Rhea Durham

by (@katespencer)

Mark Wahlberg’s Wife Wanted A Shout-Out In Ted – Did She Get One?

There’s a really funny scene in Ted that you’ve probably caught in the trailer (and can see in our clip, above). In it, John Bennett, played by Boston’s most beloved son Mark Wahlberg, quickly rattles off a giant list of “white trash names,” trying to guess the one belonging to Ted’s new girlfriend. I talked to Mark about how this scene went down because, well, it just seemed hard to do. He tells VH1, “Well, I memorized all the names but we improvised the set up. Because, you know, it just felt like to rattle off 57 names in a kind of slow, normal way would never make it in the movie. So, I figured, if I sort of just said, what if we do it like, it’s kind of like a game show thing where I’m just talking to him and say, ‘Okay, I’m going to get a bunch of names and if I hit the name then you buzz it.’”

Mark says he didn’t sneak a name onto the list, even though he wife Rhea later insisted that he should have included hers. “That wouldn’t have been good,” says the married dad of four. “If it was her idea, she would have said, ‘Yeah, that’s funny!’ But if I just did it, she would have been pissed.” Sounds like a sitcom set-up to us!