite. “I’ve always said, I’m totally up for reunion tours, reunion shows, so we can do that. I’ve always wanted, my best friend [Busy Philipps] is on Cougar Town, and we’ve always talked about wanting to go be on that show, too. It’s just timing, because of L.A. and New York, and it hasn’t happened.” A Dawson’s Creek reunion is happening, however, even if we have to play Jen’s grandma Gram ourselves! Especially if we have to play Gram ourselves!

The only problem? If your memory extends all the way back to 2003, you might recall that Williams’ character Jen Lindley totally died in the show’s finale. Mwuh oh! Don’t worry; we’ve given it some thought about how we can still make this reunion a reality. For example:

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Spice Girls Reunion Rumored For London Summer Olympics

Whether it’s the excitement we’re experiencing in our souls or the 6-inch-platform sneakers we fished out our closets, the idea of a Spice Girls reunion is definitely cutting off the blood to our extremities. RadarOnline reports that The Spice Girls might allegedly take the stage for a performance at the 2012 Olympics in London. “Mel B and Emma Bunton are agreeable to doing it, but the holdout seems to be Victoria Beckham,” their source claims. “She has so much going on … and she isn’t agreeing to it — yet!” You know Victoria secretly wants to though. Why else would she have kept that same haircut in memoriam all these yeas?

We have so much catching up to do. Scary Spice, Posh Spice and to a sliiiiiiiightly lesser extent Ginger Spice and Sporty Spice have stayed in our field of awareness. But what of Baby Spice? Ugh, why did we unsubscribe from their fan newsletter? The proposed reunion would be part of a promotion for the upcoming Spice Girls’ musical Viva Forever, a long awaited piece of pure genius as well as our favorite nonsensical title of all time. “The girls are so very excited for their musical to be released,” the source adds. “They absolutely love what [comedian and screenwriter] Jennifer Saunders has done with the script. It’s going to be unlike anything anyone has ever seen on stage.” We’ll be waiting, everlasting, like the sun. So, does a Spice Girls reunion make you want to zigga zig ah, or are you content to slam your body down and wind it all around without the Spice Girls?

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The Fresh Prince Family Reunion Is Better Than Your Actual Family Reunion

We’re not saying, based on the number of hours we spent in front of the TV following the highjinks of the Banks family, that we love them more than our actual families. We’re just saying, it’s not unusual to see us cry…when we see the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion pic Will Smith posted to Facebook today.

“Got the Holiday season started right with a “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” reunion…there’s nothin’ like spending Holidays with fam!,” the Men In Black III star writes. Snapped at a luncheon for Hilary’s…we’re sorry, Karyn Parson‘s charity Sweet Blackberry, the photo features Will, Tatyana Ali, Alfonso Ribeiro, and James Avery, though tragically Geoffrey and the two Aunt Vivs are absent. You’ll be glad to know we just had our coworkers tie us to our chair to stop us from spastically launching into the Carlton dance over this. Too bad nothing can stop the tears. Or the Carlton! Call security all you want; nothing can stop this dance machine!

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Brooke Mueller Allegedly Fights On Plane, Talks It Out With Charlie Sheen

They say every cloud has a silver lining, but who would have thought that lining would consist of a healthier relationship with Charlie Sheen? Let’s discuss the cloud part first , shall we? Earlier this week Sheen’s ex Brooke Mueller got into a fight with the crew on a flight from L.A. to Cancun; the battle began when a flight attendant told Mueller she couldn’t use the bathroom during takeoff. It’s not certain whether Mueller was kicked off the plane or left of her own volition, but one thing is clear: a belligerent Brooke Mueller trying desperately to get into a bathroom isn’t a good look, if you get our drift.

In less depressing news, sources say Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are allegedly on speaking terms again, after months of dramatic declarations and near custody battles.  “They’re not together, they’re not hanging out regularly, but they have been talking,” a source told E! “Brooke went over to his house once and they talked about everything, mainly the kids. They are back on talking terms, that’s it. They are not back together in any sense other than sharing kids together.” As long as Charlie doesn’t stop Brooke from using the facilities, we bet these two will stay on decent terms. Oh, who are we kidding? That whole mansion must be like one giant bathroom, if you’re picking up what we’re putting down.

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Hold On…For A Wilson Phillips Reunion


It’s going to be a GREAT Christmas this year. Why, you ask? Because there is going to be a Wilson Phillips holiday album! The group, comprised of Wendy and Carnie Wilson and Chynna Phillips, last made a record in 2004 when they decided to make a cover album called California, prior to that, they hadn’t recorded together since 1992.

In addition to the album, they’re also going out on a tour which kicks off this week. The new album and tour come during a rough year for Chynna Phillips who was recently treated for anxiety after her half-sister Mackenzie revealed an incestuous relationship with their father, John Phillips. Chynna also filed divorce papers against her husband Billy Baldwin this year and then reconsidered. The couple are still together, which means Chynna also still has to endure brother-in-law Stephen Baldwin. Carnie Wilson has also had her shares of issues, most stemming from her weight struggles. She has appeared on Celebrity Fit Club and now has a show called Unstapled on the Game Show Network, and yes, the title is a reference to her gastric bypass surgery. Shudder. No one knows anything about Wendy.

Phillips said of the band’s reunion “We’re like family. I’m excited about working with the Wilson sisters again.” And we’re excited to hear more of those three-part harmonies that we were so fond of in seventh grade.

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Spice Girls Threaten Us With Another Reunion


Um, but didn’t they all promise never ever to get up on stage together again? Apparently not, as it’s reported that the Spice Girls will reform for a one-off gig at the soccer World Cup in South Africa next year, after Mel B and husband Stephen Belafonte have put together a big money deal. Unsurprisingly though, Victoria Beckham isn’t keen.

“Mel’s determined to get the girls back together for the World Cup and wants them to plough ahead as a foursome if Victoria doesn’t want to take part. She has got the others excited by the idea of a one-off appearance. They are very interested,” reports the Sun. The news comes after the four girls – minus VB – hooked up in London last week, and Geri even took to the sofa of British TV show This Morning to hint at the possibility.

Soz, but we’re totally underwhelmed by this idea. It’s a) not been long enough since the last reunion and b) just smacks of dollar bills in the eyes. Frankly, we’d be more excited by a Glenn Medeiros comeback. [Photo: WireImage]