Richard Madden

by (@katespencer)

Game Of Thrones‘ Richard Madden Talks “Gratuitous” Sex, Says Robb Stark’s Love Scenes Are Not Just About “T And A”

So maybe I cheered when Robb Stark (played by Richard Madden) and his lady love Talisa finally got busy on the last season of Game of Thrones. What of it? The show’s characters are all about getting it on (when not beheading people) and Robb Stark is one of the sexiest guys fighting for the crown. When we caught up with Richard Madden at Comic-Con this week, he was equally as excited about finally doin’ it on-screen.

“It was nice to do a Robb Stark love scene!” he joked. “The love scenes are great.”

As for critics of the show who say the sex is a bit too much sometimes? Richard said: “Game of Thomes has so much of that in it, I think each one tells a story. It’s gratuitous sometimes; with ours it’s about love and the passion of love and not ‘let’s see some more T and A.'”

But if you want to show more T and A, don’t let us stand in your way!

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